Whatcha know about that? Oh … me? Well, until about two months ago, nothing!!! That is, until my middle sister (who has immaculate taste, by the way) sent a FB message asking me and her entire friend list to go like the page and write something on it. I can’t remember the details, but she was trying to win a skirt in a fan giveaway and … you know what? She did! But, this isn’t about her ;). When I went to the Sofistafunk FB page, I fell in love with the whimsical and bodacious dress and skirt designs!! The bold and saturated colors, the flirty trims, the asymmetrical hems, the fanciful pulls and ties, the drama of floor length sashes trailing the ground like wedding trains … these are skirts and dresses that you feel like you must have at least one of in your closet … even when you have no idea where you are going to wear it!! Shoot, a girl never knows, right?

Anywho, I was reminded of this wonderful designer when I visited The Curvealicious Chronicles, the blog of one of our GOCers, Etoile. I went to the Sofistafunk site today and fell a little in love with this sassy number above, which is made of remnant fabrics and is fittingly named, “Pieces of a Dream Lived.”

Ladies, I just may have to curtail my PJ ways for a while in order to save up for a different type of “dream” splurge!! Now, how many bottles of Knot Today is that?!?

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  1. Okay! I love your website and look at it daily, but I think that I now can not continue to support this. In the last few days, because of your website, I have gone out and bought henna, banana clips, and more Vatika oil. I was good with that because I have major PJism when it comes to my hair. Now, you have the nerve to introduce stunning clothes into the mix 🙂 This will start a very pricey obsession that I may not be able to financially support. Thanks alot! Seriously, I have to have one of those skirts in my life! Do you know where to find some of the shirts (or similar types) to go with the skirts, like they pair them with on their blog? This website is definitely my go to spot for hair, now with fashion, I may never log off 🙂


    • OMGosh!!!! I LOVED this comment! You made me really LOL!! I’m so glad you like the site and visit daily (tell a friend or several;-)!! I know though!!! The skirts are GORG aren’t they?!?! I don’t know where they get some of the shirts. Which ones were you interested in finding? Maybe I can find out for you? Also, now you are going to have me doing more fashion related posts ;).


  2. I happened upon this blog yesterday while looking for a cure for mu curl loss issue!!!!!!! from using henna….used it only once and lost much curl….my hare is not manageble and it tangles easily…they ends have no curl at all in many areas and all of my hair is dry and limp….what can you suggest…I
    was reading up on Amla….does this work…Kinda afraid to use anything else right now..HELP Anyone!!!………Curl Distressed……..


    • Hi Estelle. I wouldn’t mess with amla yet because it can be very drying. Have you done a moisturizing DC and/or an oil pre-poo? Seems like you may need to restore moisture to your hair first. You may want to try a virgin coconut oil or Vatika oil as a pre-poo for an hour or so (with a plastic cap), then wash, apply a moisturizing DC/non-protein (15 min. to an hour or overnight, whatever is your preference and works for you). Try that a couple of times because you want to restore your moisture first. I had an allergic reaction to amla and actually recommends Zizyphus to restore curl instead. If you search Zizyphus on my page, you’ll find a couple of reviews from me on it and a link to another review from a friend’s blog. But again, you want to restore your moisture balance and hence your elasticity first as ayuverdic treatments can be drying. Hope that helps!


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