GOC Contenders – The First Wave


This is it ladies!! The beginning of the Hairscapades Grow Out Challenge!!! And here are the first set of contenders!!


K e n d a l l   W.

Current State: Hair – Shoulder length (SL) (last relaxer @ end of March 2011); Weight – 145 to 150 lbs

Goals: Hair – Armpit length (APL); Weight – 125 to 130 lbs

Hair Regimen: Seeking regimen advice.  Hair seems very dry and is shedding a lot.

  • Weekly: Shampoo and condition, finger detangle first, then using Denman brush.
  • Style: TnC w/magnetic rollers (air dry)
  • Bun 6 days a week.
  • Moisturize w/Argan oil
  • Incorporate monthly DCs and maybe henna.

Weight Loss Regimen: Exercise 4 days a week.

  • 30 min cardio (treadmill intervals)
  • 20 min Pilates
  • 10 min abs

Reward: I graduated from college in May and am working on my Master’s. I want to return to my alma mater for the Homecoming Game and be able to show off my progress!

M i c h e l l e   H o w a r d   S m i t h

Current State: Hair – Longest sections between armpit length (APL) and bra-strap length (BSL); shorter at crown due to breakage, but hair in recovery due to avoidance of heat and improved hair practices.

Goal: Full mid-back length (MBL) by end of 2011 (focusing on crown and sides)


  • Drink 1/2 of body weight in ounces of water daily
  • Take hair, nail and skin vitamin 2x daily
  • Shampoo and deep condition once a week
  • Co-wash midweek
  • Henna every 3 weeks
  • Seal hair with leave in conditioner and oil after each wash
  • Oil hair daily
  • Focus on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and less cookies. 😦 darn.

Reward: Not sure on this one yet because the budget is tight at the moment. It’s rewarding enough to see my hair doing it’s thing healthily :-).

Follow me online: http://public.fotki.com/Michelle-RadiantSkin

M e r s h a u n a

Current State: Hair – Armpit length (APL); Weight – 130 lbs

Goals: Hair -Mid-back length (MBL); Weight – 115 (lose 15 lbs)

Hair Regimen:


  • Moisturize with water/leave-in mix
  • Seal with castor oil
  • Protective styles (keep hair stretched)


  • DC with Aussie Moist, EVOO and honey
  • Shampoo or co-wash with shea moisture


  • Full strength henna treatments

Weight Loss Regimen: Increase cardio and improve diet.

  • Daily workouts
  • Strength and flexibility training

Rewards: Nicer hair accessories (hair) and new jeans (weight).

Follow me online: thecurlysideofthings.blogspot.com (collaboration blog) and http://thedancingoptimist.blogspot.com/ (personal blog)

K r y s t a l   K.

Current State: Hair – Neck length curly (natural for 1 year)

Goals: Hair – Mid-back length straight and shoulder length curly; Weight – Lose about 5 lbs of fat and add more muscle.

Hair Regimen: I’m new to wearing my hair natural so I don’t have a set regimen yet. I’m used to washing my hair every four days. That has to change if I expect to have well-conditioned and well-loved hair. I also know that nutrition plays a big part in that so I really have to be mindful of what I put into my body and make sure that I drink a lot of water.

  • Co-wash and use minimal heat
  • Styling: Twists and twist-outs
  • Planning on trying Jamila Henna and Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (both just ordered)
I c e l a

Current State: Hair – Chin length; Weight – 139 lbs

Goals: Hair – Collarbone length (CBL); Weight – 125 lbs (training for a Figure Show on October 22 and needs to be stage ready)

Hair Regimen:
  • Henna monthly
  • Wash and Condition/Detangle weekly with Giovanni Smooth As Silk
  • DC with Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose Conditioner
  • Co-Wash with Suave Coconut Moisture Conditioner (as needed in between washes)
Weight Loss Regimen: 
  • Full Body Circuits 3x week (emphasis on heavy lifting)
  • Cardio: 45 minutes, 5-6 times a week
  • Diet – No fast food, protein with every meal, no carbs after 4pm, salads and increase veggie intake after 4 pm

Reward: $100 splurge on hair accessories or at Forever 21 every 4 weeks

Follow me online:
www.shapelyalterations.com  and members.fotki.com/BronxNaturalGal76/about/


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    • Lord no! That’s just the first five I’ve posted!! I think there are close to 30 of us!! Working my butt off on these posts today (getting pictures to appear the way that I want them is a pain). Going to put them up in batches of 5. Hope to get them all up in the next two days!


  1. Oh snap! I just saw that. OK I’m about to pick a winner from the people that are officially registered. Let me know when you are done and I’lll put all the names together and do a random.


    • Michelle, I thought it was only people who commented on your page and tweeted the challenge? It’s going to be a couple more days before I’m done as we have almost 40 now!


  2. Wow 30 participants! That’s awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress. Let’s keep the positive energy going ladies!

    @Michelle, I totally agree . . . I am LOVING Mershuana’s hair. P.S. – Glad to see we’re neighbors 🙂


  3. JT, If you can me in your entry today, you can be in. I’m going to allow a couple more if in by today to get to an even 5 for a 9th wave. But then, I’m done:). I was planning to say that if anyone didn’t get in the official roster, they can still “play along at home” and send updates that I would use as features, space and time permitting. Okay, thank you so much for visiting the site! Hope that you are enjoying it!


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