25 Random Things About Me (#11-25)


Continued from 25 Random Things About Me (#1-10):

11.  One year when I was in high school (maybe junior year?), I watched either Little Shop of Horrors or Just One of the Guys every single day after school. I memorized every single line (and song) and could act out those entire movies, much to the annoyance of anyone who tried to watch them with me.

12.  I’m fascinated by time travel.  I think it started with Voyagers. Remember that show? Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey? Quantum Leap is also one of my all-time favorite shows.

13.  I wore glasses and braces in high school and suffered the ultimate shame. I had to wear head gear at night. Told you I was a nerd.

(I think this was before the braces.  My teeth were always pretty straight, just had a significant overbite. Had to wear head gear because I didn’t have any room for my teeth to move.  It was either that or pull four teeth.)

14.  I don’t have any children, but want at least one.

15.  I’m single, but in a long-term relationship. He is my heart=).

16.  I’m a teacher’s pet, but not an obnoxious one.

17.  I don’t like being wrong. But when I am, I can admit it.

18.  I’m very competitive, but hide it to a certain extent. I hate to lose, but can do it gracefully as long as someone doesn’t trash talk me. Then I get mad.

19.  I’m slow to anger and quick to forgive.

20.  I was only grounded one time in my life. I would skirt my household duties and go into the attic and read romance novels. My mom said, “Don’t let me see you with a book in your hand this week!”  Yup. Grounded off of books.

21. I went on my first date and experienced my first kiss at 16 at my sophomore semi-formal. The kiss did not go well. It was French and I was grossed out. I only went on one other date the rest of high school, my senior prom. And that was arranged … at a track meet … by my mom. My friend from church also didn’t have a date and she suggested that we go together. “Good idea!”

22. On many Saturdays, I hang out with my three buddies who are all cartoonist and comic fans. I met them while I attended a Saturday class at a comics and cartooning school. Two are teachers and one was a student. We call ourselves the Sci-Five. Yup, there it is. Although there are only four of us in the Sci-Five, the name was too cool to pass up. So, the fifth is an alternate spot.

(The Sci-Five, minus one. You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?) 

23. I was a thumb sucker until the age of 9, hence the overbite requiring braces. My aunt told me that a keloid that I had on my thumb was a worm under the skin and that I would eventually suck it out. I stopped sucking my thumb right then and there.

24. In college, my four best friends and I made up our own sorority, LAVA! LAVA was an acronym of our middle initials except for our one friend, who doesn’t have a middle name, was missing. Her surname begins with “Ex,” so she became the exclamation point at the end. We had a hand signal, call and step dance. *LOL*

25. I grew up with horses (my dad’s love) and was essentially a farm hand until I went away to college.

Did you get more than you bargained for?!?!?!  LOL!!!  Hope you were at least entertained=)!

What random things would you like people to know about you?


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  1. I was a lurker until today when I saw Jon-Erik Hexum’s handsome face staring back at me! I loved Voyagers!, too and became hooked on time travel because of it. Well, time travel and history. Quantum Leap was also a fave. Gotta love Sam and Al. 🙂

    I enjoy your blog, styling tips and PJ-ism. Keep it coming!

    What random things I would like people to know about me???
    I’m a natural who’s been relaxer free since 2003.
    I have a serious product junkie habit that needs to quit.
    I have 2 older siblings so my parents saved the best for last. LOL
    I write fan fiction and I’m also a published author…a time travel romance, of course. lol
    I can quote Point Break, Back to the Future, The Color Purple, Good Times, (Voyagers!) and certain episodes of Little House on the Prairie.


  2. Dominiqua, I’m glad you ventured out from the shadows!!! LOL!!! LOVE IT!! Yeah, another Voyagers fan!!! I didn’t remember the actor’s name, but he died young, didn’t he? This is so awesome that you wrote a time travel romance! What’s the title?!? As to the sibling thing, yeah, you sound like my youngest sister;-)! I am not a fan of a lot of heart-wrenching drama, but The Color Purple is one of my all-time favorite movies and I’ll stop to watch it almost any time it’s on TV. Every other movie in my top 10 is either a teen movie from the 80s (Sixteen Candles and Weird Science anyone) a superhero movie (Superman I and II – The Christopher Reeves originals) or sci-fi/action flick (The Matrix – What sequels? What are you talking about=P). As to the PJ thing … yeah, you have a comrade in me. Well thank you so much for the support and peak your head into the light every now and again;).


  3. Just One of the Guys was on last night! I didn’t get a chance to watch it and it has been a while since I did so I’m going to have to go and rent it now. All of my friends think I’m corny for knowing the Little Shop of Horror songs so I am glad that I’m not the only one who thinks it rocks! I am an artist too. I have really been slacking though. I have one year old that keeps my hands tied. But I am more into portraiture. I haven’t done any cartooning since I was much younger but I’m looking to try some new things out and with a song that is ALL boy, I have been thinking about cartooning again. I think that would make me’the coolest’ in his eyes. =o)


    • I own Just One of the Guys!!! LOL!!! And, Little Shop of Horrors rocks!! Valencia, seems like you may be a closet nerd;-). And, you cartooning will ABSOLUTELY make you the coolest in your sons eyes. I go to this Saturday cartooning class that is mostly kids and they LOVE that I’m an adult who likes cartoons. It’s the cutest thing! I’m like Norm on Cheers when I walk in the school! There’s all these cries of, “SHELLI!!” LOL!!


  4. Well I have a twin sister. She wont dare go natural
    I havent had a perm since 07 and everyody wants my hair straight.
    In elementary I used to wear black lipstick and my mom said I had a chip on my shoulder.
    In highschool I dyed my hair fire engine red .
    I want to rob a beauty supply store so I wont have to spend an arm for products.


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  9. ROTFLOL @ #23 – my daughter sucked her two middle fingers until kindergarten when the teachers wouldn’t let her suck them in class. Until that point everyone tried to get me to make her stop sucking them. I thought it was a cruel thing to do because that was her way of soothing herself. For some reason, however, your aunt’s tactic is extremely funny to me!


    • LOL!! Yes, it was!! Well, it’s a good thing that school worked for your daughter because I have one “relation” who still sucks his thumb at over 40 years old and another “relation” who did so until she left for college. No matter what their parents did, nothing stopped it!! Those relations will go unnamed. But yeah, best to nip that in the bud as soon as possible!!!


  10. I agree with #23. I used to suck my thumb til about 9 and only God knows why I stopped. It was one of the best feelings in the world along with rubbing something cottony/soft. Even rubbing pennies on my thumbs didn’t wor!!!. lol


    • ALWINA!!! OMGosh!!!! The other thing I would do is rub the satin on the top of blankets (you know the kind I mean?) between the thumb and forefinger of my other hand!! Too funny!!!


  11. I like that you originally posted this on my birthday, July 6. My randomness: 6 is my favorite number. Besides being born on the 6th, I was also born at 6am. I’m not a touchy freely person, but for some reason I cry every time I see the scene in the Color Purple when Celie meets her adult kids for the 1st time. I’ve seen this movie countless times and I still cry every time…hard….like they’re my kids. That’s all you getting out of me Shelli.


    • lol. What’s so funny is that I cry at that same part of The Color Purple. Every. Freaking. Time! Well at that part and when Shug reunites with her pops.


    • LOL!!! Queen, you are the best!! And, get this … I hate tearjerker movies, don’t like to see them b/c I’m very sensitive and will cry very easily at sad things. I mean, I’ve cried at cartoon movies (Lion King?!?!). So, if I see a movie that is sad, I may think it’s a wonderful movie, but generally speaking, I never want to see it ever again (Beaches anybody?). But, Color Purple? One of my ALL-TIME favorite movies!!! I will watch it any time I see it on TV, no matter what point it is in the movie. And yes, I cry at those times every time too!!! It is so triumphant, it is so empowering, that I’m okay with crying at certain parts:)!!


  12. There was a rule at my house. No reading at the dinner table…and so of course, I chose not to eat. This would drive my Haitian mother crazy, especially because I was slim, and culturally this was equated with poverty. This was how I “rebelled” at home, because just like Shelli, I was/am a nerd!


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