You Know He Loves You When ….


b y   W e u s i

NOTE: If you read a few of these to your SO and they nod their head in agreement to 5-7 of them … you are in a relationship with someone that accepts and “love(s) you just the way you are.”

  1. They start experimenting with the different bottles of stuff in the shower … and know which products they prefer (like that conditioner in the big, blue bottle; there’s always plenty of that).
  2. You have a comb or brush that they like to use in the shower (like that big, heavy black comb with two sets of teeth that feels like hands scratching your scalp or the little, oval hot pink shampoo scrub brush thing that looks like what my pops used to wash our dog!).
  3. They not only know when you are looking at someone’s hair … they know what you’re thinking … things like … “nice curl pattern” … “it looks so healthy” … “that’s a cute style” … “I like the way that frames her face” … “I don’t know why you are looking at her …. that’s not her real hair!” … “is her hair just pressed … or is that a perm?” (Okay, those last ones are just me).
  4. When they meet other people with natural hair, they start to share stories like they are their own and suggest that the other person go to Hairscapades and CurlyNikki and get products from sites like Oyin Handmade, Zuresh and/or Wonder Curl …  And, when the conversation is over, they wish they would have gotten the other person’s information because they thought of even more sites that they could go to.
  5. It doesn’t phase them when you wear a hair bonnet, scarf, wrap and/or hat in bed … it’s business as usual!
  6. They start to look at their own hair more often … they start noticing when it may be dry or neglected … and know how to make it better with a co-poo and/or the right moisturizing and/or leave-in conditioner! (Plus they mention that they should get a haircut just to take care of possible split ends.)
  7. As their hairline recedes, they start to wonder and ask if there is a regimen of “natural no hair care” that they can implement. Oh … really? … That’s just me!?! Ok, I’ll claim that.
  8. They begin to understand and start using the acronyms and shorthand terms that are a part of the Natural Hair Culture.

And, if they start making up language and acronyms like NHCI (Natural Hair Care Icon) and help with meet-ups and all that kinda stuff … they’re done … they may need an intervention that involves sports, sweat and loud music somewhere within the span of 4 hours!


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  1. Omg that’s my Fiance all over!!!!! He now points out when someone has natural hair so I can check it out. He uses a new type of shampoo an condish because of me(well actually he stole mine), he even allows me to style his natural curls every once in a while. He could care less about my scarf, plastic bag, bonnet night look! And that, my friends, is the reason (along with other things) why I love him and we’re getting married!


  2. Mmmmm… this descibes me better than the Hubster, BUT, I know he loves me as I am, natural and all because:

    a) he now notices every natural while out, and excitedly tells me about it when he returns home,
    b) he doesn’t give a flip about the ever present satin bonnet, and helps me look for it when it disappears
    c) he has watched a Youtube hair tutorial video with me, or two,
    d) wouldn’t stop bugging me until I let him twist my hair one night, just to see what it was like, (then cried his arms were hurting afterwards)
    e) hasn’t complained about all of the USPS boxes coming to the house filled with products, (yet)

    Last but not least, walked around the house with my plastic cap to ‘deep condition’ his fade with my favorite DC. That was priceless. Love him!


    • LMBO at d) and the “Last, but not least!” LOL!!! That’s great!! I keep trying to get Wei to let my henna his curls! LOL! He’s not going for it. But, hmmm, maybe I’ll get him to DC once in a while;-)!! Shoot, if your husband did it with a fade, he can do it since he has a lil’ fro;-)!!


      • You should definitely go for it Shelli! I laughed all night when I found my husband walking around with that cap, claiming he was making his hair ‘soft’. It was too cute. As for the henna, I don’t know, the men may draw the line there. Hubster thinks it looks like something that belongs in a diaper after it has marinated on my head for a while.


    • HAAA I always loose my bonnet!!! My fiance will be like “did you check the bed” or “I saw it on the nightstand”! And he LOVES watching the youtube vid’s with me even though he will Never admit it ha ha ha! and LOL at him DC’n his fade! That is comedy! I had mine doing the same with his curls…. plastic cap and all and she swore me to secrecy about it…


      • your not alone!!!! my honey wears my bonnet too, he says he doesnt want to feel left out, then he have the nerve to cock it to the side.. haha

        Oh and the youtube, he has names for all my fav ladies on there.. priceless 🙂


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