Feeling Lazy and More Randomness


So, I’ve had a Vatika Oil pre-poo in my hair since Monday. I just don’t feel like washing my hair and, as I’ve been blowing off exercising too, I don’t have sweaty, dirty hair. So, really not feeling that pressed to wash, DC and style. A 90 degree +, 4 days and counting, heat wave doesn’t help matters and screams for an updo.

Banana Clip Bun to the RESCUE!!!!

Yeah, yeah. I know. You’ve seen it before. And, a far better version! It’s after midnight as I write this, and I didn’t apply any product to smooth my edges this morning or tie a scarf to “set” them. I just spritzed with water, lightly brushed and re-set the banana clip and bun (I used Eco Styler mixed with Raw Shea Butter the prior morning and was relying on the water to “reactivate” the product=). Anyway, this is what you get. A frizzy, fuzzy, “been there, done that,” big banana clip bun, a greasy forehead and bad lighting (the SO was in the bathroom with the “good” lighting). Hey, they can’t all be great hair days. And, if they were, wouldn’t you kind of hate me?

On another note (though the “banana clip bun to the rescue” comment provided a great segue;-), New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2011 is fast approaching!!! If you’ve read any of my “More About Me” posts, you know that I’m a comic book, cartoon, superhero, sci-fi loving geek. So, I’m working on making accommodation arrangements with my NYCC road dog for the three day event. We want to be in the city or near a PATH train in NJ. Anywho, a while back on my GOC blog, I posted a pic of a headband that I think I want to get for the event. I won’t be dressing up as Wonder Woman, Storm or participating in any type of cosplay (i.e. “costume” play). But I do wear the occasional comic/cartoon inspired tee-shirt and this headband around a big, messy, banana clip bun would be just what Dr. Thomas Wayne ordered!!

The Esty shop, JanineBasil, is down right now. Hope she'll still have this type of headband when it returns!

What do you think?!?! I think it’s ComiCon chic, or geek chic if you will!! The fanboys (and gals) would be SWEATING me!!! (I know, what you’re thinking “And that’s a good thing?!?!” LOL!!)

I also think I might have to get a matching pedi and mani:

Ooooh!! And if I could find these in a decent quality for “big girls,” I’d get them too!!! No one would know I was wearing them but me … and that’s all that matters;-)

You know you either had a pair or wanted a pair so badly it hurt!

You may be laughing hysterically or shaking your head now, but guess who’s going to be at NYCC in October?:

*drops mic and walks away*


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  1. LOL you are so cute with the comic stuff. My step daughter appears to be into comics too.

    by the way, was yesterday crazy or what? Even though I was in PA, it was hot as h-e- double hocky sticks! You want to talk frizz? I had a banana clip in yesterday with the back out (released from twists). I also had the front twisted and wrapped back around the banana clip. The end result: A puffy poofy frizz ball! My mom was like, what happened to your hair LOL. It was so funny. I had to take out the banana clip and pull everything back and with nothing to smooth my edges, I looked like a black q-tip LOL


    • And it’s even worse today Michelle!!! But why am I going to hot yoga in 1 minute?!?!?! And girl, put that hair up in a bun!! I’m not even trying!! LOL!!


  2. I saw those nails before and they are the cutest thing! That man is SO gorgeous. You know him and Lisa Bonet are ALL the way live! lol


    • At first I was like … for Jason Mamoa?! LOL!!! Oh yeah … everybody, my beautiful younger sister here sent me the headband and nail polish link and pic=). She has my back even though she thinks my cartoon/comic obsession is a little far gone.


    • Chandra, Amazon has a little WW set, but the reviews indicate that it is cheap and cut too small. But, if it wasn’t for that, I’d sooooo be ordering it!!! LOL!!


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