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Hairscapades Grow Out Challenge


Do you have hair length, thickness or health goals? How about weight, fitness or diet goals? Stress reduction? Faith? Do you need something to hold you accountable and keep you motivated to achieve them? Are you participating in the NC.com Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge (GOC) that ends July 31st and don’t want the good times, the challenges and/or the friendships to end? Then join the Hairscapades GOC that will run for 6 months, from August 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012! It’s a couple of weeks away, but I already have several ideas. I hope that you’ll join me on this hairscapade as I’m still on a mission to achieve waist length (WL) hair and to maintain my weight loss (instead of backsliding, as usual. Yeah, I haven’t worked out in almost three weeks. I need this!).

I’ll be posting additional details about the GOC this weekend. So, if you are interested or just have some ideas to make this great, please “check-in” here.

H A P P Y    G R O W I N G!!!!


My Staples: Virgin Coconut Oil/Vatika Oil


So, I thought you all might be interested in a series of posts about my staple and Holy Grail (HG) products. I figured I’d go through the items in the order that I use them on wash day as that provides a pretty logical sequence.

Let’s begin with my pre-poo staple(s): virgin coconut oil (VCO) and Dabur Vatika Enhanced Coconut Hair Oil. If you read my post on Mineral Oil v. Coconut Oil and the linked article from NaturallyCurly.com, you know about the many benefits of virgin coconut oil for hair. Although I’ve been using Dabur Vatika Hair Fall Control Styling Cream as of late, I always have VCO and Vatika Oil in the cabinets and will return to them. In fact, as I write this post, I have had a Vatika Oil pre-poo in my hair for two days (thank goodness for banana clip buns and flowers;-).

I began incorporating pre-poos into my regimen last November after seeing this post on CurlyNikki.com and the accompanying video by Youtuber whatgetsonmytits below (I feel funny writing that, but have to give her credit!!).

The information that indicated that coconut oil is the only oil that actually penetrates the hair cortex and can moisturize hair from the inside out, as well as the scientific evidence supporting its ability to prevent hygral fatigue, were all it took to sell me. I hit the grocery store and got myself some VCO and started pre-pooing my very next wash day.

After some additional research on various site, such as Mop Top Maven, and spending time in my local Indian grocer’s hair products aisle looking at henna (PJ heaven, I tell ya!), I also learned of Dabur Vatika Oil. This is what Amazon.com has to say about this product:

  • Premium coconut hair oil enriched with henna, amla, lemon and five other trusted herbs
  • Provides natural nourishment to your hair, giving it body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients
  • Ensures deeper oil penetration to give your hair and scalp complete nourishment for problem free, healthy hair
  • Strengthens the roots of your hair, to help maintain their health and natural thickness
  • Astringent action of lemon controls sebum flow helping to prevent dandruff

Turns out that not only does Vatika oil claim coconut oil as its first ingredient, it’s significantly cheaper than the VCO I was purchasing at my local grocery store. I am able to get 10.14 fl. oz. (or 300 mL) of Vatika oil for $3.99 at my local Indian grocer, whereas a 14 oz. bottle of VCO costs me more than $10 a jar. Don’t get me wrong, I still purchase VCO (the SO uses it on his skin;). However, the Vatika oil is a more cost-effective alternative for my pre-poos where I use a decent amount of product. I save the VCO for my SO and for adding to my DCs. Since I’ve incorporated pre-poos into my routine, I’m able to do some light, dry finger-detangling prior to my shampoo and conditioning session. I would have never imagined trying a dry detangle prior to this (though detangling a stretched TnC is far easier than detangling a WnG). However, given that hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet, I welcomed the idea of doing some of the “heavy lifting” on dry hair in order to reduce mechanical damage. Another effect that I attribute to coconut oil is shinier and more moisturized hair. I generally find that I don’t need to rewet my hair during the week (though I do tend to apply some product(s) – oil, butter and/or gel – 1 or 2 times during the week).

One thing I will advise is that though my hair LOVES coconut oil for pre-poos and added to my DCs, it hates it for sealing. They start out playing nice, but a fight inevitably breaks out the next day and my ends are left dry and crunchy. A lot of people seem to experience the same altercation! So, that is something that you should keep in mind when using coconut oil. It may be good for one thing, but not for another and you should pay attention to your hair’s reaction to products, even the same product, when used in different ways.

  1. Coconut/Vatika oil is solid at normal room temperatures and should be melted in its closed container under or submerged in hot water (not the microwave). If it’s kept in a warmer location (like my condo during the summer – I hate AC!), it will liquify.
  2. Pour an inch or two of melted coconut/Vatika oil into a dye applicator bottle for easier melting and convenience of application.


Have you tried pre-pooing? What type of oil(s) and/or conditioner(s) do you use and what results have you experienced, if any? Would you recommend pre-pooing as a regimen building block?