The Week in Review and My New Pet Peeve!


Hey you guys! How were your weekends?! Mine was actually pretty restful as we decided to reschedule the White Water Rafting trip! There were conflicting weather reports about the chances of thunderstorms for Saturday and we didn’t want to get caught out on the water with lightning shooting around us!! Of course, because we cancelled it, it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! But, I didn’t mind, because I had a super busy, stressful week and I got to spend some much-needed, restful quality time with my sweetie.

Anywho, I decided to do this post to just share a hodge podge of things from last week. Hope that’s okay!

First, I applied a henna treatment last Sunday (no indigo this time – didn’t feel like it). I just had to show you how ridiculous I looked while doing it. (Btw, that’s TWO baggies and TWO winter hats.) But, I really don’t care. I wore the same get-up to bed with my DC!! Am I the only one who looks this silly when hennaed up or deep conditioning and really couldn’t care less?

Second, the style in the first picture far above was the other banana clip updo that I came up with last week. The clip is oriented horizontally to hold my hair in a ponytail. Then, I flipped the ponytail towards my face and pinned all of the hair down along the top of the banana clip using three big doobie pins. Next, I grabbed my sock bun* to provide some volume (since we don’t tease curly hair;) and flipped the hair back over the faux bun. Then, I gathered the ends of my hair, rolled them together, tucked and pinned with bobby pins. Finally, I slid on my litte TarJay headband. I thought the style was kind of retro chic;). What do you think? I didn’t film a video tutorial for this one. However, if you’d like one, just let me know in the comments and I’ll film it within the next couple of weeks. (*The sock bun wasn’t very secure, because I couldn’t pin it down. Next time, I’ll roll some synthetic braiding hair into a “form” and I’ll pin that to my hair to create volume. That’s an old French roll/twist trick. ;))

Third, I still have not gotten myself together in regard to exercising, the house is a mess on top of that and I have a crap load of clothes to wash! But, I’m writing up almost all of the posts for this week on Sunday, so I will have no excuses this week! I can’t go to our Meet-Up on Saturday looking all bloated, busted and wearing dirty clothes!! LOL!! I’m hoping that this is the motivation I need to get it together this week, because my diet has been horrible the last three days too!! KFC, fried shrimp and French fries, BBQ potato chips, trail mix, popcorn (it was 94% FF, but I added a couple of tablespoons of melted Smart Balance spread *smh*), Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich … and the day isn’t over!! I really ought to be ashamed of myself! This is the slippery slope that I seem to love to jump on every time I get to my weight goal!! Help me ya’ll!!!

How did you do with your regimens in week 3 of our GOC? I received a couple of updates from challengers and the submission of a “Reserver” that I’ll be sharing in the next couple of weeks!

I completed my second application of amla on Saturday. Meh. I didn’t notice much of a difference between the second application and the first.

You don't see the hole in my tank. Shhh! I SAID, you don't see it!

And finally, my new pet peeve. So, most of you know that I have a YouTube channel now. Well, I’ve been getting comments and messages from users that only seem interested in my biceps/muscles. Like seriously, I’m not doing videos on exercise, fitness, diet or my body. I’m doing hair videos. If that’s what floats your boat, fine. But, at least have the good common sense to watch the videso without commenting or at least feign some type of interest in natural hair. Needless to say, I’ve blocked several users in the last couple of weeks. (SB: I can’t help but notice that many of these users seem to subscribe to Naptural85’s channel too! I wonder how she feels about commenters who only express interest in her physique?)

That was my Week in Review! What’s yours?


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  1. My weekend had its highs and lows . My friend Kelly finally let me henna her hair. I used some henna that I froze from my last application before me braids. Well I thawed thursday night and she came over on friday after work. She has a TWA so I knew It would be a piece of cake. Well I put the henna on and covered with the cling wrap. Well 5 min later she said Tiff um… is this supposed to burn. Im like its supposed to tingle not burn , I mean burn like perm, rug burn, roof on fire burn ? I felt her head and it was kinda hotter than normal . I started at 5 and I left it on until 830p she told me not to wash it out so I didnt . Well in the end her greys had those firey red highlights like yours . She really loved it . I think hers came out better than mine.


    • Ooooh girl, I just knew that was going to end badly when you said “burn!!!” Wait, so was it burning like a perm or tingling? You never said! Well I’m glad she loved it and the story ended well!! What kind of henna did you use? Just tell her to pay attention to how her scalp feels (i.e. sore, itchy, irritated, etc.). I’m worried that it burned and hoping there are no long term side effects!


  2. As far as these braids Um I cant . Im ready for my hair to come back but Im going to keep them in until my homecomming Oct 23. My weight is stable but I cant stop drink caramel frappe`s from Mc’D’s . I went to a baby shower the food was so good I had 2 full plates and took one home. I was thinking about mexican food all week. I tried to find this resturant with my GPS come to find out after circling the block for 15mins that is was no longer there. I dont know these food cravings are killing me. Last night me and the hubby shared an xtra large cheese steak and it was 8:30 at night. Now as Im typing Im eating a caramel frappe and a sausage mcmuffin all because I had a coupon and my breakfast only cost $1.00 . I need something to supress my appetite. I go to the gym at lunch but I dont think that hour is enough. HELP.!


    • LMBO! Okay, I know that’s wrong, but you had me cracking up … especially when I got to you eating a sausage McMuffin as you type!! I know … I felt like a fiend yesterday!! I just couldn’t stop feeling hungry! The thing is, you really have to eat and eat the right stuff to curb cravings. If I don’t eat my 5 meals and especially when I miss breakfast, I end up wanting to eat everything bad, even when the good stuff is in front of me. So, you have to eat a good breakfast with protein and good carbs (when I have my warmed Grapenuts with blueberries, I start my day off right).


  3. I finally henna’ed my hair on Saturday, “accidentally” left it on all night (I fell asleep waiting!), thank goodness I had my hair really wrapped up. I’m glad I did though, I really like the results. I’m digging the color, and I already see my waves loosening, which I kinda hoped it would do. The DC I did softened my hair for the most part, but it’s still feels not as soft as it was. I used the Jamilla brand that was at a local indian grocery. I decided that I’m going to do it 2 more wks in a row then once a month so it can really start working. I’m excited, my doctor gave me the green light to start working out again, I’m going to go too hard in the gym–ok moderate, I know I have to build back up but I’m just glad that I can go again.


    • Ooohhhhh you henna’d!!! I’m glad it came out well. I would try it, but I don’t really want to loosen my curl pattern.

      I’m going to get back in the gym this week. I bought new sneakers as motivation! Lol


      • That’s great news Jen! Happy that you are well enough to get back in the gym … but yeah, moderation … just as you told me;-)!! And awesome about the henna! So glad that you like it! I’ll be looking for a “Henna and Me” HairStory from you after you finish your henna “blitz!” TAKE PICTURES!! LOL!

        Rece, I’m going to work up a post on Cassia as a henna alternative soon at the request of Etoile, one of our GOCers. No color, no curl loosening, but it provides similar (though not as long lasting) conditioning and shine benefits. So, maybe that’s an option for you!


  4. Shelli, your well defined arms are distracting when I’m trying to focus on your hair!!! Lol. I think I commented on that in your first video. =)

    Your hair does look like it’s getting curlier. Especially the left side. Love the new banana clip updo. I can’t wait until my hair grows back so I can experiment with fancy buns again!


    • LOL!!! You did and Michelle said the same thing on my pre-poo video that is going up here later this week! My thing is, okay, I know they are kind of “noticeable,” but jokers don’t have to comment! Just be respectful and lurk like I’m sure a few others do! LOL!!

      And thanks! I’m glad you like the updo! I was happy with it and might do it again today!! Or, I was thinking, I might do this low side bun and film it because Corinne requests a tutorial. We’ll see! And, as everyone is saying, your hair is going to be long again in no time! I wouldn’t be surprised if you have enough length to do all of these styles by the end of the year. As you said, your hair grows like wildfire;-).


  5. this week was so busy.friday i moved back into school. with the help of my mom, we got everything in the car and to my dorm in no time. im going to count that as some weight training because that stuff was heavy lol. seriously though, my boyfriend and i hit the gym yesterday to do some cardio. i cycled for an hour while he jumped from machine to machine. that was fun to watch. today is my first day of class. i have jazz at 10 am and then ballet at not use to dancing so early in the morning so we’ll see how this goes.


  6. This week I was good. I followed my diet. Except…. I went to my girlfriend’s birthday party and oh boy! She is from Thailand and her mother cooks the best food ever. Needless to say I slipped up that day. I kept my hair in mostly twist and then on Saturday took them down just to put them back up in a bun. O_o I just don’t know what to do with it lately. I really have been contemplating buying a camera. I don’t have a good one to take pictures to show you guys styles. One thing I also notice though, when I had a camera I was always taking the pictures. I tried looking for older pics and I was really in any of them. Hmmmm.

    As for your arms Shelli, they are nice. So are Naptural85 and I did notice too that they comment a lot on her arms too instead of hair. Some people are just odd!!! LOL!

    Everyone enjoy your week!!!!


    • Awesome!! Hey, one day doesn’t fail you! And, was the food spicy? If so, deduct half the calories because hot food burns more cals;)!! LOL!! Yes, get a camera (says the woman who only has a camera because her best friend bought her one)! Pics please! LOL! And thanks Miche’al. And yes, some people are just odd. Again, just lurk. Why do they feel a need to comment? And, half the time, they are illiterate! You know I hate bad grammar!!


  7. Guilty but umm no girl on girl desires here LOL. It’s just nice to see that somebody is doing it right and I wish I did too. My husband even said come on babe, let’s get in shape together. He’s back on our elliptical machine (Does that mean he thinks I’m getting fatter??????)

    Shelli, I love that hairdo with the banana clip horizontally. I usually put mine in that way too but wasn’t sure how to bulk it up more. Are you going to do a video on how to put the sock thingy in 🙂


    • Hahahaha at the “no girl on girl desire here.” LOL! As to the hubby and the elliptical … sorry, but yeah, that may be a hint. But, it was done in a very good way in that he acknowledged he needs to do something too … some guys will be fat and then have the nerve to say something to their women about “needing to watch” what you eat or “start working out.” Really? You want to go there?! I grew up hearing the term, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” So, it’s ingrained. But again, he handled it in a good way by saying you should do it together and then doing it himself. He’s not pushing you, but just telling you something that you already know. And, I just wrote this to a friend on FB after finishing my hot yoga (she has lost, like, 60 lbs and is going strong! I’m so proud of her!!): “being healthy and working out and fit is not about the attention of others at all. It’s really about me feeling comfortable in my own skin and confident in who I am and proud of myself for putting in the necessary effort and work. It manifests itself outwardly, but the true reward is how you feel on the inside.” I want to feature her on the site because she really is an inspiration!

      As to the hairdo, of course! I’m not going to use the sock bun though. In those pics, I had it in. But, I didn’t go out the house with it in because it was very loose. When I do the video, I’ll show how to make the braiding hair into a “form” and then how to secure it. Of course, I have to figure it out first;-)! LOL!


  8. oh darn forgot to answer your question on what i did this weekend. Saturday I did the Zizyphus and posted a review today. Sunday I spent most of the day writing blog posts for 2 weeks for both of my blogs since I know i’ll have little time this weekend.

    I currently have my hair in twists which are coming out. I can’t hold a twist. That’s that. Maybe after more Zizyphus. I don’t know.


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