My Albatross: Irregular Curl Pattern or Why TnCs Are My Friend


So, the pics I posted of my WnG yesterday didn’t really tell the whole story of my hair and its multiple curl patterns. You see, I took several photos. One set was for the JessiCurl product review that was posted earlier today. The second set included a full face on shot and multiple detail shots to demonstrate the significant difference in the curl patterns on my left and right side. These differences were camouflaged by the shadows in the video and the angles in the photos I posted. But, face on, it’s hard to deny. The hair in the back of my head is also two different patterns, tightly curly, denser, more fragile, coarse, dry and porous at the crown to about the half way point on the back of my head. Then, almost straight, very shiny, smooth and baby-hair fine at my nape. I have struggled with getting my hair cut into a flattering shape that accounts for all of the textures without having 4 different lengths. Put your hair over one half of my head and then do the same to the other side. Two different heads of hair. I’m sure you didn’t need to do that, but I find it an entertaining exercise. LOL!!

Left side

Right side

Left side detail

Right side detail

(I’ll have to show you the back another time. Though, I must admit, the irregularity in the back has been greatly improved due to henna. Since I don’t henna the nape, it has remained the same, but the repeated henna on the crown area has loosened those curls enough to make them blend more with the nape hair than they ever did in the past. My hair almost … ALMOST … looks even in the back in a WnG.)

And this is why curl uniforming TnCs are my friend.


Do you have significantly different curl patterns or textures throughout your head of hair? How do you work them? What techniques or style do you use, if any, to create uniformity and/or a balanced style?

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  1. My hair has multiple curl patterns as well. The front half of my hair is like a 2a/2b and the back is more so a 3a. Because of this when my hair is all the same length, the back shrinks up more than the front making the back of my hair look shorter when in actually it is the same length as the front. To work with this and attain a more uniform texture, I usually do flat twistouts or just a regular twistout. Or when I do a wash and go, I’ll do a twistout on the back only and let the front dry naturally. The curls I get from the twistout on the back will match the pattern of the WnG front curls very well.


  2. Of all the pics I’ve seen of you, I never really noticed it. I know you said it before but I couldn’t really tell until now.

    Regardless, you have a beautiful head of hair.

    My curl pattern is similar to yours in some places but I’m mostly 3c with a sort of 3c and a half if that makes sense in the crown. almost a 4a at the crown but the weird thing is it has loosened some at the crown due to the henna. I don’t care really.


  3. Royisa, that’s a very good idea! I’ve never tried that as I always do either/or. I’ve never tried a partial WnG and a partial Twist out. Hmmm.

    Tiffany, your curl pattern is not “horrible!” It may have a mix, but I think a lot of us do. Royisa’s suggestion might be a good one for you! Unless you think you have heat damage that has denatured the natural curl, I would say a BC would be pointless. You’d regret it if your hair grew in the exact same way. Multiple curl types is part of the natural game and I’d say a large portion of us have the same challenge. If you don’t wear your hair straight, you can get a cut on your hair in it’s curly that shapes it based on how it dries naturally. However, if you are concerned about completely even hair, then this won’t work. I’ve had the layer at my nape cut shorter before so that it doesn’t hang longer than the rest of the back. It’s grown out and been trimmed even since then, but I may do that again as there are a few straight strands that always stick out, regardless of whether I’m wearing a twist out, TnC or WnG. I’m a little afraid to do it myself because what if the hair hanging now is different from the hair hanging tomorrow. But, the next time I get a professional cut, I may have it cut shorter.

    Michelle, thank you lady!! Yeah, you would have never seen it before because I always wear TnCs! That’s why! LOL!! I didn’t think your hair was 4a anywhere. In fact, I wouldn’t even say your hair looks 3c from the pics I’ve seen. I would have put you at a 3a/3b like me! Funny, isn’t it? As to the henna, yeah, it may end up evening out your curl patterns, especially if you focus more on using it on the crown and gloss the looser curls or don’t henna them at all in order to avoid loosening them more than they currently are.


    • Maybe it is more 3b. Heck if i know lol. I was going by pics of some 3c folks that I saw on naturallycurly.

      I need to se some other pics. Maybe its 3c in that crown and 3b the rest of the places?


  4. OMG! YES YES YES! I have a ridiculous transition from right to left side of my head. Its like taking care of two different heads! I always think I should just henna the right side of my head… I live by the TnC! I had to stop doing WnG’s because it looked like I had a Asymmetrical Bob…Not the buisness… no mama ha ha ha (I thought i was the only one that suffered from “lopsided headed curl syndrome” LOL.)


    • Omg seeing that I’m not the only one with this brought me to tears. Mine is so drastic. I have 3c on one side and a completely straight side. I’ve done a curly perm to the other side to try to help the non curly side but it never looks the same. I’ve been dealing with this since I was younger and it sucks because leaving my hair out after a wash and go never looks ideal.


  5. I agree with Miss. Leah, it is like taking care of two heads. It’s like I gotta use one product on the front of my head where it is a loose curl pattern and use something else on the back where the pattern is tighter. Shiiish this natural thing can become crazy!


  6. Henna loosens curl patterns? I’m not familiar with henna as I have never used it nor have I researched it. How long had you been using it, Shelli, before you noticed the change in texture? I need to get some flexirod thingys so I can try that TnC! I love your hair, multiple textures and all! 🙂


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  8. OMG, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I thought it was heat damage, or worse that I was crazy. It’s like my hair has a split personality. So relieved to know I’m not alone. I’d heard of multiple textures, but split down the middle seemed ridiculous.

    This summer I said oh well and have been rocking wash n gos like whatever! It is what it is and its too hot for much else in my world. Thanks for sharing.


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