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GOC Update: Icela’s Week One


Check out Icela (First Wave) and how she did her first week in the GOC!


by Icela of Shapely Alterations

Hey guys,

As you all know, last week marked the start of my participation in Hairscapade’s 6-month GOC.  The challenge involved both Fitness and Hair Health.  All last week I kept you all posted on the workouts I’ve been doing and I’m actually VERY proud of myself for sticking to a regimen for an entire week!!!  I can’t even tell you how long its been since I’ve been able to do that!  Go me!!!!  I’m going to keep that momentum going by doing a “weigh in” next weekend to see if I’ve at least dropped a pound 🙂

Here’s a quick recap of what I did:
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Biceps & Triceps + 30 minutes of Cardio
Wednesday: Legs + 30 minutes of Cardio
Thursday: Shoulders & Back + 30 minutes of Treadmill
Friday: Cardio ~ Billy Blanks’ Ultimate Tae Bo
Saturday: Chest
Sunday: REST

Today, I started the cycle over again by doing Biceps & Triceps, but no Cardio.  Tomorrow I’ll be hitting Legs again.

As far as my hair is concerned, I washed it accidentally when I meant to simple co-wash it (long story).  Also, instead of just twisting up my hair and letting it air dry, I decided to try something different . . . . a Twist and Curl.  A Twist and Curl is when you two-strand twist your hair, then place each twist in rods and/or flexi rods.

Here are my results after removing the rods and separating the twist a bit to create a puff.

I’m all thumbs when it comes to my hair, so I was pretty surprised and proud that the style came out decently.  I over did the unraveling of the twists a bit so the top got a bit frizzy, but overall I’m pretty happy with the look and plan to rock it more often.

Don’t forget, you can learn how Icela did the rest of August and follow her progress at www.shapelyalterations.com!!

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Blackouts … Oh My!


Wow, what a week y’all. I experienced my first earthquake on Tuesday, a hurricane that forced the cancellation of our Natural Hair Meet-Up (which I was so looking forward to *sad face*) and caused torrential rain that resulted in water gushing into my basement and winds that knocked the electricity out for almost two days. All that being said, I survived to blog again!! Mind you, I’ve been singing Soul Glo for the last two days as Vatika oil dripped down my neck from my Saturday night pre-poo because I was trying to preserve the remaining hot water in the water heater for showers. Didn’t know when the electricity would be restored! It was out for four days last Summer! A shower, shampoo and detangling session were out of the question as they would have used the last of the hot water, and then some!! So, now that the power has been restored, the wet remnant carpet pieces and area rug used to soak up the water have been removed to the dumpster, the clothes that were in the washer Saturday night when the power went out have been re-washed and thrown in the dryer and the towels that soaked up the water in one closet and spouting from a hole in the wall are in the washer with lots of bleach, I’m sitting here with my oily, greasy head typing this post to make sure that you’ll all have something entertaining (hopefully;) to read on Tuesday morning;)!

Okay, so last week started off GRRRREAT!!  I styled with a WnG and bunned Monday-Friday, took hot yoga three days in a row, my diet was on point … then Thursday came along. I hadn’t really spent any time with the sweetie for almost 3 weeks because he was working a crazy schedule. So, he finished at, like, 6 am Thursday morning. When I got home after work, he said, “C’mon. Let’s go out to dinner. Not the diner, someplace nice where we can sit and talk.” (We go to the diner alllll the time.:) So, we went to this JEWEL of a restaurant that has been around the corner from my house for 3 years!! Nicole’s 10. It was DEE-LI-SHUS!! Things went downhill from there. I won’t bore you with the gory details, but I’ve been calling this my 10 pound weekend and it involved more than one glutinous, carb-filled, breakfast food meal. I mean, I went through a earthquake, hurricane and tornado-like winds, flooding and loss of electricity all in the course of one week. Comfort food was in order:)!

Anywho, here are a few pics of a mid-height, banana clip bun that I wore on Friday (I used the Goody Spin Pins during the week).

And, here’s a mini-product review to go along with the pics. After wearing my hair in a bun all week, I felt that it was time to moisturize and seal my ends again on Thursday night. So, I spritzed my hair with Giovanni Vitapro Leave-In Hair Treatment.

I picked it up a few months ago in a PJ blitz and was unimpressed. So, I hadn’t used it since. Also, I usually don’t use a “wet” leave-in to re-moisturize anymore, though I used to swear by Infusium 23 (or the Sally’s GVP version) as my “got to” WnG leave-in and refresher. Anyway, I decided to revisit the Giovanni Leave-in and misted it all over my hair. I was digging how my hair was big and my curls were getting a little shrinkage action (sorry, didn’t take pics. I should have and don’t know why I didn’t). I sealed the last couple inches of my hair with some JBCO and then chilled for a while so that it could dry. Finally, I loosely bunned for bed time (and the bun was NICE) and threw on my satin bonnet! Well, the next morning, it was not! My hair felt tacky and not soft as I expected. Me no likey. Needless to say, I won’t be picking it up again. It’ll be in my product swap box for our rescheduled Meet-Up if anyone wants to call dibs!! *lol*

So, at the (almost) end of the first month of our GOC, I’d give myself a 5 out of 5 stars for my hair regimen. However, for my fitness regimen? I give myself a 2! So bad! I didn’t put on any weight (well, at least, not prior to the 10 pound weekend), but I’ve been horrible with exercising and really need to get back into a consistent routine before I find myself back where I always am … up 10 lbs 6 months after losing the very same weight.

Judges, Contestant Number 45’s Overall August GOC Score?:  


Gotta get it together for September.  Going to use Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th as short-term goal number one and the CurlyNikki/NC.com NY meet-up as goal number two (there’s no date for it, but based on Nikki’s post last week, I suspect it’s in October).


As our first month officially comes to an end, how would you score your progress and effort towards achieving your goal(s)? Did you reach an interim goal and reward yourself?! Do you need to regain focus, re-energize and motivate?  Spill my GOCers;)!!