Hairscapades Facebook Fan Page


Hey guys! I just created a Facebook Fan Page and, in order to register my username, I need at least 25 fans! So, I’d really appreciate it if you would like my fan page! For those of you who are my FB friends via Shelli Gillis-Hairscapades, I will be transitioning my friends from that account to my FB Fan Page and deleting the personal account. I’m hoping that the fan page will provide more flexibility so that I can send invitations, announce contests and enable you to share your pictures, knowledge, experiences and questions. So, hope that you’ll fan me on the new page! Thank you!!

8/21 UPDATE: The Hairscapades Facebook Page is now “official,” so thanks to all of you who “liked” it! You are AWESOME! You can follow Hairscapades on Twitter now too! So, if you haven’t liked the page, subscribed or “followed,” but enjoy the site, I’ll take all of the “fans” that I can get (hint, hint ;)).  And, if you plan on attending the Natural Hair Meet-Up in DC this Saturday, RSVP for the event on Facebook here:
Hairscapades Natural Hair Meet-Up


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