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GOC Roll Call and Check-In!


Where my GOC ladies at?!?! (Woof, do you know how much it pains me to write that? I avoid dangling prepositions in writing at all costs. You see, I couldn’t even just write it without ensuring that you all understood it was for effect only … which has now been ruined. Oh well, sorry for the ramble).

Seriously, what’s up guys? How are you all doing at the tail end of week two in regard to following your regimens and working toward your goals? Me? Well, the hair stuff is going well. I used my ol’ standbys and was in protective styles all week, most of which you’ve seen. My diet has been good with another planned splurge yesterday as I had a work dinner (which I spent mostly talking about Hairscapades because all the ladies were interested in it! It was HEE-larious … and AWESOME! LOL!=). I had a Shirley Temple (Yes!! I drink Shirley Temples … I usually only drink water and coffee), a variety of hors d’oeuvres (which included two “pigs in blankets” … mmmm, so good, but so horrendous), lobster with shrimp, steak, a scoop of ice cream with fresh whipped cream and raspberries, 2 chocolate chip cookies (I also had two earlier in the day … *smh*) and a petite piece of strawberry cake. Wow, it all seems so much worse writing it down!!  Buuuuut, I was really good throughout the week, despite being hit with immense junk food cravings. I was at the candy bowl at work on Wednesday and forced myself to walk away, went to the grocery store after work and had a pack of Reeses cups in my hand at the register, which I made myself put down. I was only able to resist because I knew I’d be indulging my taste buds and inner sugar fiend on Friday!! But, my major fail is that I only did hot yoga one day this week (you know how that ended; if not, check out the gory details here) and my Abs of Steel two days, despite blogging every day! But, next week is another chance to get it right!!

So yup, that was my GOC Week 2.  How was yours?

(If you have a pic or two that you’d like to share, e-mail them to hairscapades@gmail.com and I’ll add them to the post! Just name them with your GOC name, plus the number of the pic [i.e. If I sent in 2 pics, I’d name the first one shelli1 and the second shelli2].)

GOCer Status Pics

29. Stephanie (Fifth Wave)


ideeli Red Sale!!


Ooooh girls, they are having a massive Red Sale over at ideeli!! If you remember, this is where I purchased my RaVon convertible dresses. There are tons of things on sale and I am seriously crushing on the sandals that all seem to be under $50  (the Joe’s Jeans Lovely sandal above is normally $185 and is on sale for $28!!) So, if you’re interested, hurry up and head on over here*because this sales only last for 1 day and items sell out VERY quickly!!  

(*In the interest of full disclosure, wanted to let you all know that this is a personal invite link, which gives me a credit of $25 if you purchase from ideeli. If you already signed up for the site, then you can access as you normally would.  Thank you!!)