Sleep and Weight-Loss


*tee hee* Wei took this picture a while ago. I remembered it and thought that it would be cute for this post:).

You know, ever since I started Hairscapades, I’ve been pulling some serious late nights. I am a lightweight when it comes to sleep and am usually in bed by 10 pm, 11 at the latest. I mean, seriously, I’ve fallen asleep in clubs, at musical performances and at birthday parties on a stage couch (sorry baby;) when that clocks get a little too far beyond my bedtime. But lately, I find myself not hitting the sack until 12, 1 or even 2 am!!! I’m up working on posts, responding to comments or checking out other hair sites! Now, don’t get me wrong … I LOVE doing it! If I didn’t, you better believe I would be in bed in the blink of an eye … in fact, my ability to stay up that late, makes me realize how much I love it! But, I know that continually going to bed that late to wake up at 6 am is not good for my mental acuity, focus, health, metabolism or weight maintenance goals.

So, given that many of us GOCers have weight loss/maintenance goals, I decided I wanted to do a post on the one thing that many of us tend to forget is soooo important. We all know that we need to exercise and eat healthy foods in the right amounts in order to lose weight and achieve better health. However, too often we forget one of the most important and simplest (though to some, most challenging) things we need to do, GET ENOUGH SLEEP!!

via The Huffington Post:

Obesity is epidemic, and has many causes. One of them is that the average nights’ sleep has dropped from nine hours a night to six and three-quarters hours a night over the last hundred years, and sleep is responsible for many weight and appetite controlling hormones, such as growth hormone, leptin, phrelin and ghrelin. So can you really sleep your way to skinny? Many sleep studies suggest you can.

How much sleep is optimal for staying thin? Between seven and nine hours is best. Less than seven hours increases the risk of obesity approximately 30 percent and adds an extra five pounds on average.

In addition, many studies reveal that lack of sleep depresses your metabolism, which can decrease the value of your exercise routine and a controlled diet.

via MSNBC:

Sleep deprivation makes the day drag and appears to put a drag on metabolism too, causing the body to use less energy, according to a European study.

The results, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, add to evidence that sleep loss can promote weight gain — not just by boosting hunger but also by slowing the rate at which calories are burned.

via Science Daily:

Chronic sleep loss can reduce the capacity of even young adults to perform basic metabolic functions such as processing and storing carbohydrates or regulating hormone secretion, report researchers from the University of Chicago Medical Center in the October 23 issue of The Lancet. Cutting back from the standard eight down to four hours of sleep each night produced striking changes in glucose tolerance and endocrine function — changes that resembled the effects of advanced age or the early stages of diabetes — after less than one week.

Finally, it’s important to remember that sleep plays a crucial part in the body’s ability to recover from exercise, repair muscle and metabolize calories and nutrients.


Rest is one of the most important principles of exercise and often the most overlooked. Bodybuilders often look to change the amount of weight they lift or number of reps they perform during their workouts. What many of them don’t realize is that the muscle adaptation, or growth, they’re looking for is actually occurring during this crucial recovery process following their workout.

During this suspended state of animation, your body is doing exactly what you’ve been begging it to do ever since you lifted that first dumbbell: build muscle. But if you’re one of the millions of Americans who don’t get enough sleep, you need to take a good look at just how much your sleeping habits can affect your body’s own muscle-building potential.

So remember, it is equally as important (if not more) to include 7-9 hours of sleep in your weight loss and/or general health and fitness regimens to ensure a strong metabolism, high energy levels, promote internal health and ensure that you will reap the benefits of your exercise and diet routines!


Are you getting enough sleep every night?

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  1. UH OH…I known this but do I do it…..HECK NO….Its hard squezzing in 2 jobs one I commute 45 mins each there and back, full time scholl commute 2 days 45 mins from my job and 35 minutes to my home, wedding planning, and the host of other things women do in 17 hours(when you take out the 7 hours for sleep)….WHEW I need an extra 10 hours in the day to complete the things I need to complete.


  2. yes sleep is much importante 🙂 I get 7-8 hours a day. On the weekends I get 9-10. You have to pace yourself so you don’t burn out. When I first started blogging I burned out quickly trying to post every day. Then I realized, “who says you have to post dail?” As long as you post regularly and set the expectation, that’s what counts. Now, I do post daily on my Special Mom Space blog. However, on Radiant Brown Beauty, It’s only Mon, Wed and Fri. That’s it. My body or schedule can’t handle much more. Also, shorter posts from time to time help. Everything doesn’t have to be 800 words LOL.

    I create most of my posts on Sunday since that’s my “rest” day lol. isn’t that funny? I do actually get rest though 🙂 That’s because also write throughout the week while at work lol hey I get down time. Especially, when my boss is on vacation! That’s when I go for it. I’ll write 3-4 posts on a day he’s out. (hope he never reads this LOL)


  3. LOL@ Miss. Leah.

    Matoya, you can’t keep burning the candle at both ends or you’ll burn out! Believe me, I know! But seriously, how many hours of sleep are you getting? Even if you just try adding in an hour if you are getting less than 6, it would be better than nothing!

    Michelle, I do write some short posts ;)!! My “Random/Things I Like” tend to be short and a couple others. And now, I have others submit. I just know that I like sites that have a couple posts a day and some meat to them. It’s nice to have a mix of the two. Quick posts and those with some “depth” to them. At least, that’s my preference, so that’s what I try to deliver. I’ve been trying to get some posts together over the weekend, but usually am only able to crank out 2 or 3. But, I do need to get to bed earlier!! I was up past midnight again last night! In fact, it may have been 1!! So, I talk a good game, but still haven’t followed my own advice! I know better though!! And, when you know better, you do better, right :)?!


    • Why don’t you put up a page for people to submit guest posts? That way you won’t have to do it all yourself 🙂 You know how CN does it. That way your brain can rest and all you gotta do is copy and paste LOL


      • I have the HairStory page to solicit guest posts and have done a couple of posts for it. A few people have sent me stuff too, like Chandra and Marsha and Michelle. But, I should make a page, “Share Your Hairscapades” or something, eh?


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