Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins and Bun Spiral Reviews


Ah, the Goody Spin Pins. If you haven’t tried these, you may not know what you are missing. I picked up a pack last summer after seeing the commercials on TV. You pull your hair back as if making a ponytail (low, high, side, wherever you like). You form your hair into a bun; you can form a loose or tight bun. You spin one pin in from the top of the bun downwards. You take the other and spin it in from the bottom towards the top, ensuring that the pins are far enough apart so that they do not interlock. The pins spun in and out of my hair like BUTTER!! I was surprised that they glided in so easily. They also didn’t pull or snag any hair upon removal like bobby pins and ponytail holders often do. I think these pins provide a great, quick way to get the hair off of the face and neck when it’s hot! I purchased a second box so that I could keep one set in my purse! You can find the Spin Pins at stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Harmons and they come in “blonde” and “brunette.” There are no black pins, but the brunette work fine on black hair as they disappear in the bun so that you don’t see them at all.

First time using the Spin Pins

Big, loose bun with Goody Spin Pins

Now, on to the Goody Bun Spiral.

A couple of months ago, I came across this little handy, dandy looking device and thought, “HEY!!!  It’s a big Spin Pin!! How awesome!! This could be even better and easier!!” So, of course I had to buy it. I didn’t use it immediately, but a few weeks after I purchased it, I came across this video tutorial for it with this pic of the high, messy bun. 

Sooooooo cute!! I whipped out my spiral, formed the high bun as demonstrated in the video and commenced to spinning. It did not end well. The bun had to be small to get the spiral over it, then, when I started twisting the spiral, it started going all wonky.  I started to try to remove the thing to start again and couldn’t! I started freaking out, ran out to my SO and he saved me. In defense of the Bun Spiral, I was twisting it in the wrong direction to release (I was tightening it! LOL!!). Regardless, the Spiral got put away. I think the Spin Pins work great on natural hair, but the Bun Spiral might only work on straight hair or on those with the finest and waviest of natural hair. Maybe when I do a press and curl (not this year), I’ll whip it out again to give it a whirl. But, for now, it’s hidden in the recesses of the vanity collecting dust, jealously plotting against the Spin Pins.

Have you tried the Goody Spin Pins or Bun Spiral?  If so, what do you think?


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  1. I’ve used both, but I prefer the spin pins too. The bun spiral takes some practice, and they make my buns look smaller than I want. You’re not kidding about how smooth those pins are! I was worried they were going to get tangled in my hair, but that’s never happened! Good job, Goody =)


  2. I just bought the Goodie spin pins 2 days ago. CVS had a buy one get one free sale (no way I was paying $6.99 for one set). I was able to score a pack of the regular size and a pack of the 3 small minis. I wish I had done a pic yesterday but then again, I had these little tiny buns lol. How did you make it a messy bun? I smell a video tutorial LOL

    On another note, a while back I picked up the Goodie modern updo pin and wish I hadn’t. I can’t figure it out for the life of me. You have to push it up through the base of your bun and then turn and bring it down (I think) I can’t get it to work at all.


  3. Natakue, that’s what I suspect might happen with the bun spiral, if I ever decide to try it again. I like big buns, so I think the spiral might make it too small.

    Michelle, I have that modern updo french twist pin and I couldn’t get it to work either!!!! I tried it multiple times and there was no way it was flipping/folding up and going down!!! I was thinking about reviewing that one here too … but I was writing this post in the morning before going to work and didn’t have time to add that pin to the review.

    Lavendar, stick with the spin pins!! LOL!!

    Thanks for your comments all!!


    • Hi! I haven’t tried the mini spin pins, though I’ve seen and eyed them up a couple of times=)! I figure, if I do small buns, I can just use one pin in each bun. Actually, I think they even have that on the card that comes with the regular Spin Pins. I have the french twist pin though and can’t figure out how to make that one work! Do you have any tricks of the trade for that one=)? I’ve watched a video, but it’s just not happening! Might be that natural hair is too dense/curly to do use that one.


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