Another Banana Clip Updo


Seriously, the banana clip is probably one of the most versatile styling tools in my collection and it’s so easy to use! This is how I wore my hair yesterday as it was too late and I was too tired to put it back in twists on Wednesday night. Instead, I just put my hair in a low folded ponytail with a satin scrunchie, threw on a satin bonnet and hit the sack. In the morning, I took a little Eco Styler gel mixed with shea butter, used my hands to smooth down my edges with the combo, tied on a satin scarf and threw on my shower cap. I hopped in the shower and took care of business. When I was done and ready for my hair, I removed the satin scarf to reveal smoothed edges. Next, I made a little poof with the front middle section of my hair and used a mini jaw clip similar to the ones below to secure it.

Then, I smoothed my hair into a ponytail, between high and medium height, and secured the banana clip around it with the top edge almost touching the mini jaw clip. My hair looked similar to how it does here.

Once this was done, finishing the look was as simple as gathering my loose ends, rolling them together a little, and then tucking the hair and securing it at the nape of my neck with a couple of bobby pins (Oh yeah, I took a little bit of hair from the top right and brought it around to the left side to cover the top of the banana clip first). Finally, I adorned with two of my DIY orchid hair clips (I did tie it down again with my satin scarf for the drive to work).

So yeah, I was kind of digging this look. It was nothing fancy, but it was easy, quick and neat. I’ll have to see what other “non-traditional” styling options I can come up with for the banana clip in its “traditional” placement.


I’m renewing my call for Style Tutorials here! If you have a great style, banana clip of no, please share! People are getting tired of only seeing me! 😉

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  1. Nice style again! Looovvveeee the orchid hair accessories. I always feel like my hair looks stupid with flowers in it, but it looks cute on everyone else. Maybe because I wear scrubs everyday. *shrugs*


  2. I’m looking forward to the simple banana clip styles too. I do love putting my hair in it except for one problem. I get sore spots every now and then (and no I’m not putting it really tight).


  3. Rece, I could definitely see big flowers not working with scrubs=). But, try smaller flowers, they are more subtle but still give that little bit of flare=).

    Michelle, do you leave it in or take it out at night? I tend to take it out and redo the next morning, otherwise my head can get sore. Also, sometimes, though I’m not putting it in tightly, it catches a hair in a place that pulls, so I have to re-set it or my head will get sore or I’ll get a headache.


    • Oh no i’d never leave it in. I always let my hair loose under a satin bonnet unless I’m wearing a satin scrunchie. I sometimes redo when I catch a hair too. I always get a sore spot though. how about i had one that was just awful. I didn’t even know until I washed my hair and went to massage the front of my right temple and it was so painful. Regardless, my hair is not thinning or pulling that I can see so I’m still rocking my ‘nana clip 🙂 As a matter of fact, it’s Saturday and I’m about to get ready for church now. Guess what I’m rockin’?


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