How I Pre-Poo (Video)


I had a couple of requests for a video of my pre-poo application “technique,” so I filmed it this past Saturday. As many of you may know, I incorporate pre-poos into my weekly wash day regimen and typically use VCO or Vatika oil (though I’ve used the Vatika Hair Fall Control Cream on many occasions too). My reasons for adding an oil pre-poo to my regimen are outlined here.

Anywho, hope that this is helpful and read the description box for additional important details! Thank you!

How do you pre-poo?


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    • Girl … JBCO is my holy grail. My hair just loves it!! It makes it so soft and shiny without being greasy or sticky once it “soaks in” a little. You have to let me know how your hair likes it.


    • I was looking online when I first heard about it and you are so right, the shipping is ridiculous. Where I get it isn’t in my county, but it’s at a beauty supply that’s only about 25 minutes away, so I stock up on a few bottles when I go!


  1. Thanks for the video… Sometimes these treatments sound so complicated but you made this look very easy.. Keep up the good work!! ps> I bought the Vatika Oil and didnt think of an easier way to apply it from a different bottle. Good Look!!


    • Thanks Tianna!! Yeah, that Vatika bottle is a pain! The dye applicator makes it a lot easier. But, you have to be careful transferring it too! I lost a decent amount of oil down the sink the first time!! The oil just burst all out of the bottle! And you KNOW we hate to see good product go down the drain, LITERALLY!! *lol*


  2. I think I’m going to try to pre-poo with the Vatika oil tonight instead of the regular coconut oil.

    Ever since my bottle of Castor oil broke, I didn’t replace it. I think I’m still mad at it for getting all over my bathroom floor and mats. That’s just unforgivable! Lol


    • LOL!! Ooooh, your bottle broke?!?! Like, on its own, or you dropped it;-)? Well, to forgive is next to Godliness … and let me tell you, it’ll probably be worth it! Well, I guess you never know. But I love that stuff!!!


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  5. just found a place on;y one light away from my house in the dmv that sales JBCO and another store across the street that sells henna and vatika


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    • I use several … ummm … cedarwood, thyme, lavender, and rosemary. I don’t have an exact recipe, just mix about half and half JBCO and EVOO or jojoba oil, then add several drops of each 4-10 drops. I got my EOs from a small local shop in my area. You will probably have to search online for stores that sell them or shop online. Amazon sells some.


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