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Natural Hair Music Peoples


by Weusi

I was reading the past 2 post and got the feeling that I was sounding kinda militant. And for real … I’m a little militant … but not too much so.

So … I decided to make this the generic, “natural hair in music” post. But, I’m really only gonna give you a few that REALLY do what they do … my criteria is that they have to be DOPE and have a natural hair style.

With that being said … in no particular order …

Esperanza Spaulding

Ok … I don’t think I need to say anything about her. She’s the one that beat Justin Beiber for the Grammy. She’s rocked at the White House. She’s the youngest professor at Berkley … And she’s under 30! If you don’t know who she is … Google her! Greatness … with great hair!

Lauryn Hill

Defined natural beauty for an entire generation! Not only did she open people up to the many ways to style locs but she had people going crazy over glowing skin! (The key is healthy eating!).


I know you are like who the … ?!?! It’s moo-seen-uh. Her voice is sweet! You may have caught her playing keys and singing w/ Common or  here and there at various music festivals. This quiet, Grammy-nominated sister keeps a FULL head of hair and a spirit of sunshine that radiates with more life and bounce than a beach ball at a summerstage concert! I like that she gets funky with the styles!

Here … this is the link to her new record, Gone.

No need to thank me.  You’re welcome! And click here to see the video for her Grammy nominated song, Daykeeper with Foreign Exchange (Phonte & Nicolay).

Now … If you thought the last one was a curve ball, this is sure to get ya …

Meshell N’degeochello

Bald is natural … and I found this picture where she had some clearly defined … 4b (??) curls!

Before you start tripping … Look … natural hair style is at the top of her game. That was my criteria, right!?! Almost no one messes with her on bass (NO ONE!!) and songs of content that have emotional presence. Admit it … she’s really dope!

I had Erykah Badu up here and Jill Scott, but they are so cliché for this post … but … I LOVE Jill’s duet with Anthony Hamilton. So in Love w/ Shelli … I mean, So in Love with you … my bad!

And Erykah is just so cliché for this post, but she is hosting this hip hop mix tape by Gods’illa called CPR, so I gotta give her props.

And then there’s …

Leela James

This sister can SING … she’s incredible! If you ever get a chance to see her live … hit me back and explain to me how that voice and power come out of that little, bitty person!

Another person that I felt I needed to slip in here is …


For real … you all know that you were sweating the brother’s hair. This fool had brothers thinking about styling their hair! Cats weren’t satisfied with waves, afros or locs … this dude had cats trying to figure out what was in between! He was on some negative space hair philosophy type stuff! And I saw sisters running up on the TV trying to see if that was his real curl pattern or not … the same way they ran up to see if there was anything else they could see in that D’Angelo video!

And finally … one of the greatest voices and natural heads of hair (I think) in our time …


For real … I’m not even sure if that’s all her hair now, but … who cares … she’s Chaka Khan!!



The RaVon Convertible Dress


I haven’t really told you guys that I’m a … well … clothes and shoe horse. Yup, I have four clothes closets and a hallway closet for coats. The reason I chose my condo was because of closet and storage space. Anywho, I haven’t done too many fashion posts yet, but I hope to start including more. They won’t necessarily be where you can buy stuff now. But, they’ll hopefully be helpful in regard to giving you ideas about how to wear items together (I enjoy layering items and mixing patterns and colors).

So, I wanted to do this quick post to say that MY RAVON DRESSES ARRIVED!!! Do you know about RaVon by Von Vonni? If not, go check out the Facebook page and photo album. This dress is amazing!!! It can be worn at least 15 different ways! My youngest sister put me onto the convertible dress and designer. In fact, I was waiting for her to send me a post for the site because she is a master at rocking this dress in creative and sexy ways! I’ll have to bug her about that again soon.

Last week, ideeli was selling the dress in various solids and prints (they only go on sale for 3-4 days usually). So, I ordered two of the full-length dresses for $49 each!! I was so excited when they arrived yesterday! One is a leopard print and the other is a black and white reptile skin print. I’ll play around with them this weekend in order to post some pics.

UPDATE: RaVon Convertible Dress Styling Video Tutorial


Do you have a convertible dress? How many ways do you wear yours? Maybe we can start a convertible dress gallery for inspiration! If you have a convertible dress, take pics and send them to hairscapades@gmail.com!

Style Tutorials, HairStories, Meet-Ups and GOCs!


I decided to kill several birds with one stone! Hmmm, that just sounds wrong … need an alternative … how about … make three accessories with one flower?!  or … rock three styles with one banana clip!!! Yo, that one even has the word rock in it!! LOL!

Anywho, need to get several things out there and rather than make several posts, thought one with all of the topics and links made more sense. So, here goes.

  • STYLE TUTORIALS – Love ’em, want ’em, need ’em. So, if you are an aspiring, amateur hair stylist with great hair and greater styles, please share!! Send me a bulleted picture or video tutorial of your fabulous style for inclusion in the “Style Library!” Please use the subject, “Style Tutorial.” (Product, Tools and Accessory Reviews are also welcome. So, feel free to share your Rant or Rave!)
  • HAIRSTORIESOnly a few more days until the HairStory Contest ends. Submit your story by Sunday, July 31st to be entered into the contest to win an item of your choice from Etsy shop, Threadmill. A random winner will be selected at the end of the first week in August. And, don’t forget, all orders placed with Threadmill by July 31st qualify  for a 10% discount (excludes S&H) with coupon code HAIRSCAPADES10.
  • DC NATURAL HAIR MEET UP – We’re still trying to plan a meet-up on Saturday, August 27th in Washington, DC. I’ve been working on a location, but I really need to get a head count for the event. Therefore, if you are planning on attending and haven’t already done so, please indicate whether you are a definite or tentative in the comments here. I’m really hoping to meet many of my fellow NC.com GOC bloggers, as well as my new Hairscapades friends at the event!! And please feel free to tell your friends about the meet-up too! We can make this an intimate soirée or a big ol’ party! Either way, it’s sure to be a ball.  (This just in, a special guest has been confirmed!!!! No, it’s not Nikki [*lol*]. Working on a few other goodies for the event too!!)  
  • HAIRSCAPADES GROW OUT CHALLENGE – Ya’ll know the deal. Get your submissions in by the end of the day in order to begin the challenge on Monday, August 1st. If you’ve been granted an extension, please get your entries in as soon as possible (you get docked a grade for every day an entry is late though;-).

So, that’s it for now ladies!! E-mail your Style Tutorials, Reviews, HairStories and GOC entries to hairscapades@gmail.com. Please follow the directions as indicated in the links.