Simple and Quick Protective Styles


Well, that’s pretty much all I do, isn’t it? LOL! I LOVE an intricate braided or cornrowed updo, mini twists and roller sets. However, I prefer to do simple, protective styles that require minimal manipulation. I feel that my hair is too fragile to suffer a lot of parting, separating, detangling, combing, etc. I think that it would break if I were to regularly manipulate my hair into styles that require more than a few minutes to do. However, in the interest of full disclosure, the above simple hairstyle came about after messing with my hair for a half hour or so trying to do a modified version of this updo that I found on YouTube a few months ago:

Yeah, it wasn’t working out too well. See, I decided to make two braids framing my face, not sure of what I was ultimately going to do. Then, I remembered the video and decided to see if I could do the style with the two braids instead. I made about three or four goes at it with various modifications. Two twists with scrunchie. One twist with scrunchie. Smaller poof. Bun with Goody Spin Pins. Meh. Meh. Meh. I mean, I could have worn it … but, the poof was looking a little funky and I wasn’t getting that effect that the braid was intertwined and somehow holding the updo in place. So, I ended up with the above bun with two braids swooped to the side and back. Nothing to write home about, but, it’ll work.

Oh, and prior to the attempts at the style in the video, I filmed an updo tutorial for Corinne, who requested one for a style I’d posted on FB several months ago. That updo was done on a fresh TnC and it was far more impressive due to the foundation set.

The udpo that I filmed tonight was done on a fresh WnG.

Regardless, I did film it with the intent to post a video tutorial. This is the thing. I used Wei’s flip phone for the first time, because it can hold 40+ minutes of video, whereas my camera times out after about 7-8 minutes. He told me I could hold the camera vertically or horizontally. This is true. But the footage is horizontal when downloaded!! I was able to flip it vertically in iMovie, but the file is too large to upload to YouTube!!  *sigh*  So yeah, I’m working on it.

Hope the slideshow will appease you all for now;)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you prefer simple protective styles or those that are more intricate and elaborate? If you have a preference, why?

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    • You could do both of these styles on your hair missy. Your hair is shorter, but it’s not so short that you can’t do these styles! You’re just used to having super long hair, so you think of your hair as short, when it’s really not;)!


  1. I loke simple styles because they take less time to style and take down. For this reason, buns (sock buns and cinnabuns) and roll-and-tuck updos are my protective styles of choice. I feel better to taking down a bun after a week as opossed to taking down 50-11 twists after a week. Also, doing a simple style means I will protective style more often.


  2. I’m very frustrated right now. i feel like cutting all my hair off. I think I’ve caused this problem of breakage by manipulating too much. My hair is fragile too 😦 I do a different protective style each day. maybe I should just let it be. i finished my hair today (similiar to what you did in style #2) to find a multitude of broken hairs on my blouse! I really just wanted to cry. I feel like such a baby. It’s just hair right? Honestly, I never had broken hair issues like this when I was relaxed and now I’m feeling like I could have just stayed relaxed. My hair was long and not breaking. I struggle more with maintaining length now more than ever.

    This is so frustrating and I don’t even know what to do.


    • Awww Michelle. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this. Are you sure it’s not just that you are paying far more attention to your hair now? How does your hair feel? Does it feel dry or brittle? It doesn’t look like it. I just put my hair in box braids and think I might trim a little off of them myself. Haven’t decided yet though. Like I said earlier, I definitely am not breakage free. But, I’d drive myself crazy inspecting every hair because I shed sooo much. Anywho, maybe you should give the daily manipulation a break. If you can just bun for several days (smoothing the edges in the morning), you’ll give it a break. Good luck my friend.


      • Yes I am paying more attention but I have always looked for broken hairs on my shirt..even when relaxed.

        This morning my hair felt like straw. It was awful. I blame that Coco Shea Spray. not using it again. When I was smoothing it to put it in a bun, it felt crispy!

        I came home this evening did the following:

        1- Pre-pooed with a conditioner mix of some aloe, JBCO, olive oil and a bunch of herbs (all natural). This helped to greatly soften the hair up from feeling like straw. I didn’t want to try and manipulate/detangle it in the state it was in.

        2- Washed hair after 20 mins with diluted Design Essentials sulfate free shampoo

        3- Deep conditioned with As i Am Intensive Conditioner on the entire length of hair (this is protein free) and then added Ultra Black Hair protein conditioner to the ends. Sat under dry for 30 mins.

        4- Let hair cool for 12/15 mins

        5- Jumped back in shower and added Hello Hydration all over head and then rinsed it and the DC out. I had to load up the HH (used half a bottle) for detangling. The hair felt very thick and swollen. It took me about 40 mins to detangle with condish. Rinsed with cool water

        6- Added Salerm LIC and worked in some SM Style & Conditioning MIlk (love this stuff!)

        7- Sealed length of hair with Jojoba oil and ends with JBCO

        8- Twisted hair in 9 twists

        I’m going to bun it and banana clip it from here on out. No fancy styles or nothing.

        I know that was probably TMI sorry. I won’t know if the breakage stopped til the hair dries. While I was doing my hair though, it felt really nice and so did the ends. I even looked for splits…some I probably missed because I didn’t notice any. The hair is just uneven due to the different lengths.

        On a lighter note, the crown that was broken to the root is now just to under the hump under the bone in my head lol you know what I mean? It’s in the back of the head. If you run your hand down the back of your head, there’s like a little hump that’s right there before the neck begins. LOL hope I don’t sound like elephant woman


        • Hey, I thought I’d chime in since I use UBH as well. I think you’re doing too much to your hair. Here is what I do to mine:
          1. I deep condition twice a week using Cathy’s conditioner. I may cowash during the week, but I faithfully DP twice a week. The only thing I do is add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the UBH conditioner.
          2. I moisturize after I DP. I use water (I add aloe vera gel to it) and then I follow with the Dew spray (another Cathy product) and then I seal with a shea butter concoction (it has shea butter, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, vitamin e, castor oil, jojoba and rosemeary oil). I then add gel. I use a flax seed concoction (it has flax seed, vitamin e and jojoba). You can look up Naptural85 on youtbue for a visual on both recipes.
          3. I braid my hair (twists do not work for me) and I leave them in for 3 days. As I said, I DP twice a week.
          4. Even though my hair is in braids, it spray it with water and the dew twice a day. My hair can get very dry and it needs moisture, only water or a water base product will do that.
          Are you transitioning by the way? you did not say.
          Good luck in your search, and I hope that I did not break any rules by posting my regimen, it is my first time on this site.


          • Hey I don’t know if you will read this but no I’m not transitioning. I’ve been natural for 6 years . I have Dew also but it makes my hair frizzy so I don’t use it that much unless it’s just to put my hair up.

            I don’t normally put a lot of conditioner. It’s because of the recent breakage and because I’m not sure that my hair has become protein sensitive.

            My hair isn’t very fond of twists either but is prone to break if I braid the hair while wet.I may try braiding while dry then leave in a few days.

            I’m also a follower of Naptural85 but honestly I don’t have enough patience to make my own products LOL. I do make the Kimmaytube though.

            So, honestly I think I have not been deep conditioning enough. Maybe that’s why I had breakage. However, it’s been 3 days and no breakage so my regimen worked. I don’t plan to do a lot of things going forward. The biggest plan is to do less manipulating through styling and cutting back on some of my products. Thank you for your input though and I think Shelli loves it when ppl chime in!


  3. I prefer simple styles (buns, etc) because I generally have to redo my hair daily, though I only comb/detangle my hair when I shampoo or cowash it which is about 2-3 times a week. Between sleeping (with satin scarves), going to the gym, etc, I don’t see how my hair can last longer than a day…


    • Certain styles, I can get to last a little longer with some edge smoothing (hands, gel+cream/butter). However, with a lot of exercise, I do have to re-set styles. No detangling though. Just smoothing and releasing shed hair in the process.


  4. I like to keep it simple. All I do is TnC with press rod. That’s been my staple style. I want to try some bunning but my hair not long enough. I’m really curious about trying different style for the Fall/Winter. Why every time I post, it always on your flower article? I guess I have a thing for flowers. LOL


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