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RUGGED MANIAC!!! (Updated with pics)


Saturday, July 9th. Do or die. The day of reckoning has arrived!  The Rugged Maniac. I have to get to bed at a reasonable time guys, but I’ll respond to all of your comments soon and I’ll have some new posts for you on Sunday or Monday … God willing!! Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Pray for my survival and limbs ya’ll!!! LOL!!!

7/10/11 UPDATE:  I did the Rugged Maniac and survived!!! We lost two participants to studying and sickness, so the 6 that were supposed to do it ended up being 3, but we think we’re going to make this an annual event! I know, crazy right?!? And now, the evidence!!

No, this is not an ayuverdic hair treatment!!!  LOL!!!


Angled Cornrow Braid with Bun


It’s that time again!!!  Here is another simple, Lilith Moon inspired “Updo” that I modified slightly with a bun and a hair stick. However, I’d wear it with the hanging braid as well. As usual, I did this style on hair that was stretched with a TnC.

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“Hair Crush” HairStory Poll and Questions


7/14/11 UPDATE:  *screeeeeccccchhhhhh*  Scratch that “Inspiration.”  The results are in! It’s “Hair Crush” by a knock-out!!

So, I was starting to write this post and began to think about the name of this HairStory category. I thought, “‘Inspiration’ is okay, but there has to be something better.” I started playing around with the words, looking up synonyms in the m-w.com thesaurus and came up with a few ideas. But, which one? So, rather than trying to decide myself, I figured I’d ask you guys. That being said,

I T ‘ S   P O L L   T I M E  ! ! !

Please vote for your favorite or select “Other” and suggest a different name in the comments (not the poll comments, the regular ones) so that everyone can see and vote.



*Describe yourself in 100 words or less.

*How long have you been natural and why did you chose to go natural?

*Did you transition or big chop?

*How did others (family, friends, colleagues) react to your decision to go natural? What was your response to them? How do they feel now?

*What is/was your biggest hair challenge/obstacle?  How did you overcome it or what are you doing now to try to address the problem?

*What do you love most about your natural hair and/or about being natural?

*What is your current regimen?  Has it changed in any major way since you first went natural?

*What are your Holy Grail and staple products?

What is your “go to” style (share a picture of it, if you have one!)? Do you wear protective and/or low manipulation styles? If so, how often and why?

*How often do you cut/trim your hair? How do you cut it (salon, DIY, straight, curly, in twists)? If you go to a salon, would you recommend it (if yes, please feel free to give the name and location to help other naturals in your area!).

Has going natural impacted other areas of your life (i.e. health & fitness, style, environmental consciousness, etc.?) If so, how and in what ways has it affected your lifestyle?

Do you have a “hair crush?” If so, who?

Who do you follow online (i.e. blog/website, Youtube, Fotki, etc.)?

Where can we find you online?

*What advice would you give someone who is contemplating going natural and/or becoming discouraged with their natural journey?

Anything else that you’d like to add?

*Please answer all questions with an asterisk. The other “Inspiration” HairStory questions are optional.


E-mail YOUR HairStory, with 5-6 pics, to hairscapades@gmail.com.