Box Braids Continued


I went white water rafting yesterday and the box braids held up well. I just put them into a single braid and bunned for the trip. I got wet because of water guns and buckets of water thrown at us by my bro-in-law and niece. However, I was the only one on the raft who seemed to manage not to fall in the water the whole trip! LOL! Also, my one aunt was a mess. It was kind of hilarious, though scary at one moment when my youngest sister fell backwards out of the raft. We had hit and got stuck on a massive rock and she toppled over. My aunt grabs my sister’s one ankle and refuses to relax her death grip, despite the fact that we are all screaming for her to let it go, including my sister!!! It was a little crazy, but we all survived with minimal damage! LOL!!

Now back to the hair, I really was just posting this quick update to show a few styles I did with them. First, I rolled on flexis with some DevaCurl Set It Free as I said I would in this post and released them in the morning.

I played around with a couple styles, including a low French twist and double buns, ultimately deciding to wear them in a “high” French twist.

Low French Twist

I wasn’t liking the way these double buns were looking at all. They just weren’t falling right.

High French Twist (curls peak over crown so they can be seen from front)

So, as I said above, for the WWR trip, I wore the braids in a single braid wrapped into a bun.

I liked it. But, when I got home, I decided I wanted to make a bigger bun. So, I added some braiding hair that I’d picked up a while ago to use the next time I did a Chinese bun. I just made three sections with my braids, then folded the braiding hair in half, looped the mid point under the middle section of my hair. Then, the braiding hair was added to the two far sections as I braided it all together. Finally, I wound the long braid into a bun and secured with bobby pins and a couple of hair pins.

I really like the size of the bun. The wave of the hair and the sheen of the synthetic hair match mine pretty well too. But the color is off because of my regular henna treatments! Under the flash, the synthetic hair looks “grey” in comparison to my henna highlighted 1B hair color! I don’t think that it’s as noticeable in person though. I wonder if I can henna synthetic hair? Hmmmm!!! I’ll have to research that!! Oh, and the other thing? This synthetic hair is crappy! It was so hard and crispy! I would never buy this brand again.

Okay, here’s a slide show of all the styles at different angles and the hair I used for the final bun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have some errands to run, but I’ll be working on a lot of GOC updates from our participants for posting this week! So, if you’ve already sent yours in, keep an eye out for it! If you haven’t sent me your update, please send one in soon. If you have one on your own site, you can just send me a link and I can pull it from there! Also, I have a couple of new giveaways to announce too! So stay tuned!!

Happy long Labor Day weekend :)!!


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