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Doll Rocking Twist Out (Unfluffed and Fluffed)!!!!


I just had to share this because it’s A W E S O M E!!  LOL!!  My sister sent it to me during work today when she saw it on a mutal friend’s blog! Seems this is being reblogged all over tumbler (I have NO clue what that is)!!


7/23 UPDATE: Learned the origin of these pics and that a tutorial for how to create kinky, curly, coily hair on your own child’s dolls accompanied the post!  NikG of Beads, Braids and Beyond is a frequent guest blogger on CurlyNikki.com and was featured today.  Check out her original post here.


Kinky, Curly, Coily Crazies?


So, I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a while. At what point are we crossing the line of being “idiosyncratic” and quirky about our hair obsessions into pyschotic?

I mean, I admit to taking things to the point that make some believe that I’m a little crazy (although, they thought that before anyway;-). I carry a pair of sheathed scissors in my purse in order to destroy split ends and knots at any time, no matter where they may hide!!! I also regularly inspect the hair on my sink and in my hands to make certain that it is shed and not broken. I’ve saved my hair balls to compare the amount of shed hair from week to week (though I didn’t get to the point of saving it in a ziplock bag, I’ve contemplated it). I have about 6 satin pillowcases and make certain that I bring one with me on trips so that I don’t have to lay my head on cotton (mind you, I always have a satin bonnet or scarf too). I wince and get upset whenever I hear a hair “pop,” despite the fact that it doesn’t happen often at all anymore! I also become distraught if I’ve been working with my hair and discover a ragged-edge nail because I’m contemplating what damage it may have caused to my strands!

However, about a month ago, Michelle commented that some women were using Monistat cream on their hair and scalp to promote hair growth. Now, that made even my obsessive behind think, “A yeast infection cream on your head?!?!  Well that’s just crazy.” LOL!!! Over the last year on the hair sites, I’ve also read about taking pre-natal vitamins when not nursing, pregnant nor having any plans to get there (I researched but don’t feel comfortable about doing that until I talk to my doctor), using veterinary quality shampoo and conditioners made for horses to promote growth (MegaTek) and employing safety pins to try to remove SSKs. I also suspect that far more of us than will admit spend an inordiante number of hours stalking Fotki, Youtube and hair sites and find ourselves up to the wee hours of the night or watching the sunrise because we couldn’t pull our exhausted and red-eyed selves away from the computer.

So, what say you?  

When does “idiosyncratic” about our hair cross the line into “One Flew Over the CUCKOO’s Nest?!”

What hair-related things do you find yourself doing that you know are a little obsessive, quirky or (shoot, let’s admit it) crazy?

“Lurkers” … I’m Calling You Out!!!


8/3/12: I had so much fun reading the comments on this when I first posted it in July,  October and then January, figured I’d “paste” it to the front page again and see who else reveals themselves!! Won’t you play along ;)?!

LOL!!!! Over the last week or so, I’ve seen quite a few new names around here and some have specifically admitted to being “lurkers” for a while (the Hairscapades GOC seems to be responsible for bringing a few out of the shadows;). I totally respect that and have lurked myself!! Kimmaytube has no idea that I visited her leave-in recipe many times over the last year (I don’t think I subscribed, liked or “favorited” any of her videos! Yeah, need to take care of that;). However, now that I have my own blog, I realize that comments, likes, shares, twitters, favoriting and subscriptions to a site, posts, Youtube video/channel, etc. help one understand if their content is desired and enjoyed. Plus, I just wonder who else is out there regularly visiting the site, but just hasn’t felt inclined to reveal themselves yet. I’d really like to understand what content you like the best, if you like the site at all, if you come back often … so, if you are enjoying what you are seeing and reading and feel so inclined, please come out of the shadows;)!!!! Don’t be scared. We don’t bite=).

And to all my regulars and those newly revealed readers, thank you SOOOOO much for your support!!! I wouldn’t be doing this without your encouragement and interest!!! Please continue to visit and comment!

You guys rock!!