Create A Vision Statement for Weight Loss Success!


by JKoi of The Koi Experience

Have you ever considered writing out a plan for losing weight? Have you ever really thought about it? I mean, of course you probably tried on some clothes that didn’t fit properly and feel upset, or you weighed yourself only to feel ashamed of the number on the scale. But other than negative experiences that trigger you to think about starting a weight loss journey have you really wondered, why should I lose this weight?

Whatever amount of weight you want to lose should be the desired end state. So you have to really think of the goals that you want to accomplish which in the end will aid you in succeeding in losing weight. Sounds weird? Well it’s better than what has most likely already occurred a few times…instead of really thinking about actual reasons for losing weight you have nothing else important to focus on except that scale, that potato chip you sneaked, that soda you drank without thinking…you will develop “tunnel vision” and trust me you will eventually crash and burn…and if you’re anything like me, it will either end up with emotional eating or starving—both are definitely not a good look.

Maybe you think that just losing weight will solve all of your problems…without even knowing what those problems actually are. “I’ll get to that after I lose this weight” you probably think. I’m guilty of this. A few years ago I did some drastically dangerous things to lose weight so I would be impressive to my leadership and be one of the most physical fit women in the unit. Well after starving myself and working out 3 days a week, I lost more weight than I set out to be, I was the most athletic woman in my unit…and I still felt like crap. Well hell yeah physically I did, but emotionally I was depressed, lonely, just empty inside….and I still thought my body looked disgusting. Sounds crazy, but even though I “accomplished my goal”, there was some underlying issues which made me go about it in a dangerous way that I could have died from and I ended up falling deeper into depression than I even realized I was in…and trust me, you can’t stay in that state for long so you end up back to square one or worse until you address the real issue behind the weight loss goal. Preparing a vision statement can prevent you from experiencing this.

Let’s begin:

  1. Your vision statement should tell you why you want to lose weight or get fit, and why the hard work and effort to accomplish your goal is worth it.
  2. Your vision statement should tell you what else other than losing weight you would like to change about yourself and your life for the better. I mean really take time for this one and look into your heart. It’s corny, I know, but this is the time to put all of those pent-up emotions and feelings out there and make a choice about what needs to be different in your life.  This is NOT the time to beat yourself up over things you may think you have done wrong or things out of your control. This is the time to take a stand and make things in your life better for you.
  3. I recommend that you write this first, yeah I said it, don’t type it, text it, FB it until you write it with a good old pencil and paper. Trust me; it will be more meaningful for you if this is done. Then you can type it up the way that you want. Add some photos to remind you of your goals and post it everywhere you know you will see it every day.

Don’t be afraid to share this with others, I’ll go first:

J K o i ' s   V i s i o n   S t a t e m e n t

I want to be physically fit because I no longer want to struggle with my weight and have a negative view of my appearance.

I have neglected myself for so long both physically and mentally and I am using this entire fitness journey to learn how to be Jen again, and not like someone else, or no one at all. Over the years I have become pessimistic, complacent, lazy, and a huge procrastinator. I want to accomplish so much, but I have done hardly anything, because I put focus on the wrong things.

It is worth working out so hard and eating clean, because it will cause me to regain that discipline, that determination, organization, my “get up and go” that somewhere along the way I have lost, to re-instill my faith in myself and my ability to accomplish anything I set my mind and heart out to do. I am a leader, a role model, a mentor. I have to look and be the part, not just fake the funk. I want to be happy; truly happy with me in every way…it’s been so long since I’ve had that feeling.

I desire to become a personal trainer, a lifestyle coach which will help others accomplish the vision that they set forth for themselves, to speak publicly to people who have issues with food and exercise and show them that being fit is more than pills, starving, and working out every now and then…it’s a complete lifestyle change that must go on forever. I especially want to help my women of color release stereotypes that prevent us from being physically fit. I want to be an advocate for the prevention of diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure—diseases that run rampant in my own family as I watch those individuals eat themselves to death.

I want my business to be successful and I want to help thousands of people turn their lives around for the better, which in turn will make mine better than I could ever imagine.

I want to create a legacy. With God in my life, I can accomplish all of this and more.


Now it’s your turn. Share your vision statements with me and I will post them, so not only that you can see that your vision is out there and it’s real, but it can encourage others to do so as well. Also, include a picture that goes with your vision.

Come on, what do you have to lose?



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  1. This is great! I am a “visual” person and rely on concrete things to hold myself accountable and stay motivated. I really need to use this concept for my weight loss goals because I have not been holding up to my own end of the bargain!


    • I am definitely a visual person, it’s more “real” when you see it on paper, on powerpoint, or online in a blog! I would also recommend posting goals everywhere you can see them, especially on the fridge and in the car–it kept me honest with how much I ate at home and when I had the desire to go out and buy foods that would hinder my weight loss goals.


    • Thank you very much, I left a comment on your blog, I really liked how you expressed your true feelings about the struggles you have with exercise but you are determined to achieve your weight loss goals!


    • I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the law of attraction and it has been proven when you can see what you want to accomplish, it happens faster and easier when it’s just all in your head. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I just know it does!


  2. i don’t know whether to even put my buddha belly out there as a goal. i went from a size 4 to size 14 … and then after eating right and going for walks, back to a size 6. but the belly, which i gained at size 14 is still there. i don’t know what to do. i think weights would would reshape my body but i don’t want to try them on my own and can’t afford a trainer. runs are out of the question since my body just loves to get hurt. if i don’t know how to change this aspect of me, how can i make it a goal?


    • Hi Misha! Have you seen my post on Kettlebells? It is a great workout, though you do need to make sure you are using proper form. However, if you start with a light weight or no weight and master the form first, you should do fine! If you pick up the kettlebell featured in this post (my local Target carries them or you can order online from Amazon), it comes with a great 30 minute tutorial DVD with Bob Harper (of The Biggest Loser … LOVE him!!). He teaches you proper form and you could definitely use that for a month or so and then advance to another, more challenging DVD. Kettlebells provide amazing training because it combines cardio, anaerobic and strength training all in one routine. You’re legs, arms and core (abs/back) will become stronger and more toned. Hope that helps. Here’s the link to my post:


    • Misha, the first thing that you will have to come to terms with is that there is no such thing as “spot training”, meaning you can do ab and core workouts all day and then you lose weight in your arms–trust me on this, I know! My stomach is the last place to lose weight as well. You have to continue to work your entire body and eat healthy and lose weight and eventually your stomach will start to go down. Food is so important when it comes to the hard to lose areas in your body because no matter how much you exercise if you aren’t eating right it shows. Weight training is much easier to get into than you think and I have a post on my site about weight training that I recommend taking a look at. I will also be adding beginner lessons on how to properly start a weight training regimen in your own home–and it won’t only consist of barbells either! Running is something that you have to develop slowly–if you never ran and then you just start out then yes, there can be injury. Keep up your walking routine, but challenge your self by speeding up a bit. For example if you walk a mile in an hour, try to walk that same mile in 45 minutes. Gradual development of momentum will gear you towards jogging and then eventually going all out on a run. Don’t get discouraged, you definitely can reach your goal. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me.


  3. What awesomeness!!!! I created a vision statement for my life last month but i dont recall if it included my weightloss goals!! I will WRITE one to include my goals and share w/ the GOC’ers as well as the one i’ve already written. This is a great idea!!


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