Flashback (Part II): 2009


January 2009/Inauguartion Week/DC: Press and Curl. Yeah, talking as usual.

February 2009/NY Comic Con: WnG. Yes, that is Darth Vadar and a Storm Trooper. Yes, I go to comic conventions. I’m ESPECIALLY looking forward to the one this year as I just learned that Jason Momoa will be there *screaming like a tween at a Justin Beiber concert!!*  I will be watching cartoons and attending cons until the day I die.

May 2009/Princeton Reunions: WnG with my fellow natural class of 94er classmate!

June 2009: WnG. That’s my fellow natural Mommy=). Excuse my goofy and greasy face!  LOL!

July 2009/Family Reunion: WnG

August 2009/Nat’l Black Theatre Festival: WnG. And yes. Yes, that is Lamman Rucker. He co-hosted the midnight poetry show with one of my best friends. He filled in for Malcom Jamal Warner who normally co-hosted this event with her. Lamman was really cool. We all hung out the next day and he listened attentively as I told everyone about the wonders of Avatar: The Last Airbender;-). My hair isn’t pressed against him … not really anyway.  There’s another picture, one side is frizzy and sticking out, the other was defined and layed a lot flatter. I was lopsided.  LOL!

August 2009/NY Botanical Gardens: WnG that is pretty grey, frizzy and poofing from the humidity. You notice the trend in the mini front bouffant?  I did that all of the time because it helped the back of my hair look better for some reason. Created more of a round shape in the back. When I didn’t do this, my hair looked like a mushroom.

August 2009/Whitewater Rafting in PA: 2 braids.

October 2009/Smithstonian Museum of Natural History: WnG. My natural sweetie=). I like to twirl his curls=). Anwyho, see the various shrinkage? This is why TnCs became a staple for me once I discovered them on CurlyNikki’s site!! When I was relaxed in college, I used to cornrow my hair (Leroy braids as we used to call them. Remember Leroy from Fame?=) when it was wet and wear it a couple of days and then wear a braid-out. I would even curl the ends of the cornows on rollers. So, I was doing a braid and curl. I would also do braid outs on my natural hair sometimes. But, it had been years. So Nikki’s site reminded me of these options!

October 2009: Press and curl.

December 2009/Family Holiday Gathering: Yeah, I can’t really sing, but that was pretty fun. See how the front is hanging and the back is in the air? That’s due to those different curl patterns/shrinkage again. My hair is looser in the front and tighter in the crown and back, with the exception of my nape hair, which is barely wavy.

And that essentially brings us up to my henna and TnC days of 2010=).  Check out Flashback (Part I): 2006-2008 if you missed it!!!

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    • We’ve been going every year for about the last 5 or 6. Yes, it’s a very long and exhausting day! We are going on dam release day too. With my mom and aunt. Who have never been WWF. This should be interesting. And entertaining. LOL!!! And I knew I’d get some reactions with those Lamman pictures. Funny thing is, my youngest sister went to the Essence Music Festival last week and met him too, with accompanying pictures. She mentioned me and he said he still hadn’t watched Avatar. *lol*


  1. Ah I love you wash n’ go’s! I cannot master them anymore after cutitng out my colored hair…My curl pattern is so different. Or maybe only wearing twist outs for the last year. 😦 But I really miss the wng. Plus I can’t seem to find the right gel/moisturizer combo. boooo


    • Thanks. I actually don’t do WnGs too much anymore! They may look good from the front, but the inconsistent curl pattern in the back (tight on top, loose underneath) was a pain and almost always resulted in mushroom head! I prefer TnCs now=)! As to the right combo … have you tried any that I mentioned? I’ve used Carol’s Daughter Health Hair Butter mixed with either LaBella Lots of Curls, Jamaican Mango and Lime Lock Gel or Samy’s Get Curls Curl Potion (not that cream, the orangey gel) with lots of success. All of these WnGs were done with one of those combos.


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