Twist N Curl


Whenever I get a chance, I try to visit the sites of the GOC participants to see how they are doing. I really enjoy reading these blogs so much (and wish I had more time to do so!) and always find posts that I think the rest of you will enjoy too. I especially like to share entries from our GOCers who might not comment much here, but are vested in the challenge and are chronicling their journeys on their own blogs. I also especially love seeing posts which reflect the things that we are learning from each other!! That being said, I was so enthused when I saw this TnC post from Mershauna (First Wave) where she did the Pineapple TnC that we learned from Terysa (Third Wave) in this post!


by Mershauna of The Curly Side of Things 

so this has to be my most fave hair style its so easy and the results are killer. all you do is flat twist your hair around your head, roll up the ends and let it set. you want to use something that has some hold to it in order for the style to come out right. it can be done on wet or dry hair also. below are two ways you can set and wear this style.

(this is how i wore it yesterday)

(for this style i pinned the back for a cropped look)

stay lovely- mershauna


Drool-worthy results Mershauna!! Love the bobbed look!!

(Btw, you can also check out Mershauna at her own personal blog,!)


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