Amla Update


So, a couple of days ago I posted about an experiment I did with amla. I’m attempting to determine if using amla as a paste on the lower half of my hair will restore curls lost to henna. Well, right now, I can’t really tell. See, I put my hair into four twists and so I’m not seeing the true curl pattern right now. I did think that my twists were plumping more than usual though. The other thing I noticed is that, when I released the twists when I got home Wednesday night, the set was VERY defined. I definitely think that this is a result of the amla as I’ve used DevaCare One as a leave-in before and my hair was softly defined, but very fluffy. Now, my waves feel “chiseled.” I like that the definition seems as if it will last. But, the thing is, my hair is looking very “piecey” and gappy, which I don’t like.

However, the “pieciness” may be a result of the additional products I’ve applied over the last couple of days. Specifically, after returning home from the play on Tuesday night (mind you, it poured and I sat outside in horrible humidity, but my hair was not overly frizzy), I layered Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee over JBCO, which was layered over a little DevaCurl Set It Free and put my hair back into four twists. I applied the products to the lower couple of inches of my hair because I’ve been a little concerned about my ends. I’ve been feeling more knots and seeing more splits than usual since the Rugged Maniac and two shampooing fiascos :(. So, I just want to make sure my ends are well lubricated (I typically don’t re-apply product more than once during a week).

Anywho, I definitely think I need to give this amla thing another try or two before I can fairly assess the results. I really need to do another henna though, so if I manage to do that this weekend, amla will have to wait another week.

On another note, check out my cute headband from Threadmill!! Dottie hooked me up!! And, not only did she give me this, she sent me two other headbands! I swear, she is the sweetest lady ever! If you haven’t been to her shop, definitely check it out and don’t forget to use coupon code: HAIRSCAPADES10 to get 10% off of your total order (excludes S&H). I can’t wait for her Fall hats!!

Okay, then I just started to play with my banana clip a little!

Fun, but it’ll probably be back in twists by the time you are all reading this!! I am so addicted to protective styling anymore! I just don’t like my hair distracting me while I’m at work and the added benefit is that those ends are protected from environmental and friction damage ;)!!


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  1. Your curls DO look more defined. Your hair looks very healthy and full. Love it!
    P.S. Thanks for making me miss my long hair again. This week I’ve missed it a lot for some reason. =(


    • Thanks Rece and, I’m sorry girl. Your hair will grow to staggering lengths before you even know it! You’ve got this thing down;-). I’m putting up your BC story for tomorrow … hmm, guess I better get to work on that now, eh? lol.


  2. I agree with Rece. Your curls are much more defined. Weird after just 2 uses? I can imagine what it will look like after about 5 or 6.

    My hair doesn’t define at all with a twists now 😦 I have to braid it or roll it all the way to get curls. We are talking major straight hair except the short hairs around my edges. This is definitely due to henna. Then again, my mom said that I have never had really curly hair. It’s always been just wavy so maybe I’ll never get a defined curl. If that’s OK, I can be satisfied with the fact that I have hair at all after all the relaxers and things I’ve done to my hair.

    so, where do you get Amla from? I am concerned about my ends too. I henna-ed this weekend and everything seemed good. I did a TnC which lasted 2 days then I bunned (post with pics on Monday). Here’s my issue. When I detangled with my fingers (I apply oil to help with slip), I noticed a few broken hairs.

    Anyway, will check out Threadmill when I have some $$. I paid all my debts off (except the car) so I’m keeping it that way this time.


    • Actually, it was only one use Michelle! I’m interested to see what will happen with 2 and 3. I got the amla from my local Indian grocer, Patel Brothers. It’s by Hesh and it’s like $2 a box and you can get multiple treatments out of the one box. As to the few broken hairs, girl, I get broken hairs now and again too. It’s just the nature of the beast ;-). Since my ends aren’t perfect and I do mini S&Ds every week to get rid of knots and splits, I know that I’m not getting them all and some will break off. As long as I don’t have a ton of little broken hairs with no roots (I have some short hairs that are shed, so those broke long ago, I guess) and I don’t see them on my clothes, I don’t worry. I figure, these ends are old and didn’t get all of the benefits of moisturizing and sealing and protective styling when they first sprouted=). So, they aren’t as well cared for during their life cycles as the hair growing for the last six months has been. So, there will be some sacrifices. But, as my hair grows and I continue with my regimen, it will get stronger and healthier. I think my breakage is minimal now and that it will only lessen as time goes on. However, I think a little breakage is inevitable. The longer the hair, the older and more fragile it is, and the more mechanical damage it’s experienced. So, I always keep that in mind and just work towards doing the best I can to protect it and limit the mechanical manipulation and damage of it. Now, when I hear hair popping? That’s when I worry! And, now, I almost never hear a hair pop.


      • LOL I freak when I hear a pop too.

        So, today I did an Aphogee. I have been wearing my hair up but today I took it down to detangle and low and behold I saw like 5 broken hairs on the back of my shirt and like 4 on the front.

        My Aphogee is probably 3 years old lol but whatever. I used it and it stinks like when I first bought it! I sealed and twisted my hair and am attempting your double bun tomorrow. We’ll see. I hope it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t dry all the way.


        • Mmmmm, yeah, and I just remembered that you said that you don’t shed much hair, so the broken hairs is what you are seeing. Are they small hairs or medium? Are you checking to make certain there isn’t any bulb? How does Aphogee work for you? You’ll never see me review a protein DC because those things make my hair hard and brittle. That was what I was most grateful for when I discovered CurlyNikki, it was the first time I ever heard of protein sensitivity and I was finally able to figure out why my hair reacted badly to some products!


          • My hair loves protein! The hairs were small, no bulbs. Def. breakage. The Aphogee makes your hair hard but it’s supposed to. After rinsing it out, I put HE HH to soften it up. Worked wonders. Even when I was rinsing I could feel the hair stronger. I have it up and will keep it that way

            Ohhh, I meant to ask you. Have you ever heard of Zizyphus? I bought some from Mehandi. I spoke to the customer rep on the phone and they said to use it instead of Amla since I was concerned about itching. It won’t change the hair color and can be used with Henna. It’s indicated for fine limp hair that needs the curl pattern restored as well. I’ll let you know how it works. I guess I can do a review of it.


  3. I was looking for that headband!!!!! lol. It’s so cute. I need to do some research on Alma and Henna. I have no knowledge on the subject but I can say your hair looks very healthy and moisturized.


    • Doh! LOL!! Yeah Kish, when I shared my post with her that indicated I had been eyeing it for months, she FB’d me and told me it was mine=). That’s why she is so awesome and I love being able to share her stuff with all of you!


  4. Thanks for the update. I do feel that Rece and Michelle are right your curls do seem to appear fuller. However, it seems to be a lot of factors playing into the results of your hair. I guess a few more tries and we will see true results.


    • I feel like it looks flatter … do you mean the waves/curls look deeper? If you guys mean that, I agree with you there. I did do some things differently, but I do think the amla was responsible for the “chiseled” feel as I’ve used the Qhemet before with JBCO and it was nothing like this. So yeah, going to give it a few more tries and then I’ll see what a WnG with the JessiCurl Confident Coils looks like. I can compare it to my pre-amla results!


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