New Nubian Twists?


Okay, so you know I’ve been thinking and talking about twists a lot lately. I’ve been planning on doing a set on my hair, but just haven’t had the time nor the inclination to actually do them. Well, the other day I was checking out one of the sites that Deiadre indicated that she follows, Naturally Leslie. I came across this old post where Leslie had these gorgeous two strand twists “extensions.” OMG!!! I fell in love with them and even more so when I saw how they “aged” in this post where she provided an update on the style.

So, I started to seriously think about getting twists installed in the Fall (after the DC Meet-Up, of course;)! I haven’t had braided extensions in close to a decade because, although I love not worrying about my hair for 6-8 weeks, I hate the installation process! Eight to twelve hours in a salon is NOT how I want to spend any of my Saturdays. I also don’t trust braiding salons as many braiders are too rough on natural hair, use horrible detangling techniques (“What do you think you are doing with that fine tooth comb?”), braid too tightly (especially around the hairline where the hair is the most fragile!) and want to “clip” and burn off your hair to make the braids “look nice.” Listen, I don’t care how “nice” it looks, you ain’t burning or cutting my hair to make some synthetic braids “neat!!” Also, a lot of places look at you crazy when you show up with as much hair as I have (even though my hair isn’t thick, I have a decent amount of it and it’s long).

But then, I remembered that my sister takes my niece to someone that she trusts to braid her hair, who is gentle and who doesn’t braid too tightly. You see, my sister is very cognizant of the damage that can be done by too tight braids and has herself removed braids the same day because they made her scalp bleed … literally. So, for the first couple years of my niece’s toddler years, I was the only one who cornrowed her hair. But, my sister needed someone more readily accessible and eventually found a stylist that she trusts with my niece’s head and hair. So, that’s where I think I’ll go if I get them done.

As I started seriously contemplating the twists thing, I also had to think about the type of hair I would use. As my texture is mostly pretty smooth and shiny, I knew the “kinky” twist hair wouldn’t blend well and I would be concerned with matting, locing, knots, tangles and friction damage as my youngest sister experienced this when she had kinky twists years ago. I loved Leslie’s hair in the post and she mentioned that the hair used by the salon was called Nafy. So, I started googling to try to identify it. Well, I found this site and think that this hair will be perfect to match the appearance of mine, but make the twists plump and full because the hair is curlier.

The hair is called “New Nubian Twist” and what I especially like is what the bag indicates at the top: “Soft smooth and incredibly light weight, twist easily without hurting finger, won’t cut or damage natural hair, new anti-tangle fiber.” THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Now, what do you think the problem is? Yeah, I can’t find it on the ground, so will probably have to order it online and it’s not cheap ($9.99 a bag!). Also, I sent a message via the “contact” option as I have no idea how many bags I would need and I also want to know how long the hair is as it’s not listed. Although it looks short, the hair is really coily, so stretched I suspect it would be the length of my hair with a blowout. I’m aiming for shoulder length, full, layered twists. I found this online retailer that sells the hair too, but it’s almost $1 more a bag (the wholesale price is $8 though … hmmm, how can I get it at that price? UPDATE: It’s actually $6 a bag at the wholesale price! And, I can get that price by ordering $150 worth of any combo of hair. If you’re interested in purchasing hair from this site, please let me know in the comments below. I could order it and then send it at the wholesale cost of the hair plus S&H! But, they are sold out right now! I called and was told that they should be re-stocked in about two weeks *sigh.*

Anywho, the final thing I thought about was you guys!! I was like, “Wow, will the ladies be heated with me for getting twists because they’ve come to expect styles and product reviews from me on my own hair?” It’s odd for me to actually think about anyone else other than myself when it comes to what I do with my hair! But, I seriously thought, “Will I be disappointing them?”

So, what say you? Have you ever worn twists with extensions? If so, how did you like them? Would you do them again? Would I disappoint you if I got them for a couple of months=)? I promise, I’ll still demonstrate styling options and products, just on/with twists ;)!! 


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  1. Go ahead girl do you. Just be careful of your hairline/edges.( You are ) gonna have to get them long though based on the length of your hair. I can’t wait to see the results.


  2. I love twists and braids! I’ve had both once. I just really don’t have the patience. I don’t know how you do and your hair is almost 2x the length of mine! The only problem with you getting these twists is, you’re gonna make all of your readers want to go and get them as well! Well…maybe just me. Did the henna make your hair thicker????


    • Deiadre, henna didn’t make my hair look thicker overall, in my opinion. BUT, it did thicken the strands. When my hair sheds, I can actually see the thickness change from the hair near the root through the length of the strand! I think the reason my hair doesn’t look more voluminous is because because the henna loosened my curls so my hair hangs rather than poofs because it’s not so curly.


  3. I thought about getting twists this winter but I didn’t know what kind of hair to use. I think i’ll go for the afro puffy twist hair because it looks more natural for me. thanks for the post:)


  4. Thanks guys!! Marsha, I WILL!! I’m going to ask them to cornrow the front back a little before letting them hang and the nape hair up. That way, the fine hair around my temples and nape with be secure against my scalp and won’t have the weight of the extensions hanging and twisting, causing them to pull out my hair! I’ll definitely keep you guys updated if/when I get them!


  5. Hey Lady! I’m new to the natural community (exactly one month since my BC on 8/15 – yay!) but wouldn’t your twist be considered a protective style? If so, it would seem like it fits right in with our GOC, so how could we be disappointed?! 😉 My vote is to go for it, as long as you’re able to keep your beautiful locks healthy, of course.


  6. When I went to get my braids done they asked me what was wrong with me ?? I said I want my hair braided 1. so I wont have to do my hair and 2. so I can keep my hands out of it. They agreed but charged me and extra 25.00 cause it was past shoulder legnth. Im going to keep these in util people start talking about me lol. prob until october my home comming is comming up so Im going to keep it real for the haters lol.

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    • Hahahaha! I have a feeling that that is the reaction I’m going to get. I didn’t get a response to the message I sent to the one seller asking how long the hair is. I wonder if it even went through. I’ll have to try to send it again. I have a feeling that I’d have to have the hair added halfway down the braid. Send me pics of your braids or let me know if I can snag the ones in your FB album.


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  9. Hello,

    I live in New Jersey and very interested in getting the New Nubian Twist. Can not the hair in the Newark area alone with someone to do it. I was trying to get it done this weekend… Any help anyone can give me would be truly appriecated.



    • Hi Melody,

      I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. In regard to the hair, it’s only available online from what I know. I actually ended up ordering the Afro puffy twist hair, rather than the New Nubian Twist. Oh, wait!!! I just remembered!! The salon that I went to in Maplewood had the New Nubian Twist hair there!!! Maybe you can get an appointment with them to get it done this weekend? Did you see my post yesterday? If not, here it is and the link to the braiding salon (Braids ‘R Us) is in it so that you can get their number, address and confirm that they have the hair.

      Hope that helps!


  10. Hello, I have been searching hiigh and loow for this hair with no luck 😦 by any chance caan you give me the site of where to purchase or maaybe do you have 2 burgandy packs avaliable? Thanks so much!!!


  11. I have been wearing braids for many years and want to get the Nubian twists if course I have the same problem I can’t find the hair, help


  12. Living in Corpus Christi Texas is rough on hair if you wasn’t born there. I’ve been wearing braids for many years, I don’t use perms. I love kinky twists, but after 5 years it’s time for Nubian Twists.9


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  14. hello,
    my name is Mimi and I would like to purchase the new Nubian twist in bulk ,I also sell hair .
    please send me more info at mireilled200@
    thank you


      • I was told this type of hair want be best to do Havana twist. But I research and show that they have a hair that good for Havana twist. I will be willing to order a dozen pack if you can get access to it.
        I would want 6 #4, 6#30.
        Please let me know. Thank you


    • @Juanita and others, you can find the hair on Also, it’s likely to be available at your local beauty supply store, but if not, definitely on



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