Natural Hair/GOC Meet-Up (DC – August 27th)!


Just wanted to let you know that we’re still trying to plan a meet-up on Saturday, August 27th in Washington, DC. I’m still working on a location and expect to have one confirmed by the end of the week. If you are planning on attending and haven’t already done so, please indicate whether you are a definite or tentative in the comments here. I’m really hoping to meet many of my fellow GOC bloggers, as well as my new Hairscapades friends and GOCers at the event!! And please feel free to tell your friends about the meet-up too! We can make this an intimate soirée or a big ol’ party! Either way, it’s sure to be a ball.

Hope to see you all soon!!

UPDATE:  A location and time have now been secured!!  Our event will be at the world famous Bohemian Caverns in the historic U Street Black Arts district from 2-5 pm on Saturday, August 27th!! More details to follow shortly!


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      • OH darn Shelli too bad we didn’t plan it around that event! I would love to have tone to that too 🙂

        Anyway, just confirming are we DEFINITELY on in DC? I ask because after checking prices, it’s probably cheaper and faster to take the Greyhound bus. I’m bringing my daughter with me. She’s 16. The RT fair for both of us is only $80.

        Before I buy the ticket, I need your OK.


        • Hey Michelle, It’s definitely on. I’m just checking into the location to make certain you can bring a 16 year old. It’s a restaurant during the day, so I can’t see them “carding,” but I want to make sure there won’t be a problem. Wei is going to call and check with his contact today. I’d suggest calling the location, but they probably won’t open until the afternoon.


            • LOL! Why won’t you bring yo momma? Momma’s need natural hair love too ;)! Okay, I’ll let you know. He hasn’t told me anything yet, but I’ll remind him as he did text me about something else.


            • don’t get me wrong. My mom is actually a lot of fun. We go shopping, church and do lots of things together. However, the hair? She’s all balding in the middle and she even said never mind when i told her what we were doing lol.

              i called the place and the woman didn’t call me back. let me know if you hear anything. i really want to bring her because I’ve FINALLY convinced her that going natural is better for her hair. She’s just concerned about how to do it because she doesn’t like that her hair is short. She’s in weave right now too but i was telling her she could get the clip in weave. That way she can take it out weekly to wash and DC her hair.

              I need some of you ladies (especially the younger ones) behind me to help nudge her in the right direction 🙂


            • Hey, Wei said that it’s not a problem, to bring her! It’s nice that you are getting her to see the benefits of going natural! I’m sure, once she sees what’s possible and learns her “grow out options,” she’ll become even more intrigued=).


    • =(. Awww man, that really sucks! One of the reasons I kept it in August was because that’s when you were going to be here! I’m sorry that you won’t be able to make it=(. Well, if you come to the States, you’ll have to let us know so we can try to arrange a get together around your visit!


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