Doll Rocking Twist Out (Unfluffed and Fluffed)!!!!


I just had to share this because it’s A W E S O M E!!  LOL!!  My sister sent it to me during work today when she saw it on a mutal friend’s blog! Seems this is being reblogged all over tumbler (I have NO clue what that is)!!

7/23 UPDATE: Learned the origin of these pics and that a tutorial for how to create kinky, curly, coily hair on your own child’s dolls accompanied the post!  NikG of Beads, Braids and Beyond is a frequent guest blogger on and was featured today.  Check out her original post here.


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  1. I saw this doll too. My daughter would love this. It’s on the web being using as an example to change the hair from straight to curly using a technique they teach you. I must try it.


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