Hairscapades GOC – Comprehensive List


When I began to get submissions for the GOC, I had to quickly figure out a way to organize the entries or I knew I’d miss someone or would waste a lot of time just trying to figure out what I’d worked on and what was still pending. So, I created folders for each entrant and numbered them as I received e-mails. Next, I came up with the idea of waves which were going to include 10 participants per post, but ended up including 5. Well, this system will allow me to keep status updates organized as we do them month to month and I thought it might be helpful to all of you as well! That being said, below are the Waves (with hyperlinks to the initial wave posts) and the individuals in each wave. I’ve also posted this list to the GOC Home Page, so that you can always access it.

G R O W   O U T   C H A L L E N G E R S

FIRST WAVE: 1. Kendall; 2. Michelle Howard Smith; 3. Mershauna; 4. Krystal K.; 5. Icela

SECOND WAVE: 6. Taylor; 7. Adrienne; 8. Tiffany M.; 9. Miche’al; 10. Chandra

THIRD WAVE: 11. Amy E.; 12. Etoile; 13. Hurjurnee (aka La Nita); 14. Terysa; 15. LaDonya

FOURTH WAVE: 16. Tiffany N.; 17. Mis Leah; 18. Lakisha aka Kish Kish; 19. Tianna; 20. TWhite

FIFTH WAVE: 21. Rece; 22. Ky; 23. CoilyNP; 24. Viv; 25. Jasmine Mitchell

SIXTH WAVE: 26. Martinique; 27. Shannon aka ShayShaySweetie04; 28. Kayla aka KurlyGirl85; 29. Stephanie; 30. Marsha

SEVENTH WAVE: 31. Rotaugia Mathews-Pope; 32. Tiffany J.; 33. Corinne; 34. CoilyRob; 35. Michelle aka Mickey

EIGHTH WAVE: 36. CJ; 37. Luv.Lyfe; 38. Valencia; 39. Kim Renee’; 40. Nicole

NINTH WAVE: 41. T-kia; 42. TheMizzezz; 43. Matoya aka NaturallyBeautiful22; 44. JT; 45. Shelli

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  1. Awwww, thanks guys=). Chandra, since hair typically only grows a 1/2 inch a month and, IMO, it’s about retaining that growth (not so much growing it), 3 inches would be the top end of what I would suggest setting as a goal. If MBL is more than 3″, which I think it is, then you can re-set your goal.


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