Cornrows and Pin-Curled Twists Updo


Here is an updo that I tried last year after seeing this video by WestNDNBeauty on Since I don’t know how to do two-strand flat twists well, I used cornrows instead. Though my hair is fine and doesn’t look as lush as WestNDNBeauties, I still think it turned out well. However, I think that doing protective styles like this too often would actually be detrimental to my hair growth goals. Because my hair is fine, the manipulation involved with cornrowing damp hair felt a little too rough and I think I experienced some breakage doing them. There is a decision that had to be made in regard to using a leave-in. Something too slippery made it hard for me to braid my hair and for the braids to hold. But something not slippery enough made for more damage. So, if you have fine hair like me and want to give a style like this a try, choose a leave-in that provides enough slip to prevent/reduce tangles, but not so much that you can’t get the braids to hold.  I tried Infusium 23 initially and that didn’t work well at all! It just didn’t provide any slip. Then, I tried the kimmaytube leave-in and that was too slippery. It made my hair very difficult to grasp, though it would probably work very well for someone with thicker, kinkier hair that absorbs moisture and oils readily. I think a modified kimmaytube leave-in (reduced or no oil) would have probably worked the best and will use that the next time I want to attempt a style like this.

(The picture quality isn’t that great as this was before I started using a real camera! But, the camera phone served me well for a long time.;-)

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    • OMG!!! Thank you!! I feel honored that you are even on my blog! Though, I assume it’s because you got a “ping back.” But still!!! LOL!!! Thank you and it’s because of you and Nikki that I just “had” to get some Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee=).


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