The RaVon Convertible Dress


I haven’t really told you guys that I’m a … well … clothes and shoe horse. Yup, I have four clothes closets and a hallway closet for coats. The reason I chose my condo was because of closet and storage space. Anywho, I haven’t done too many fashion posts yet, but I hope to start including more. They won’t necessarily be where you can buy stuff now. But, they’ll hopefully be helpful in regard to giving you ideas about how to wear items together (I enjoy layering items and mixing patterns and colors).

So, I wanted to do this quick post to say that MY RAVON DRESSES ARRIVED!!! Do you know about RaVon by Von Vonni? If not, go check out the Facebook page and photo album. This dress is amazing!!! It can be worn at least 15 different ways! My youngest sister put me onto the convertible dress and designer. In fact, I was waiting for her to send me a post for the site because she is a master at rocking this dress in creative and sexy ways! I’ll have to bug her about that again soon.

Last week, ideeli was selling the dress in various solids and prints (they only go on sale for 3-4 days usually). So, I ordered two of the full-length dresses for $49 each!! I was so excited when they arrived yesterday! One is a leopard print and the other is a black and white reptile skin print. I’ll play around with them this weekend in order to post some pics.

UPDATE: RaVon Convertible Dress Styling Video Tutorial


Do you have a convertible dress? How many ways do you wear yours? Maybe we can start a convertible dress gallery for inspiration! If you have a convertible dress, take pics and send them to!

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  1. I love this. I think it’s so versatile because it does appear that if you have some “undesirable” spots, you can hide them. I’m mad the sale is over.

    I’m going to give you a new name though…..Deal Finder Debbie LOL


  2. I’ve been wanting to order from ideeli for a while but Ive been sort of leery because of the prices. Didn’t know if it was a scam or not lol. How long did it take for your dresses to arrive?


  3. Tiffany: The fabric is a jersey knit, I believe, and has a lot of give. So, it IS marketed as a one size fits all. However, as you said, that is not always the case. Maybe you can send a message via the FB page to ask up to what size these dresses can be worn?

    CultureChoc: Did you watch the video? I updated this post to embed the tutorial for it.

    Michelle: I missed the first one too!! But, when my sister told me about it last week, I got right on it after seeing how hot her dresses are! It doesn’t seem that these dresses are sold on the ground in readily accessible locations. So, I suspect they might be on ideeli regularly.

    Ayeshia: Nope! Not a scam. I know, I didn’t think that specifically about ideeli, but these sites that are advertised on FB and require you to sign up to access their sales always have me raising my eyebrow. But, my sister was the guinea pig and vouched for them;-). I ordered close to midnight on 7/22 and my dresses arrived Wednesday, 7/27!! So, 5 days!!! Not bad. Not bad at all!


  4. Diahann, there is a great pic on RaVon’s FB page with a solid color worn, like, 10 different ways for a bridal party. LOVE IT!!! For once, a bridesmaid dress that can flatter all and can actually be worn somewhere else!!! I’d love to see pics too! So, feel free to send a couple into me when you get married if you feel like sharing=). Have you decided how you are wearing your hair for your wedding?


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