Banana Clip Pin-Curl Updo


Yup, I’m at it again. And, this is just one of two styles I rocked this week using a banana clip. But, ya’ll are going to have to wait for the other one ;). So, I filmed a video for this, but I need to lay an audio track over it explaining what I was doing and I’m not sure when I’ll get around to that as I have some other things in the works, including a white water rafting trip this weekend and … of course … our Natural Hair Meet-Up!!

Okay, now to this look. I did a henna treatment on Sunday and DC’d overnight. So, Monday morning, I had to quickly do something with my hair! “WnG my old friend! How have you been?!?!”I didn’t make any Kimmaytube leave-in on Sunday and didn’t have the time to make it on Monday morning either. So, I did something that I knew would cause problems. I used DevaCare One as my leave-in and applied JessiCurl Confident Coils Curling Lotion as my styler. Ummmm … if you saw my first two-part video review of this product line, you know this combo resulted in flakes. It wasn’t any different this time. But if you ignored the little product flakes, my hair looked pretty dang good, if I do say so myself! LOL! You know, I never seem to have time to allow my hair to dry for a TnC anymore and the WnG is starting to look more and more attractive as my day one style! Now that henna has loosened the hair at my crown, WnGs don’t seem to give me a mullet anymore!!

Well, on Tuesday, I did this updo by smoothing my hair back into a ponytail with my hands and putting the banana clip around it in the “traditional” vertical position. Then, I just began by grabbing a medium-sized section, loosely rolling it around my fingers and pin-curling it against my head with bobby pins. I repeated until all my hair was pin-curled in a bun-like formation (I used a crap load of bobby pins) and then threw on the headband. This was another very easy hairstyle that I was able to do in less than 10 minutes. I know some are probably wondering why I use a banana clip instead of a hair elastic of scrunchie. Truly and honestly, the banana clip does NOT snag my hair or pull it out when I remove it and it is soooo much easier and faster for me to put around my hair! Anywho, here is the finished look with two different accessories, a headband and an orchid (I wore it with the headband to work). Oh, and I’m also including pics of my WnG. I think the amla really may have done something! I’ll definitely be repeating the process I did a couple of weeks ago and posted about here to see if this is a fluke or if the amla is really doing something to restore my natural curl.

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  1. my fellow banana clip friend yes it is definitely preferred over an elastic band. I use my Goodie ouchless bands every now and then though.

    I can’t wait to use the Zizyphus. If it doesn’t work out then I’ll try amla.

    Question: Is your hair wet when you put this up since it’s a wash n go?


  2. LOVELY! Do tell WHERE did you find the headband?? @Michelle…please do dish…what my curlfriend pray tell is Zizphus?? Tell all please…the pj inside of me is dying to know :-).


    • LOL Etoile. I can’t speak on it just yet. I have to make sure it’s good. I’ll do a review on it once I’ve used it this weekend. Basically, Zizyphus is supposed to help restore curls and also thicken the hair. You can use it without shampooing the hair. I got it from Mehandi, same place I get the henna. It’s supposed to not cause the itchies like Amla so I figured I try it since everything makes me itch!

      Are you coming to the meet up?


  3. Michelle, no. I wear it down one day and put it up the next day. So, it is totally dry. In fact, I forgot to say this. On Monday night, I put it into 7 twists before going to bed. I used some of the Qhemet Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee.

    Etoile, I got it from Target!! But, it is a few years old! Sorry! If I see something like it anytime soon, I’ll let you know for sure=).


    • Thank you so much Viv! Does it really look like it’s gotten longer? I always think that it’s up so much of the time or in TnCs that I don’t really show the length too often. So, when I do, it looks like it’s longer to everyone?


  4. I went white water rafting last year for my 29th birthday and it was a crazy day in hell! It was a mess I tell you I really really got to know my husband sister and our girlfriend that day .It felt like and episode of survivor. You will have fun. lol


    • LOL! Yeah, you mentioned that before (on my Rugged Maniac post, I believe). I’ve actually been 3 or 4 times already. Have a couple of those pictures to show for it! This has become an annual activity that my sister organizes with family and friends. We did paintball one year too and stayed at the Great Bear Lodge (or something like that). I’m competitive, so I’m always trying to beat everyone rowing ;). This year should be especially entertaining as my mom, my aunt and my mom’s best friend are going for the first time. I can’t wait to see how that goes! LOL!


  5. OK after watching the video I just realized what I was doing wrong with my pin curls! I was taking pieces that are waaaaaaaaay too small. It took forever then looked like I had an afro LOL


  6. i love your hair!! its so healthy and sheen like crazy! i found your YT channel via curlynikki!! i subscribed to your channel and your blog as well! think i just found a new protective style for the winter!!! check out my blog if you have time! have a great day 🙂


    • OMGosh!!! Do you know that I was totally checking you out in Curly Nikki’s Fierce Fridays?!? I meant to comment on how gorg you and your hair are, but never got around to it! I will definitely check out your site! I’m especially intrigued because your ‘handle’ includes the word nerdy and I am a self-proclaimed nerd! So, hoping to see some nerd related activity on your site! You’ll definitely find some here! Just check out, “Random Stuff I Like” under the “Miscell.” tab!


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