Bouffant Updo (Video Tutorial)


One of my GOC friends and fellow WordPress blogger, Rece of AHairStory, posted a style that she tried after seeing TiaShauntee’s version of an updo inspired by MissVaughn. TiaShauntee, of Her Best Hair, remixed the style, which used Marley braiding hair, by cornrowing and twisting her own hair. Rece then remixed TiaShauntee’s version by twisting her hair rather than cornrowing it. Well, who was I to stop the inspiration train from chugging along?!?! LOL! So, I decided to try the style on an old, undefined TnC that I’d worn bunned with Goody Spin Pins most of the week. I also decided to film the results! So, here is my video tutorial of the style and a slide show of the final result because I kind of cut the top of my head off and I forgot to put a light in the room (I was rushing to get out of the door for work!!). Hope you still get the picture and, if you’d like me to re-film it, just let me know in the comments below! It was a pretty easy style to accomplish and I can try it again when I’m not on the run=)!!



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  1. Great,great job on your hair. Are you gonna rock this for a few days? I wonder how long this style would last??? Hmmmmmm…….. Im thinking about trying it my only problem is shrinkage when I wash my hair so I would have to wait a good two days before I even think about trying this style, I have fine hair and not as long as your but this for sure is an “inspirational style” for everyone. The look is just so elegant. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing more AWESOME styles and tutorials from you!!!!! 🙂


    • Thank you Stef (or should I call you Coco?=)! I wore this for two days, Friday and Saturday. I was on the road for 16+ hours over the weekend for a family reunion though, so I twisted it Saturday night and wore it that way yesterday. I’m sure I could have gotten one more day out of it on a normal day. As to shrinkage, my hair was stretched with a TnC first and then it was bunned for several days. So, that kept it very stretched. Maybe that would work for you as well. Did you check out the other three videos on my “channel?” If not, this was my fourth and I’m going to try to do one a week. Thank you for checking out the site and my youtube video(s)!!!


  2. It looks great. I saw Her Best Hair do this and thought it would be hard, but you did a great job. After a two day old TnC my hair is so frizzy looking. How do you keep your old styles from frizzing up? Thanks


    • Hi Miche’al! Thank you!! Keeping my stretched TnC bunned, as well as using a leave-in and oil to seal keeps my hair from getting frizzy. However, for this style, I twisted the old TnC and that helps control the frizz too (with a little product assistance – Deva Set It Free and JBCO=).


  3. I used to wear this style about several years ago, but I cannot believe you can pull off this style so quickly on your first attempt, while filming a tutorial BEFORE heading off to work. Good job!

    Okay, so I’m weird but I was focused on the muscle definition in your arms and back. You’re inspiring me to get back on track with the workouts. I’ve had a rough week and my workouts were suspended. 😦

    Have you ever thought of filming a tutorial on some of your go-to exercises?


    • Thanks Tanya!! Fortunately, I’ve always been pretty good at styling. I think it’s the artist in me. However, I still was a little pleased that I was able to pull this off on the first try too. Unfortunately, sometimes these styles are one hit wonders!! LOL!! Like, you know, you get them easy the first time, but can never replicate them! LOL!

      As to the working out, you’re not alone!! I haven’t worked out since my Tough Mudder on 7/9!!! I need to get it back together!! I’ve been hair blogging instead of working out!!

      As to my go to exercises … no I haven’t thought of filming myself because everything I do is already on DVD=). I did a post with the kettlebell DVD I use, My Regimen includes the 9 week treadmill routine I was doing and also a link to the Brazil Butt LIft series I mixed in between. I take hot yoga at a studio (that is DA bomb!). I want to do a post about hot yoga, but want to find a really good website with reliable information about it before I do so. However, seems like a lot of hot yoga studios are popping up lately and Groupons for unlimited monthly passes seem to be a trend. So, you might want to check out if a studio and/or Groupon’s are available in an area near you.


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