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The Curvealicious Chronicles Giveaway Winner!


If you entered The Curvealicious Chronicles Giveaway Contest for some Dabur Vatika Hair Oil, the winners have been announced!!!  Head on over here to see if you’ve won!!


That’s Deep …


On WordPress, you get a Site Stats page which tells you when your website has been accessed from other sites/links. Well, a few days ago, I noticed I was getting a few referrals from this site. I clicked the link and … wha?!?! It was my entire post, pic included, on Breakage vs. New Hair … wait for it … translated in FRENCH!!!

Cheveux cassés ou cheveux qui poussent ?

Re !
Et oui, comme d’hab, quand le post est trop court, je reviens pour une deuxième session. Là, ça va être un court – enfin j’espère – et pratique.Comme pour mon cas, j’imagine qu’il vous est déjà arrivé à toutes de rester perplexe devant vos cheveux en constatant une petite touffe hirsute bien plus courte que le reste qui semble jaillir du cuir chevelu, nan ? Mais siiii, vous savez, ça ressemble à des cheveux de bébé, un peu comme ça…

Image du blog Hairscapades

I was like, “Whoah!” Now, some may have been annoyed that their blog was reposted without a request/permission. But, seriously, though the thought crossed my mind, I was too flattered to worry about it!

Curly on the Beat: Curly Nikki Meet-Up/NC


When I discovered my FB friend, Hair Crush and now Hairscapades GOCer, Jasmine, was attending the CurlyNikki Meet-Up in North Carolina, I immediately begged her for a write-up for the site! And, you know what? She enthusiastically agreed! So, here is a peek into the event from Jazz, our “Curly on the Beat;-)!!!”


by Jasmine aka CurlsDivine

I began my day by washing out my henna treatment, a deep condition and proceeded to compliment myself on my fierce flat twist-out. I was so nervous about my hair not turning out perfect for my grand meeting with CurlyNikki but, to my surprise, it was fiercer than ever. The time came when my friends arrived at my house. I had nervousness, excitement and anxiety all in one bubble sitting in the middle of my gut … but I was ready!

As we strolled past the lounge in my car looking for a parking space, all I saw was naturals here and naturals there. Oh my! I couldn’t wait to get close enough to see the different textures in which God so wonderfully made our beautiful black women of color. I walked into the lounge, and there she was….CurlyNikki! Smiling, happy as ever, just waiting to greet me. I walked swiftly up to her, introduced myself as CurlsDivine and gave her a big hug. Just like the average Joe, she’s a down to earth home girl. Her hair felt like butter. Softer than cotton balls! I thought it was really going to melt in my hands. I asked her a couple of questions, she answered them sweetly, but of course she didn’t want to be rude to the other naturals who were also so excited to see her. So, I continued to walk around and since it was in the dead of a heat wave outside, the lounge was smoking with even more heat inside. I made my way to the bathroom for a quick hair check and, while exiting, I was able to take a couple of photos with CurlyNikki. The only sounds I heard were, “Oh your hair is so pretty!” “Oh my Gosh, how did you get you hair like that? What products did you use?” It was music to my ears to hear so many women complimenting and encouraging each other in an uplifting way. I realized why CurlyNikki was blessed in this area of her life. She truly has a gift. It’s not just about the hair, but more so about, “The self inside of us.” She is just a platform used in order to get the point across from one area to another. I thought to myself, “This woman is famous, or on her way! But, yet, so humble!”

I quickly walked outside with my girls, and there was a crowd of people. I was interviewed, asked questions and posed for pictures. Nikki wants to share her stardom with every woman she touches, whether in person or online. It wasn’t just about her at the meet-up; it was about all of us. WOW! I left with an everlasting impression of joy in my heart. I was sad to see she was moving, but also grateful knowing she’s moving upon hearts and lives wherever she soars. I can’t wait until I meet-up again!

And check out our girl Jasmine in this video clip from the event!:


Thanks for sharing your experience with us Jazz!!  I LOVED it!! I hope that our Natural Hair Meet-up in DC is 1/100th as awesome and inspiring as this event seemed to be!!

(p.s. Check out Jazz’s face in that next to last pic. I do believe she is contemplating reaching out and touching Nik’s hair again!! LOL!!)

Amla Update


So, a couple of days ago I posted about an experiment I did with amla. I’m attempting to determine if using amla as a paste on the lower half of my hair will restore curls lost to henna. Well, right now, I can’t really tell. See, I put my hair into four twists and so I’m not seeing the true curl pattern right now. I did think that my twists were plumping more than usual though. The other thing I noticed is that, when I released the twists when I got home Wednesday night, the set was VERY defined. I definitely think that this is a result of the amla as I’ve used DevaCare One as a leave-in before and my hair was softly defined, but very fluffy. Now, my waves feel “chiseled.” I like that the definition seems as if it will last. But, the thing is, my hair is looking very “piecey” and gappy, which I don’t like.

However, the “pieciness” may be a result of the additional products I’ve applied over the last couple of days. Specifically, after returning home from the play on Tuesday night (mind you, it poured and I sat outside in horrible humidity, but my hair was not overly frizzy), I layered Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee over JBCO, which was layered over a little DevaCurl Set It Free and put my hair back into four twists. I applied the products to the lower couple of inches of my hair because I’ve been a little concerned about my ends. I’ve been feeling more knots and seeing more splits than usual since the Rugged Maniac and two shampooing fiascos :(. So, I just want to make sure my ends are well lubricated (I typically don’t re-apply product more than once during a week).

Anywho, I definitely think I need to give this amla thing another try or two before I can fairly assess the results. I really need to do another henna though, so if I manage to do that this weekend, amla will have to wait another week.

On another note, check out my cute headband from Threadmill!! Dottie hooked me up!! And, not only did she give me this, she sent me two other headbands! I swear, she is the sweetest lady ever! If you haven’t been to her shop, definitely check it out and don’t forget to use coupon code: HAIRSCAPADES10 to get 10% off of your total order (excludes S&H). I can’t wait for her Fall hats!!

Okay, then I just started to play with my banana clip a little!

Fun, but it’ll probably be back in twists by the time you are all reading this!! I am so addicted to protective styling anymore! I just don’t like my hair distracting me while I’m at work and the added benefit is that those ends are protected from environmental and friction damage ;)!!