Double Bun Twists Updo


Hi guys, not going to have much for you today as I was out late last night. My sisters and I took my mom to see Sister Act for her birthday. It was a nightmare getting to the city for all of us. My youngest sister worked in the city and it took her 4 hours to get there on the train in the morning. My other sister drove in from Central Jersey with my mom: 2 1/2  hours. I took the bus, which was supposed to take 1 hour but took 2. We had dinner reservations for 5:30, but my middle sister, mom and I basically had to shovel part of our dinners down our throat and rush to the theatre for the play that started at 7. All said and done though, VERY funny play and hilarious times (There was a woman behind us who was laughing so loud and hard my mom started laughing so badly that she couldn’t breathe, which made my sister and I start laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. My mom got in trouble with the usher because she thought she didn’t have her phone, when she realized she did, she tried to turn it off, but couldn’t and the usher saw the light and came to scold her. Then, at intermission, my youngest sister decided to take a picture and the blinding double flash drew the usher to us again for a second reprimand as the theatre has a strict “no photography” policy! I called them Huckleberries!  LMBO!!) After the show was over, we got my mom a “Superior Mother” T-shirt as a souvenir of the night. I think she really enjoyed herself :).

Well, that being said, no time to write or finish any posts for today! So, here I am at 6:42 am trying to type this one up while the SO keeps talking to and distracting me! Anywho, I tried to figure what I could throw together that might be helpful and decided to show you all a twist updo from earlier in the year. Since I posted the link to a “how to” twist tutorial yesterday, thought a styling option would continue that theme.

Now, this is not a tutorial. It’s just a couple of pictures of my twists after I released them from flexi-rods and once I pinned them up into two buns. Some notes. I have fine hair. You know this. So, I have scalpy twists. I long for plush, boingy, full twists … but alas, it is not meant to be. However, as I do like to wear twists as a protective styling option on occasion, I make them work for me by curling (this helps with unravelling) and putting them into updos. These twists were done on a WnG (I did the WnG in the morning and twisted that evening) with Murray’s Lock and Loc gel and some Shea Moisture C&H Smoothie, I believe. I set the twists on medium-sized purple flexi-rods and hit the sack. The next morning, I released the twists from the flexis, took the bottom half and twisted them around into a bun, pinning with bobby pins and leaving the curly ends loose. I repeated this with the top section of hair. Then, of course, I adorned with a flower!

And that’s it! Hope you like.

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So, that’s going to be it for today guys! I have so many posts planned and not enough time to write them all! I’m going to work on some tonight … AFTER I work-out!! Okay, have a great day!


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  1. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! It was far less stressful than what you endured. Getting to the city can definitely be a pain. Welcome to my morning commute! Lol


  2. As a fellow scalpy girl, I will tell you once again, your hair looks great! Plump twists is all well and good but hey you gotta love what you got right? Some ppl would prefer your hair texture so it’s all good either way 🙂

    Oh and stop by my blog some time this year lol. I changed it and am including skin and hair posts.


  3. Even though I am not a scalpy girl your twist look a whole lot better than mine usually do. I agree with Michelle we have to work with what we got and you do a great job at that. I really don’t even see scalp. When I look at your hair all I see is beauty!


  4. You have beautiful hair! You have inspired me to use henna….not CurlyNikki. Crazy, right?!? Especially since I’ve been following her since the beginning of my natural hair transition 2 yrs ago.


  5. Thanks guys! You are all too kind! And yup, that’s my philosophy! Though I lust after thicker hair, I still love my hair too and work with what I got;-). Deiadre, SERIOUSLY?!?! Yeah, that’s crazy that it took me and not just Nikki to inspire you! LOL!! Thanks lady=).


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