Two Strand Twists


Yesterday, I came across this article on how to do two-strand on Twists aren’t for everybody, but many find them to be a great protective style that can be worn for a week or more. I like to wear them from time to time, but they only lasts about a week for me and I usually have to do some re-twisting in that time. I tend to start my twists like I’m going to do a Senegalese twist to hold them more firmly at the root. Others use braids for the first 1/2 inch or so to help with hold. These are some options not provided in the tutorial that might be helpful to you if you’ve struggled with getting twists to hold at the roots.

I hope to be able to do a two-strand twist set soon (with my recent score, the ORS Lock and Twist Gel … hope that it helps with hold). I want to do a post with different styling options for this versatile style.

Hope that some of you find this tutorial helpful!

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  1. Hey, I like the braid at the root idea, I will have to try that. I will add this, I’ve tried the ORS Lock and Twist Gel before, I was not very impressed. I didn’t notice any difference in the hold.

    If it doesn’t work for you, try just a little eco styler with argan oil. It’s firm but soft hold.


  2. Thanks Lesley! I use Eco with shea butter to smooth my roots, so I was going to try the ORS with shea butter for twists! I went to the stylist who wore and did locs and she mixed the two for setting locs. I figure, if it works for that, it should work for twists. Have you applied a little heat after using it? I noticed the jar suggests doing that to set the hold. So, I was going to put on my bonnet for 30 minutes to give it a fair shake. I’ll definitely give an update when I do it.


  3. My twists never hold for longer than 2 days so I had been thinking of trying a gel, How do you mix the gel with shea? Ratio? Type of shea used? And final question do you apply to the length of hair? I flat twist at the top of ea twist my ends wind up unraveling.


    • Hey Etoile, I do have to re-twist for the week that I wear them because mine unravel at the ends as well. However, I pin them up most of the time, so it doesn’t matter if the ends are unravelled a little. In regard to the ratio, about 1:1 shea to gel. I tend to just take a dollop of shea, emulsify it on my palm, then take a fingertip full of gel and mix them together on my palms. Then, I apply to a section and twist. I don’t apply to my whole head at one time. I apply to each section as I prepare to twist it. Actually, with these twists, I believe I used the Shea Moisture C&H Smoothie with Murray’s Lock & Loc gel. And yes, I apply to the entire length of hair.


  4. I love your twists! I’ve been trying for a long time now to figure out how to do my twists and give them more hold. I’m gonna try some of your tips and cross my fingers. I usually just let my twists get all kinda fuzzy and crazy for about 3 days then rock a twist out for 2.


  5. Awwwww, thanks Deiadre!! My twist get fuzzy after a couple days too! This was after I had re-twisted mid week. The fuzz is why I want to see if the ORS keeps them smoother longer. I think the key to the ORS might be using a little heat to “set” the hold. I reeeeealllly need a new bonnet dryer!


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