DIY Length Check Tee


3/27/12: I did this post at the beginning of our first GOC. Given that we are about to begin GOC: The Sequel, figured it would be a good time to feature it again for those who would like to buy or make a length check shirt of their own!! Enjoy!


A couple of months ago, I saw the above length check tee for sale at Mane and Chic for about $19 and I thought, “Yo!  I can make my own length check tee for half the price!” … I never got around to it. *lol*

However, now that the Hairscapades Grow Out Challenge is beginning and most seem to have length goals, I thought a DIY project would be a great way to set it off!! So, last week, I picked up an $8 fitted tee (similar to this one, but without the print) and a fabric marker from TarJay for this purpose. However, I don’t have a camera man, so I couldn’t make a video. Plan B was to make a picture tutorial, but my fabric marker sucks, my other marker was bleeding, it’s 10 pm, I’m not done and I need to finish this post for Wednesday morning!. Time for Plan C.


So, here is someone else’s video on how to make your very own length check tee!!!

(Her tee is a little different from mine, which I made similar to the one from Mane and Chic, but it’ll work!)

And here are photos of my somewhat sad length check tee DIY project. *lol*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I established arm pit length (APL) using the sleeves on the tee and then just measured inch wide segments above and below it to create the additional length lines. I’m pretty sure that I’ll have to add a few more lines below APL. But, I’m going to wait for my SO so that I can put on the tee shirt and he can help me identify waist length (WL). Then I’ll finish it.

So, hope you all like this idea!! If you make a tee or think you might, let us know in the comments below! If enough people do it, maybe we’ll have a show and tell of our handiwork=). I know there are a few creative souls out there who might put an artistic spin on the design! If you do decide to make one, I’d suggest a fitted tee so that your lines and length checks are more accurate (a larger tee may not fall consistently on your torso, especially when some of you lose pounds to achieve your weight goals too.;).

(Of course, you could always just buy a length check tee instead of being a cheapie like me.;))

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  1. Thanks Trisha!!! I see you are doing another challenge! Are you joining this one too? If not, hope to see you still logging your progress on the GOC and that you’ll do a HairStory for me!!! Your progress since your BC is sure to inspire many!! You, your hair and your spirit are beautiful!!


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  3. The concept is easier than doing it, the marker doesn’t glide across the shirt,! So glad my friend made mine, I mirrored mine to Charelle’s shirt except I couldn’t find a cool tye-dyed shirt like hers. My submission is coming Thursday or Friday, Chloe and I are getting our hair straightened for her birthday tomorrow, she’s doing the GOC with me!


    • Can’t wait to see yours Gwenda:)!

      LOL @ Michelle! You are right though, the marker kind of sticks, so you have to work in dashes and make certain it is secure to a hard, flat surface …. at least, I think that’s what works best. And girl!!! Miss Chloe is in it too;)?? What, are you working on getting her crown to catch up with her nape?


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