Simple, Chunky Four Twist TnC


I was planning on doing a henna over the Fourth of July Weekend, but really needed to wash my hair after hot yoga on Friday. So, I co-washed with HE HH and washed my scalp with DevaCurl No Poo (again, noticed less shedding since I’ve been avoiding getting conditioner on my scalp). I didn’t DC or make the kimmaytube leave-in as I’ll do/use those when I henna on Monday, most likely. After letting my hair air dry for about 15-30 minutes, I divided it into four sections and applied about a 1/2 tsp of DevaCare One Conditioner to each section and made four chunky twists. I secured the back two twists together at the roots with a Goody Comfort Flex barrette to prevent an obvious part. Next, I applied a few squirts of DevaCurl Set It Free to the bottom half of each twist, sealed the ends with JBCO and set the twists on pink flexis. I tied my hair down with a hairnet and hit the sack.

On Saturday morning, around 10:30 or so, after taking my shower, I released the twists with a little JBCO. My roots were dry, but my ends were still very slightly damp. So, I broke up my roots a little, but left the ends undisturbed. I had these really chunky curls. I wrapped a piece of floral trim around my head 3 times forming a headband that I tied at my nape. These are the results. I really like how chunky and thick my hair looks (seriously, sometimes less is really more! Now if only I could get my inner PJ to believe that *inner PJ chanting*, “Qhemet Cocoa Ghee, Qhemet Cocoa Ghee.”).

(The back could stand to be blended a little better, but I didn’t want to disturb the curls. I’ll have to make the twists and flexis go in the same direction next time so that I can blend a middle section curl. And do you see that stray strand of almost straight hair? I have a few of those. I swear, one day I’m just going to cut them>:(. Since I don’t wear my hair straight that often and, even if I did, these hairs are under the rest of my hair, I don’t think it would be noticeable at all. What do you think?) 

I definitely think I’ll be doing this simple routine again, with the exception of adding a DC into the mix. I think the DevaCare gives me a drier, chunkier set than the kimmaytube, which leaves my fine hair a little weighed down because of the oils. However, I’m not foreswearing the kimmaytube leave-in, not in the least! I think I’ll just alternate it with the DevaCare One depending on whether I want a shiny, “smaller” set or a drier, more voluminous one.

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    • Yeah, there aren’t as many waves, but I get bigger hair with fewer twists and I like big hair=). I just read an old post on where she did twists to stretch, let them dry, then did a braid and curl for big hair. I might be trying that next!


  1. This is my go-to style. I either do this or 4 big ol’ braids. I love the chunkiness and of course the simplicity. I realized a few weeks ago that with less product, the twists/braids come out even chunkier. I’ve been playing around with that a bit.


    • Yup, Nikki has been chanting the less product mantra for the last year=). I think my problem was too much oil in my kimmaytube LI, that’s why I reduced it to 1 tsp each instead of 2. But, I was reading this Hair Idol story on CN and this one woman didn’t add the oil at all. The pH comes from the conditioner and aloe vera juice. So, I might give that a try too and see what happens. Instead of adding the oil to the LI, I’ll try just sealing with JBCO, which seems to just absorb into my hair making it soft and shiny. Removing the oil also might allow my hair to dry more quickly!! I’ve applied the kimmaytube LI on my almost completely dry hair and it has completely saturated it again to the point where it takes 2 days to dry!


  2. To Skills,

    It seems as if your hair is very similar to mine in texture, and you use Henna. I’ve been afraid to Henna because I read that it loosens the curl pattern. Did it do that to yours? I notice how smooth and straight you hair is in these pictures, so I’m just wondering if Henna is a good route to take for fine hair.


  3. Hi Joya! Yes, henna did loosen my curl pattern. If you go under HairStories>Henna and Me, you’ll find a post about my experience with henna. Also, if you go to About Me>More About Me, there are two “Flashback” posts where you can see pictures of my hair pre-henna. I hope that helps and thanks for visiting!!


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