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I wanted to do this quick post to show my progress during the Curly Nikki presents Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge (GOC).  The first pic is of my first length check on February 19th, the second around 3 months later on April 24th and the third was yesterday, July 29th, 2011.

2/19/11 length check (Almost MBL according to the length chart in the Lexicon. BSL= TOP of bra strap; MBL= bottom of strap. Go fig!

4/24/11 length check (1/4 or 1/2 inch below MBL)

7/29/11 length check (couple of inches below MBL; 2 1/2 inches away from WL!)

I’m excited to begin our GOC in order to continue working towards achieving my hair and health goals! The journey’s not over baby;-)!  So excited that many of you will be joining me=)!!

G  R  O  W    B  A  B  Y ,    G  R  O  W  !  !  !  !


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  1. Wow, I am truly impressed and inspired by your growth in that time span!! Now I am sure that I will be joining your GOC! Im a fairly new natural, last relaxer May 2010, Semi-BC (hair wasn’t that long to chop lol) in February 2011. I will also be graduating with my Bachelors next May and would LOVE to have at least shoulder length hair by then!!! When does your challenge start and where do I sign up?!?! (Sorry I’m a bit long winded too lol)


    • Hi Keisha! The challenge actually started officially today! But, I’m trying to round out our numbers to 40 “contenders;-).” So, you’re in luck=)! Go to the GOC tab at the top and you’ll get the home page with what you need to send me to participate. Please try to get me your submission in the next couple of days. It would be very helpful if you use the format I used in the GOC Contender “Waves” posts. That will reduce the amount of editing I have to do to make your entry consistent with the format. And thank you sooo much!! As to the long-winded part, you’re talking to the wrong person! I go on for days;-)! LOL! Thank you!


        • Hi Keisha, yeah, sorry. It’s too late for August. But, in September, I’m going to allow 5 more people and that will be it (it’s like the Biggest Loser where people work on losing weight at home for the chance to be brought to campus! *lol). So, you should do everything as if you were participating (document your current state, goals, regimens, rewards and then journal your experiences, progress, challenges, changes in regimen, etc.) and, at some point, I’ll be soliciting those “play at home” contenders for their stories/status updates in order to add 5 more in September. Also, some people may just “play along” at home and I hope that they’ll submit feature stores. Sorry you couldn’t get in right now, but hope this helps!


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