Travelling w/PJs … And No, I Don’t Mean Pajamas


by Weusi

So let’s make sure we’re all on the same page before we discuss this …

We, your significant others (SOs), understand that you want to be prepared to address any reactions from your hair due to changes in social protocols and shifts in elemental/environment influences and “aqua-tech” issues. Moreover, we want you to continue to feel as beautiful as you are … but … Most NORMAL people pack one toiletries bag … not a bag for shampoo, another bag for conditioners and another bag for stylers (I told you, I’m learning the lingo! I peep the lexicon section!).

So …

That extra bag of hair care products adds weight to the bag that I already had to sit on in order for you to get it to close. And, although you’re packing it all in one bag, the airline limit is 50 lbs! For real … I shouldn’t be able to feel the difference between 50 lbs and your bag that is significantly over 50 lbs!

And, although your SO isn’t gonna complain about it, I’m speaking up for all those that travel with PJs … that extra weight makes a difference and we don’t wanna pick up/LUG that bag! Remember … it doesn’t count just because you got it all into one bag when it weighs the same as two!!

But PJs, know that even with all that, we SOs love you just the way you are … co-pooed and/or conditioned and moisturized or not.

Please note, this is a fun blog entry that happens to hold some truth … things are amplified and exaggerated and it isn’t all about Shelli (I’m still trying to schedule that date!).

Also note … that this was just in response to the abundance of hair care products often packed … not the extra bag that you pack to hold numerous pairs of footwear.

And finally … this may not be funny to you … but read it to your SOs … I’m sure you’ll hear a chuckle somewhere!

(p.s. In the interest of full disclosure, I like to pack a couple pairs of sneakers myself, so that  I can dress to match my mood of the day!)


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  1. How bout I just went to dominican republic and I was being cheap and decided not to check my bag. At the home I forgot to put my conditioner and lotion in my husband’s bag that he was checking . Needless to say I got to security and they took out my hydrolicous (large) bottle (full ) and tossed it in the trash . I nearly pee’d on myself. A week in Dominican republic without conditioner ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I was seconds short of crying. My friend happend to have some suave naturals so I had to settle for that . Damn airport!


  2. You know how funny they are about taking liquids in the airport. I have mailed my stuff ahead of time for that very reason. I will NOT be caught up! lol


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