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New Nubian Twists?


Okay, so you know I’ve been thinking and talking about twists a lot lately. I’ve been planning on doing a set on my hair, but just haven’t had the time nor the inclination to actually do them. Well, the other day I was checking out one of the sites that Deiadre indicated that she follows, Naturally Leslie. I came across this old post where Leslie had these gorgeous two strand twists “extensions.” OMG!!! I fell in love with them and even more so when I saw how they “aged” in this post where she provided an update on the style.

So, I started to seriously think about getting twists installed in the Fall (after the DC Meet-Up, of course;)! I haven’t had braided extensions in close to a decade because, although I love not worrying about my hair for 6-8 weeks, I hate the installation process! Eight to twelve hours in a salon is NOT how I want to spend any of my Saturdays. I also don’t trust braiding salons as many braiders are too rough on natural hair, use horrible detangling techniques (“What do you think you are doing with that fine tooth comb?”), braid too tightly (especially around the hairline where the hair is the most fragile!) and want to “clip” and burn off your hair to make the braids “look nice.” Listen, I don’t care how “nice” it looks, you ain’t burning or cutting my hair to make some synthetic braids “neat!!” Also, a lot of places look at you crazy when you show up with as much hair as I have (even though my hair isn’t thick, I have a decent amount of it and it’s long).

But then, I remembered that my sister takes my niece to someone that she trusts to braid her hair, who is gentle and who doesn’t braid too tightly. You see, my sister is very cognizant of the damage that can be done by too tight braids and has herself removed braids the same day because they made her scalp bleed … literally. So, for the first couple years of my niece’s toddler years, I was the only one who cornrowed her hair. But, my sister needed someone more readily accessible and eventually found a stylist that she trusts with my niece’s head and hair. So, that’s where I think I’ll go if I get them done.

As I started seriously contemplating the twists thing, I also had to think about the type of hair I would use. As my texture is mostly pretty smooth and shiny, I knew the “kinky” twist hair wouldn’t blend well and I would be concerned with matting, locing, knots, tangles and friction damage as my youngest sister experienced this when she had kinky twists years ago. I loved Leslie’s hair in the post and she mentioned that the hair used by the salon was called Nafy. So, I started googling to try to identify it. Well, I found this site and think that this hair will be perfect to match the appearance of mine, but make the twists plump and full because the hair is curlier.

The hair is called “New Nubian Twist” and what I especially like is what the bag indicates at the top: “Soft smooth and incredibly light weight, twist easily without hurting finger, won’t cut or damage natural hair, new anti-tangle fiber.” THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Now, what do you think the problem is? Yeah, I can’t find it on the ground, so will probably have to order it online and it’s not cheap ($9.99 a bag!). Also, I sent a message via the “contact” option as I have no idea how many bags I would need and I also want to know how long the hair is as it’s not listed. Although it looks short, the hair is really coily, so stretched I suspect it would be the length of my hair with a blowout. I’m aiming for shoulder length, full, layered twists. I found this online retailer that sells the hair too, but it’s almost $1 more a bag (the wholesale price is $8 though … hmmm, how can I get it at that price? UPDATE: It’s actually $6 a bag at the wholesale price! And, I can get that price by ordering $150 worth of any combo of hair. If you’re interested in purchasing hair from this site, please let me know in the comments below. I could order it and then send it at the wholesale cost of the hair plus S&H! But, they are sold out right now! I called and was told that they should be re-stocked in about two weeks *sigh.*

Anywho, the final thing I thought about was you guys!! I was like, “Wow, will the ladies be heated with me for getting twists because they’ve come to expect styles and product reviews from me on my own hair?” It’s odd for me to actually think about anyone else other than myself when it comes to what I do with my hair! But, I seriously thought, “Will I be disappointing them?”

So, what say you? Have you ever worn twists with extensions? If so, how did you like them? Would you do them again? Would I disappoint you if I got them for a couple of months=)? I promise, I’ll still demonstrate styling options and products, just on/with twists ;)!! 


Big Chop: Rece’s HairStory


Check out the HairStory of Rece, one of our Hairscapades GOCers, who just recently big chopped!


Describe yourself in 20 words or less.
My name is Sherece, Rece for short. I’m a Registered Nurse by day and natural hair junkie by night.

What prompted your decision to go natural?
I was the girl who said I would never go natural. I was addicted to the creamy crack. Even before my hair was relaxed, I loved straight hair. I would always beg my mother to blow dry my hair straight as I was growing up. Ultimately, I decided to go natural because the relaxer was killing my hair. It had gotten so thin, it was unrecognizable to me. Yeah, my strands of hair looked healthy, but there were just so few of them.

I originally didn’t decide to go natural. I just said I was taking an extended break from relaxing. After about 6 months without a relaxer, I decided (in my mind) to go natural. I didn’t tell anyone, just in case I decided to go back on my word.

I’m super happy with my decision to go natural and now I still have the option to straighten my hair or wear it curly. The versatility is everything to me!

How long did you transition before you big chopped?
16.5 loooonnnnggg months.

When and how did you big chop?
I just big chopped on July 22, 2011. I did it myself, in my bathroom with a pair of scissors. My natural hair and relaxed hair were so defined and completely different that it was easy to see exactly where to cut. I consider it a big chop because I cut off almost half of my hair. I know many people only consider it a big chop if you’re left with a caesar when the cutting is done, but let’s be real… it wasn’t a trim.

How did you feel immediately before and immediately after your big chop?
Immediately before my big chop, I kept trying to imagine myself with short hair. I tried to imagine the styles I would have. I’ve never had short hair before, so not only would I be adjusting to my natural texture, but I’d be adjusting to a new length. Once I made up my mind to big chop, I was ready for it.

I expected to miss the length of my hair after I cut it, but I can honestly say that I don’t miss it. I absolutely love long hair and I’m not planning to keep my hair short, but I’d rather have short hair for a period of time so that I can have long, HEALTHY hair. As soon as I put the scissors down, I thought it looked great. It was standing up and it was wild.

How do you feel now?
No regrets! I feel fabulous. I’m still working on short, natural hairstyles. I’ve always been a big hair person, so it’s only a matter of time before I come up with a style that’s cute.

What is your current regimen? Go to products?
I wash my hair with a sulfate free shampoo. I’ve been using DevaCurl/DevaCare No Poo or Kinky Curly Come Clean. I condition my hair with either DevaCurl/DevaCare One Conditioner or Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner. I rinse the conditioner out completely under cold water. I apply Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in (if you haven’t tried this product yet, what are you waiting for?). I seal my hair with extra virgin olive oil or castor oil. I always sleep with my satin bonnet. I’ve learned that for my hair, less is more. My hair doesn’t need a ton of products and oils. When I start to do too much, my hair reacts. When I keep it simple, my hair feels its best.

What are your hair plans/goals?
Now that I’ve rid myself of the relaxed ends, my goal is “Waist length or bust!” like you! I can’t wait to have long, full, healthy hair. My short-term goal is shoulder length hair all around.

Do you have a hair crush? If so, who and why?
I have so many hair crushes, it’s hard to name just one! My celebrity hair crush is definitely Jill Scott. Her hair is amazing! Do you see how BIG it is?!

Who is your favorite natural blogger, youtuber and/or fotkier and why?
My favorite natural blogger is you Shelli! I love that you update daily. I feel like a stalker because we’re both up early and I usually comment right after you post. LOL.

My favorite YouTuber is TiaShauntee. She creates unique styles and has beautiful hair.

My favorite Fotkier is ForeverCurlyCatrina.  After I saw pics of her hair, I was inspired to cut off my relaxed ends. Her hair is just gorgeous no matter what she does with it.

Where can we find you online?

Anything else that you would like to add?
Thanks for the opportunity to share my stories and pics. Also, thanks for the encouragement and support over the past few months.

Transitioning isn’t easy, but it’s sooooo worth it.

Another Banana Clip Updo


Seriously, the banana clip is probably one of the most versatile styling tools in my collection and it’s so easy to use! This is how I wore my hair yesterday as it was too late and I was too tired to put it back in twists on Wednesday night. Instead, I just put my hair in a low folded ponytail with a satin scrunchie, threw on a satin bonnet and hit the sack. In the morning, I took a little Eco Styler gel mixed with shea butter, used my hands to smooth down my edges with the combo, tied on a satin scarf and threw on my shower cap. I hopped in the shower and took care of business. When I was done and ready for my hair, I removed the satin scarf to reveal smoothed edges. Next, I made a little poof with the front middle section of my hair and used a mini jaw clip similar to the ones below to secure it.

Then, I smoothed my hair into a ponytail, between high and medium height, and secured the banana clip around it with the top edge almost touching the mini jaw clip. My hair looked similar to how it does here.

Once this was done, finishing the look was as simple as gathering my loose ends, rolling them together a little, and then tucking the hair and securing it at the nape of my neck with a couple of bobby pins (Oh yeah, I took a little bit of hair from the top right and brought it around to the left side to cover the top of the banana clip first). Finally, I adorned with two of my DIY orchid hair clips (I did tie it down again with my satin scarf for the drive to work).

So yeah, I was kind of digging this look. It was nothing fancy, but it was easy, quick and neat. I’ll have to see what other “non-traditional” styling options I can come up with for the banana clip in its “traditional” placement.


I’m renewing my call for Style Tutorials here! If you have a great style, banana clip of no, please share! People are getting tired of only seeing me! 😉