Lazy and Boring


I was thinking about including a scarf option when I was writing the Summer Chapeaus post.

Yup, lazy. That’s what I am right now. I was planning on trying to do hot yoga every day this week. Yeah … I only went on Sunday. I need a new source of motivation. Good thing for the GOC!!! I’ve been telling myself that I’ll DEFINITELY get it back together on Sunday as I have to be a “role model=).”  I need a new season of The Biggest Loser!

As to the boring part, haven’t done much with my hair this week. I twisted and curled my hair the night of that WnG using the Qhemet Biologic Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee. The jury is still out on that one. It’s fine, but it hasn’t blown me away yet. I’ll use it a couple more times before giving my review. Of course, because I’m a PJ, I couldn’t resist buying something new. I tried guys. I really did. I held out for about two weeks. But, I finally broke down at Target. I hit the mini-me, “Black hair products” section (definitely  not an “aisle”;-) and got some Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) Lock and Twist gel. I’d been reading that some were having good results with it. I used to go to a stylist who mixed it with shea butter to do her clients dreads. However, I didn’t really have any interest. A lot of products marketed for “ethnic” hair in the chain stores leave my hair hard (due to an over-abundance of protein, I think) or weighed down (mineral oil or petrolatum anyone?). However, when I saw KaiRox’s fabulous, shiny, defined, smooth and LONG-LASTING flexi-rod set, the PJ in me started twitching and finally broke free.

Anywho, back to the boring. I released the twists on Sunday and have been wearing my hair in the above mid-height bun all week. Keeping you all entertained is cutting into my creative styling time;-). But, I better get to it as I know style ideas are the reason many of you started following me in the first place!! LOL!! So, I’ll work on something this weekend. I may do some twists as it’s been a while since I’ve worn them and I’d like to do a post, and potentially a video, with styling options, for the GOC. I’ve been using Murray’s Loc-Lock Gel with good results (smooth, shiny and supple twists without any flakes, stickiness or stiffness). But, I’ll try the ORS in order to compare the products. My twists gets frizzy pretty quickly and tend to unravel (the fine hair blues). So, I’m interested in seeing if ORS will give results like the Murray’s gel but with long-lasting hold. If it does, we will have a winner ladies!



I've used it to smooth my edges in place of my Eco/shea combo. Hmmm ... not bad.

Have you tried Murray’s Loc-Lock Gel and/or ORS Lock and Twist gel for two-strand twists or other sets? What do you think of them?

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  1. I have used the ORS lock n twist gel and got pretty decent results. It gives good definition and I liked the fact that it didn’t make my hair “crispy” or flaky. I ended up giving mine away to my friend who has locs becuz it was an impulse buy that I didn’t use regularly.


  2. I too was swayed my KaiRox (especially since I only to flexi sets) and I really like it (I am protein sensitive). I use it with Beauticurls underneath, then when I re-roll every other day I don’t have to use more ORS (I just add a little Beauticurls to re moisturize). But I am a newbie (final chop about three weeks ago after 14 months), so I ordered Koils By Nature Soothing Herbal Peppermint Gel to see if I can substitute (tried Uncle Funky’s Curly Magic, but it flaked)…


  3. I bought it on Sunday. Tried it. Liked it for my twistout. I think I wrote about it in a recent post. KaiRox was the one who raved about it and made me try it too. Lol


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