When Hair Meets Sci-Fi


In my search for a new hooded/bonnet dryer, I came across this contraption. Seriously, looks like she’s about to break into orbit!  I particularly enjoyed the two star review that contemplates the bodily harm that will occur if this thing malfunctions.

via  Amazon:

The soft bonnet does more than rest on your head, it encapsulates it. (You stick your head through an opening in the back and your face peers out the front side of the bonnet which has a larger opening.) Moreover, in order to use it effectively, you must put the strap of the blower device around your neck. So in the event that this thing malfunctions and for example, catches fire, you would have to first, remove the bonnet from around your head, and second, remove the strap from around your head. Doing both these actions potentially wastes the ample time you might need to get away … Finally, when you use it for the first time, the plastic smell (exacerbated by the heat which pumps through the soft bonnet) is enough to cause one to faint which would be disastrous considering that if you faint, the machine is going to operate and pulse out heat around your head, because you are attached to it.

Caveat Emptor!!!  LMBO!!

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  1. Yvonne, no way!!! Really? I might have had to get it just for the novelty!! Of course, after donning it and taking a pic, I’d have to return it though;-)! LOL!!

    @ Blessing, LMBO!!


  2. That is hilarious!!! I actually have one of these. I got it from Sally Beauty, and it’s really not that serious. It does look kinda funny, however. Kids love it! I will say it’s very comfortable and provides a really soft, smooth, bouncy set.


  3. Lavendar, of course kids love it, they can pretend to be Buzz Lightyear with it!!!! LMBO;-)! Okay ladies, you have to tell me what was going through your heads when you first saw this and what got you past the look of it to buy it! I swear, it looks like it would suffocate me to death! *lol* But of course, I’m looking for a great dryer and you have me intrigued!!


  4. Wow…okay this cracked me up because I was doing my homework in bed last night, and I couldn’t concentrate because I knew my hair would not be dry the next morning. I pulled out my Buzz Lightyear dryer and it did the trick. I honestly hadn’t pulled it out in years cause I have always used very minimal heat, but it did a fantastic job. Another set, soft with great hold. The products also seem to penetrate deeper and moisturize better. Shelli, you have started something. I am not trying to get hooked on heat.


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