When You’re Not Looking …


Yesterday, Viv made a comment on my Banana Clip Pin-Curl Updo post about my hair getting really long. I responded that I didn’t think it had grown that much and that it probably just looks longer because I don’t usually show my length as my hair is in updos or TnCs most of the time. Well, as I was searching through my old NC.com GOC blog for fodder for a post (I wasn’t sure if I’d even have one for Friday … it’s been a long, hard work week!), I came across some WnG pics from early May (May 8th to be exact). They kind of stopped me in my tracks and I pulled up my WnG from Monday to compare. I was surprised by how noticeably longer my hair was. And, it looks thicker!! I thought, “It really does happen when you’re not looking!!” It’s like when you have a kid. You don’t notice them growing too much. But then, they go away for a few weeks during the Summer and when they return, you’re like “Dang! You’ve gotten so big!” But, it had been happening right in front of your eyes all along!! You were just too close to see it!

I mean, it is my goal to grow to waist length and I do periodic length checks. But, as you know, the majority of the time, I keep my hair up and out of the way. HIH (hands-in-hair) is a serious condition, and it can happen to anyone. Out of site, out of mind is far better for me and my hair! LOL! Anywho, I really wrote this post to hopefully inspire someone by demonstrating that a consistent regimen with protective, low manipulation styling, a balanced diet, exercise and time can really work! It’s so easy to obsess about growth and I’m not saying it wasn’t on my mind. But, when you’re constantly looking at your hair, you might not see the difference until you stop analyzing and dissecting it for a while. Do what you know you need to do and time will take care of the rest. I believe that if you do that, with a little patience, you’ll get to where you want to be.

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    • Seriously Etoile, I’m sure it’s a lot of things combined … but I really noticed a difference when I started taking MSM in, like May (I think(. I don’t know, it may just be in my mind, but you might want to add that to your supplements if you aren’t already taking it. I also suggest getting one with OptiMSM. If you haven’t read my post on this, here it is: https://hairscapades.com/?s=optimsm.


  1. Every time I want to check my hair length, I say ‘a watched pot never boils’. I know it will get there if I keep doing what I am supposed to. Plus, I like to be surprised when I finally do check it. In one of your comments the other day, you said that your hair isn’t as impressive as it looks in photos. Blah blah blah, we don’t want to hear that anymore! lol When I saw your banana clip post yesterday I was thinking ‘yeahhhh right! That hair is BEAUTIFUL!’


  2. See? I don’t want to say “I told you so!” 🙂 Congrats Shelli!

    Looking in, from the outside (as a lurker), I noticed the increased growth and thickness and was wow-ed by it. I love the simplicity of your regimen and it’s all paying off because your hair is beautiful. When I first went natural, I looked forward to wearing my hair big, long and out. Didn’t think of protective styling. Now I find myself looking forward to the days when I can pin it up in a professional, protective updo to reap the benefits. What an evolution!


  3. Awwww thank you ladies=)! Viv, that’s so funny! When were you a “lurker;)?” And I love that (the looking forward to wearing updos)! I never would have imagined that I would love updos so much until I started doing them a lot this last year, year and a half! And, it’s funny because protective styles that are allowing me to retain length are now the reason to grow it even longer!! It’s like, the longer and thicker it gets, the more elaborate my updos can become!! Isn’t that funny?!? LOL!! It is sooo not about hanging, long hair. In fact, as you probably know, I like shrinkage when my hair is out and roll it to the roots to get a fuller, shorter bob look! So, your goals can definitely change as you move along this journey. And shoot, a couple years from now, I may decide to do a major cut again like I did in ’08. Who knows? LOL!


  4. if only i could “forget” about my hair and just let it grow. my mind has been on it all summer. i check it constantly and get upset about something, a something that changes each time. right now, i have it up and i just don’t want to think about it.


  5. Girllllllll… ur hair grewwwwww! …and why are the ends of your hair super shiny?!?!

    Good thing I already added MSM to my daily vitamins and supplements.


    • Because I put JBCO on them!! LOL!! I’d say kimmaytube leave-in too, but I used DevaCare One in those pics. Yeah, seriously, I do feel like the MSM works! I was taking 1, but now I take 2 a day. I may even go up to 3 as the bottles says 1-3 a day. But, I’m actually trying to gauge if I see a marked difference before I go to 3. The thing is, MSM is like the safest supplement out there and has no to extremely low toxicity, even in high dosages. I really like that it is such a safe supplement!


  6. Wow, that is some serious growth! Yay! I am growing out a haircut needed after a bad color job so I might have to check out the MSM. Thanks!!


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