GOC Roll Call and Check-In!


Where my GOC ladies at?!?! (Woof, do you know how much it pains me to write that? I avoid dangling prepositions in writing at all costs. You see, I couldn’t even just write it without ensuring that you all understood it was for effect only … which has now been ruined. Oh well, sorry for the ramble).

Seriously, what’s up guys? How are you all doing at the tail end of week two in regard to following your regimens and working toward your goals? Me? Well, the hair stuff is going well. I used my ol’ standbys and was in protective styles all week, most of which you’ve seen. My diet has been good with another planned splurge yesterday as I had a work dinner (which I spent mostly talking about Hairscapades because all the ladies were interested in it! It was HEE-larious … and AWESOME! LOL!=). I had a Shirley Temple (Yes!! I drink Shirley Temples … I usually only drink water and coffee), a variety of hors d’oeuvres (which included two “pigs in blankets” … mmmm, so good, but so horrendous), lobster with shrimp, steak, a scoop of ice cream with fresh whipped cream and raspberries, 2 chocolate chip cookies (I also had two earlier in the day … *smh*) and a petite piece of strawberry cake. Wow, it all seems so much worse writing it down!!  Buuuuut, I was really good throughout the week, despite being hit with immense junk food cravings. I was at the candy bowl at work on Wednesday and forced myself to walk away, went to the grocery store after work and had a pack of Reeses cups in my hand at the register, which I made myself put down. I was only able to resist because I knew I’d be indulging my taste buds and inner sugar fiend on Friday!! But, my major fail is that I only did hot yoga one day this week (you know how that ended; if not, check out the gory details here) and my Abs of Steel two days, despite blogging every day! But, next week is another chance to get it right!!

So yup, that was my GOC Week 2.  How was yours?

(If you have a pic or two that you’d like to share, e-mail them to hairscapades@gmail.com and I’ll add them to the post! Just name them with your GOC name, plus the number of the pic [i.e. If I sent in 2 pics, I’d name the first one shelli1 and the second shelli2].)

GOCer Status Pics

29. Stephanie (Fifth Wave)

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  1. So far I’ve started doing pilates with my resistance band.its pretty easy but you feel it afterwards. My boyfriend is joining me on this fitness journey. We cut out fast-food last week. My biggest challenge will be eating enough. School starts in a week and I will be doing intense physical activity daily. As far as my hair goes, I decided to go back my protective style of choice which are twists.I wore them for a week and today I’m wearing a twist out bun.my mom is going to braid my hair for school which is easily a two week style 🙂 September is the six month mark of my last trim so ill probably flatiron and trim my hair then.I’m excited to see my progress.


  2. I haven’t added fitness to my regimen much at all but I am changing that this week starting with kicking soda to the curb. I’m going to increase my water intake. I did it during a skin care challenge I ran but then fell off at the end.

    I’ve also been walking for a thing at work where I will get $200 if I walk 430,000 steps (tracking on a pedometer) by some time in September.

    For hair, I’ve had protective styles 6 out of 7 days, experienced some broken hairs like never before, did an Aphogee and voila back on track.

    Yesterday, I purchased some Zizyphus (sp?) to help restore some of my curl and make my hair thicker. I’ll post the update with pics when I do it next week. That’s all I go.


  3. Ive been doing pretty good with my hair routine. I’ve been wearing it up to keep from touching it and to avoid overmanipulation. As for the weight loss part….ummmm….errrr…..yeah lol I did do my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd twice this week and worked out four days last week. But pms began to rear her ugly head causing my snack consumption to be ridiculous….but as stated next week is a new week!!!


  4. I’ve been eating a little better and for some odd but great reason, I actually lost about 2-3 pounds. I say it’s odd because I haven’t exercised much. In any event, I’m quite estatic. As far as my hair it’s currently in my pinned up style. I wish I could upload pics directly to this blog. I’ve seen on other blogs where you can upload pictures. I kind of haven’t been on Naturally curly blog much.


    • I know! bglhonline has that capability, but I have no idea how! You guys can e-mail me a pic and I can add them to the post though! Just limit it to one or two pics though and name them with your first name plus the number of the pic (i.e. If I sent in 2 pics, I’d name the first one shelli1 and the second shelli2). I should add that to the post. If I figure out a way you can upload them directly to the comments, I’ll let you know! But, I doubt that’s a WordPress capability.

      And, sounds like we are all in the same boat so far for week two!! We are doing well with our hair regimens, but so-so with our diets and exercise=)! And isn’t that the most awesome thing Marsha? Losing weight when you aren’t doing anything is like finding money in your pockets on wash day! FREE MONEY!! Not really, but it feels like it! LOL!!!


  5. “Roll Call 1, 2, Roll Call 3, 4, Roll Call 1, 2, 3, 4”

    Hey Ladies! I eliminated fast food from my diet these past 2 weeks…no easy feat as I am ADDICTED to Mickey D’s french fries…sigh…I actually had a moment or two when I stood in front of theose glistening golden arches and had to talk myself down from the ledge. Hair. A tad bit on the dry side possibly from my recent highlighting so I am planning on doing an overnight pre-poo tonight and a deep condish tomorrow. I have rocked a bun for the last two weeks and plan on continuing to bun through September. In October I am going to get my hair corn rowed and will be rocking ‘my rows’ with some fierce and fly hats from Threadmill (OMG they are starting to post the fall hats) and from Hatsome (sp?). @Michelle: Ok so my inner PJ just stopped in her tracks…umm what pray tell is Zizyphus????!!!! DO TELL!


  6. @ Chanda: I really feel you on that snack consumption during the monthly issues. Not only do I snack like a kid who loves cake but I cannot exercise at all during these times. Ugggh! What is a GOC’er to do? 🙂

    @ Etoile: Those golden arches will have you mesmerized every time. I have tried to stay away from fast food as well and I can say I’ve done a pretty good job at it and I see you have as well. Good job!

    Well as for me and my hair regimen, I am still sticking with it. I am pre-pooing as I type. I think I am going to try two strand twists foro the first time. I sure hope it works. I am not sure what, if anything, I can do with these roots but I suppose this is going to be a trial and error type of thing. Let’s see how it goes ladies.

    Working out??? Not really but I have been eating much better. As far as my diet is concerned, this has been the best week ever. I have DEFINITELY kept up with my water regimen and I am EXTREMELY excited. No easy feat ladies. I don’t like water but for my hair, skin and overall health, I vow to drink as much as possible.

    I will be working out very soon.

    Good luck ladies and keep up with the good work. Much luv!!!

    Let’s grow!!!


  7. This week I was very good! I exercised 5 days this week and ate very healthy. Except….for today! I went to a house warming and there was so many delicious appetizers and spanish food I could not resist. I look at this as a well just reward.

    As for my hair, it has been in twist all week. I have been stalking Shelli’s updo pages to get ideas on how to style them. Twist can become boring, so I must get creative with them or they will drive me crazy.

    Keep up the good work everyone!
    Blessed Growing!


  8. I got my hair braided last week an they will be in until october. I’ve fallen off the fittness wagon cause iv had traing at work,and haven’t had time to go to the gym at lunch. But I have been consuming more vegatables this week and cut out the soda.


  9. Hey Ladies! Well I’m coming up on my one month BC anniversary on Aug. 15! I’m loving my hair and it has grown a lot in just a month’s time, so overall it seems I’m doing something right. I’ve learned that I MUST stick with my night time regimen, otherwise my hair is dry the next morning and breaks a little. Also, I have to cover my hair with my satin cap ASAP in the evening, otherwise I can’t keep my hands out of my head; which I know can also cause breakage (I like feeling all my little curls. I think it’s kind of relaxing to me).

    I discovered the Tangle Teaser. After, purchasing it I ran across some negative reviews about it causing breakage; however I LOVE how it makes my head feel and better defines my curls. So I inspect it every single time I use it, to check for how much hair is left in it. I’m happy to report I get maybe 2 or 3 strands (a little obsessive, huh?). I used Kimmaytube’s leave in the first week and went back to my plain leave-in the second (I was being a tad lazy about making more).

    My hair challenge right now is that my edges are definitely growing in thinner than the rest of my hair (I’ll send Shelli a couple of pics). At first I was using Dr. Miracle’s Temple & Nape Gro Balm on one side of my head and BB Super Gro on the other, to see which worked better. After some additional research, I learned that castor oil helped a number of ladies with the same issue. So given I already have some for my Kimmaytube leave-in and I know that is healthier for my hair than the previous two I mentioned, I’m now going with the castor oil. If you ladies have a better suggestion – I’m all ears!

    Now my diet and exercise regimen have been the worse I’ve had in a LONG time and my body is beginning to show it! About the only thing I’ve kept up is taking my hair and multi-vitamins before bed and getting on average 7 hrs. of sleep each night (for a night owl this is huge). I’m not necessarily trying to lose any weight (well I wasn’t), I just want to tone up and overall maintain a healthy d&e regimen period. So I’ve promised myself I’ll be getting up in the morning to exercise and start my week off right; though getting back on my TurboFire routine is going to kick my tail! I am traveling to Portland this week but that’s no excuse not to workout – the DVDs are portable and can be played from my computer (see I know better, I just need to act better ;-).

    Whew! Did I ramble or what! Just one more thing – how do I do a length check on my TWA? It’s grown but I’m not sure how to capture how much in a picture (it doesn’t help that I’m rarely in the mood take them). OK! Time to get some shut eye! I have a promise to keep!

    Keep up the great growth ladies!


    • Hey you can make a batch of the Kimmaytube and keep it in the fridge. That’s what I do and it works great. Plus the fact that its cold when you apply to your hair, it helps seal the cuticle 🙂


  10. Kish Kish checkin in…. Hair regimen has been going wonderfully but I still haven’t been able to get it going with the exercising. I think I’m going to forgo the thought of doing hip hop abs and just stick w/ what I know which is line dancing. I know I can get at least two classes a week. This week I will be in a flexi rod set at least for 3 days. I’m enjoying this challenge ladies!!! We can do it!!


  11. Okay, it’s late, but it’s great to hear about the progress and the challenges of the week from all of you lovely ladies!! I’m going to read all of these again tomorrow to comment a little more! And, if anyone has a question for the “Got Skills?” series, please e-mail it to me at hairscapades (at) gmail (dot) com. Hope to hear from more of our challengers this week!


  12. Hi Everyone! I seem to be experiencing the same issues as most of you, with falling off the fitness wagon as a result of, um… yeah… the monthly cravings and such. I felt very fatigued last week and my energy levels were rock bottom so I didn’t exercise at all. I also gave in to my cravings which was a big mistake according to my scale. I’ve learned I lose to much ground if I allow myself a cheat day during the weekend, and have to get the cravings under control. It’s like a beast taking over me!

    As for the hair- I henna/glossed last week (I don’t know why I stopped, I love how my hair feels afterwards). This weekend I did a full hair pampering/conditioning routine. I’ve noticed my ends are starting to improve with my nightly moisturizing regimen, which makes me ecstatic. Have a fabulous week everyone!


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