Hairscapades Grow Out Challenge: Pre-work!!!


The GOC home page is up guys!!  It took a lot of work, so I hope that it’s all that you were expecting in regard to what we’ll be doing together over the next six months!!

I’ve created a new menu item at the top, “GOC,” where you will find the structure for the challenge, the guidelines and the type of content that I expect to provide over the next six months.

But first, I need you!! If you’ve already expressed interest in participating in the challenge or are just learning about it now and want in, please read the instructions on the home page and e-mail me your entry, with the requested information, by Friday, July 29th.

I’m so excited about this challenge and I hope that you are too!  Thank you for your encouragement, support and participation.

Now, let’s get growing!!!

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  1. Hi Shelli, just a suggestion. Why don’t you add a contact form to your site so ppl don’t have to email you directly? There are a number of contact form plug ins you can try and then just add a Contact Shelli page or something.

    for an ex: you can check mine on my contact page on my blog (top right in the navigation). If you like that, I can let you know what plug in I use.

    Ok, off to email you my “official” entry 🙂


    • I’ll check yours out. But, I specifically set up the hairscapades e-mail for the site. I have a different e-mail for my personal e-mails. It was becoming confusing and overwhelming receiving submissions in my hotmail. So, this gmail account will allow me to organize items better. Thanks again!


  2. you can set up the contact form to go to the hairscapades email too. It’s just people won’t have to go to their email client to email you. They can just do it right here on the site!


  3. Hi Misha, did you select the “home page” link in the post? Also, you just have to select “GOC,” not any of the subcategories, to get to the home page.


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