Messy Buns Faux Hawk


I was inspired by a Lilith Moon tutorial yet again! My SO says I need to give other YouTubers some shine. But, seriously, she has so many creative styles for longer hair that work for me!!! I’m going to try to find some other sources of inspiration soon though. Until then, here is my tutorial for creating the above style!!


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  1. Hi Rachel! Thank you! I actually wish it wasn’t so loose=(. *lol*

    Anywho, yes. It started as a WnG that I wore for one day. Then I did a dry TnC that I wore out for one day. Then, I bunned from Mon-Thurs and released to do this style on Thursday night. So, my roots were “stretched” for most of the week and the curls from the TnC were decently retained as I had pinned the bun very loosely.


  2. Thanks Shelli. You know those twists didn’t last right? LOL I couldn’t take it. My scalp was itching and I was also tired of it so I took them out yesterday so this style of yours comes right in handy. I’m watching it now so I can do it for today!


  3. I want to see pics lady!!! Tiffany, I could see this looking really good on your old twist out because your ends were starting to look teased, so you could have a really nice contrast of smooth sides and a messy hawk=).

    Michelle, girl, one week is all I ever get out of twists (if even) except for that one time with the Senegalese. Had you done some chunky twists or something when you took them out? If so, you should be able to get a nice version of this too!

    I want to try this on a fresh TnC too and I think I can get it bigger and more edgy looking! But, won’t be for a couple of weeks probably because I’ve received two request for two styles and I’m thinking about doing some medium twists myself for the upcoming week to show some styles that can be worn with them. We’ll see though, because I have all these GOC entries to get posted this weekend and might not be able to devote the time needed for twists.


  4. I LOVE this style. This is one of the first that I noticed when I saw you. I actually tried a variation of this today and it’s satisfactory. I hadn’t watched this tutorial yet so I will try it again tomorrow and take a few pics of it.


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