Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Blackouts … Oh My!


Wow, what a week y’all. I experienced my first earthquake on Tuesday, a hurricane that forced the cancellation of our Natural Hair Meet-Up (which I was so looking forward to *sad face*) and caused torrential rain that resulted in water gushing into my basement and winds that knocked the electricity out for almost two days. All that being said, I survived to blog again!! Mind you, I’ve been singing Soul Glo for the last two days as Vatika oil dripped down my neck from my Saturday night pre-poo because I was trying to preserve the remaining hot water in the water heater for showers. Didn’t know when the electricity would be restored! It was out for four days last Summer! A shower, shampoo and detangling session were out of the question as they would have used the last of the hot water, and then some!! So, now that the power has been restored, the wet remnant carpet pieces and area rug used to soak up the water have been removed to the dumpster, the clothes that were in the washer Saturday night when the power went out have been re-washed and thrown in the dryer and the towels that soaked up the water in one closet and spouting from a hole in the wall are in the washer with lots of bleach, I’m sitting here with my oily, greasy head typing this post to make sure that you’ll all have something entertaining (hopefully;) to read on Tuesday morning;)!

Okay, so last week started off GRRRREAT!!  I styled with a WnG and bunned Monday-Friday, took hot yoga three days in a row, my diet was on point … then Thursday came along. I hadn’t really spent any time with the sweetie for almost 3 weeks because he was working a crazy schedule. So, he finished at, like, 6 am Thursday morning. When I got home after work, he said, “C’mon. Let’s go out to dinner. Not the diner, someplace nice where we can sit and talk.” (We go to the diner alllll the time.:) So, we went to this JEWEL of a restaurant that has been around the corner from my house for 3 years!! Nicole’s 10. It was DEE-LI-SHUS!! Things went downhill from there. I won’t bore you with the gory details, but I’ve been calling this my 10 pound weekend and it involved more than one glutinous, carb-filled, breakfast food meal. I mean, I went through a earthquake, hurricane and tornado-like winds, flooding and loss of electricity all in the course of one week. Comfort food was in order:)!

Anywho, here are a few pics of a mid-height, banana clip bun that I wore on Friday (I used the Goody Spin Pins during the week).

And, here’s a mini-product review to go along with the pics. After wearing my hair in a bun all week, I felt that it was time to moisturize and seal my ends again on Thursday night. So, I spritzed my hair with Giovanni Vitapro Leave-In Hair Treatment.

I picked it up a few months ago in a PJ blitz and was unimpressed. So, I hadn’t used it since. Also, I usually don’t use a “wet” leave-in to re-moisturize anymore, though I used to swear by Infusium 23 (or the Sally’s GVP version) as my “got to” WnG leave-in and refresher. Anyway, I decided to revisit the Giovanni Leave-in and misted it all over my hair. I was digging how my hair was big and my curls were getting a little shrinkage action (sorry, didn’t take pics. I should have and don’t know why I didn’t). I sealed the last couple inches of my hair with some JBCO and then chilled for a while so that it could dry. Finally, I loosely bunned for bed time (and the bun was NICE) and threw on my satin bonnet! Well, the next morning, it was not! My hair felt tacky and not soft as I expected. Me no likey. Needless to say, I won’t be picking it up again. It’ll be in my product swap box for our rescheduled Meet-Up if anyone wants to call dibs!! *lol*

So, at the (almost) end of the first month of our GOC, I’d give myself a 5 out of 5 stars for my hair regimen. However, for my fitness regimen? I give myself a 2! So bad! I didn’t put on any weight (well, at least, not prior to the 10 pound weekend), but I’ve been horrible with exercising and really need to get back into a consistent routine before I find myself back where I always am … up 10 lbs 6 months after losing the very same weight.

Judges, Contestant Number 45’s Overall August GOC Score?:  


Gotta get it together for September.  Going to use Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th as short-term goal number one and the CurlyNikki/ NY meet-up as goal number two (there’s no date for it, but based on Nikki’s post last week, I suspect it’s in October).


As our first month officially comes to an end, how would you score your progress and effort towards achieving your goal(s)? Did you reach an interim goal and reward yourself?! Do you need to regain focus, re-energize and motivate?  Spill my GOCers;)!!

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  1. Oh gosh where do I start? Im kinda getting used to the braids and sewn-in combo. They have been in for almost a month on Sept 6th,aside from the itching and braid slippage I think they can hold up until the end of October. As for my weight loss I remain at a constant I think Im doing the Min just to maintain my weight. Im researching the benifits of juicing and see what that can do for me. My friends have done it and had some great results. What do you think? I took palaties yesterday and my back is all in a knott. No to mention my hubby was messing with me last night (hehe) . Im going to buy a juicer today and see if this is just a phase.


      • The hubby messing with the ladies seems to be a common issue 🙂 I saw a log from a girl I follow on YT and she had the same issue. As she put it, “My braids are kinds messy right now. I didn’t wear my bonnet last night because I just didn’t. I was kinda all over the bed last night” she then gives the camera a side-eye. LOL. That still makes me laugh.


          • LOL!!!! Yes, this was hilarious! But, I never forget my bonnet!!! LOL!! Last night, I had the DC in with the plastic baggie, winter hat and satin bonnet (thought the satin bonnet didn’t look as crazy as the winter hat! LOL!!).

            As to juicing, even just one cup of fresh juice a day made me feel leaner and better! I used to make this juice called green lemonade (romaine lettuce, couple leaves of kale, 2 organic apples, 1 organic lemon [skin, seeds and all] and a little ginger). Man, I felt great when I started my day off with that!! I didn’t even need a cup of coffee! The thing is, you have to just make certain you stay stocked up on your fruit and veggies and it’s a good idea to wash everything when you get it home so that you can quickly juice it when you’re ready.


            • Yes! My friend just started juicing and she said that she feels like her skin looks so much more radiant because of the fresh fruit and vegetables. (I actually haven’t noticed it). I had a big fiasco in my kitchen with a juicer and I immediately got rid of it. Lol.


            • I heard juicing is suppose to be amazing. One of the blogs that I follow, the lady and her husband went on a juice fast for 5days. O_o Shelli, how does the green stuff taste going down. I still can’t get past juicing lettuce and then drinking it.


  2. I sooooo need to regain focus. My regimen has gone out the window a while ago. I’ve slept without my satin bonnet at least 2-3 times within the past two weeks. I feel… uninspired by my hair. It did grow tho. Look, I haven’t evenhad enough consistency to do a length check properly. I’m slippin’!


  3. Oh yes… the rating. 1 for consistency, and after I do the length check, hopefully that number will be boosted. I have been taking my vitamins everyday though. Multivitamin, biotin and MSM.


      • Whatchu talkin’ about Willis?!?! Listen, I just saw your post … because I’m a subscriber (and reading your post is allowing me to procrastinate on writing mine … I need to get to it b/c I’m tired!). Anywho, I can totally see that your hair has grown … especially in the front! Your finger looks an inch lower!!! Btw, you are too cute! LOL! I just thought, “Look how cute Rece is:)!” Anyway, once a month is too frequent IMHO. You’ll drive yourself crazy. Remember my post, “When You’re Not Looking?” I swear, all of this time, I really wasn’t noticing the growth that much. It didn’t seem like it was really growing at all. I play around, but I waited every three months to do “real” length checks with photos and all. I figure I should be able to see 1 1/2 inches of growth if that’s what I was growing and retaining. Not saying you should wait every three months, but 1/2 inch (though I think it looks like you had more) can be hard to see.


        • You’re absolutely right! I’m kinda used to taking pics monthly because that’s what I did as I grew my relaxer out. Yeah, I’ll skip a few months though. I’m not trying to drive myself up the wall!


  4. I’m with Rece. I need to regain focus where it comes to fitness. For my hair goals, I give myself a 4/5. I know surprising right? I’ve been doing all protective styles,except for one day. I did a henna/indigo treatment this weekend and I’m in flat twists as we speak. I slipped on my vitamins a little but some days I doubled up by taking one at the end of the day.

    Soooo, we need to come up with a central place to meet for Fashion’s Night Out. Shelli, did you see my post on the free transport via Volkswagen for the day?

    Yahhh, Shelli got her blogging fix back LOL.

    Well, I’m off to Rye Playland today. It’s Playland for Disabilities day (free entry and rides) so I’m taking my son.


      • That is sweet! How was your day? And no, I’m not surprised at all. You’ve been really good with protective styling!

        Yes, I did read your post about the VW. I don’t know where we are meeting. We’ll figure that out soon!


        • It was sooo much fun 🙂 I’m not a rider but I take great pleasure in watching my children have fun. Well, the other one isn’t really a “child” She’s 16 but you know what I mean lol.

          The only downer was because my son is in a wheelchair and tall, he’s too big for the kiddie rides and not physically able to ride most of the adult rides. He’s 10 years old and very long and lanky. He was able to ride like 6 rides though. I took pics and will post them on my Special Mom Space blog in a few days.


  5. Hi there…..I’ve been lurking for a while thanks to CN. Anyway, I just wanted to share that the Vitapro is a protein based treatment. I thought that I could have used it as an alternative to the Direct Leave In, and after some research decided not to. It worked well for me, but then again my hair is in braid extensions. I will try it again once I’ve removed the extensions to see if the results are consistent. Thanks for a great blog!


    • Hey Renee!!!!! I love when lurkers emerge:)!! LOL!!! I swore I looked at that bottle and didn’t see a protein. My hair isn’t too fond of most proteins, so that’s probably why my hair felt “crunchy!” I’m fine with some proteins as I never had a problem with Infusium 23. I really need to figure out which ones my hair can tolerate and which ones it can’t. And thank you so much!! I’m so happy that you enjoy the content on the site:)!!


  6. This week I was good, so I would have to say I will rate myself 3.4. I chose this rating because like you Shelli, since I was stranded in the house this weekend I spent my time on the computer eating comfort food. I was good with my fitness. I love Jillian from Biggest Loser and so I went out and bought a couple of her DVD’s. They were pretty good. I usually run and don’t get winded at all but her DVD’s I was in pain. I saw above you mentioned proteins. I have such a hard time identifying if my hair likes them or not. I have read so much and pulleds strands for testing but still I don’t know if my hair like protein or not.


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