Goddess Braid Updo (Video Tutorial)


So, a couple of days ago, after coming across this post about making a DIY Goddess braid, I decided I wanted to try a Goddess braid style using extensions to make a long braid with my own hair. I also decided I wanted to make it a Youtube video. The problems? One, this was a style I’d never tried previously, so I was figuring it out as I filmed. Two, I had several stops and starts because, unbeknownst to me, my camera was running out of memory and shutting off on me mid-taping. This was the best video, but it still ended prematurely. I hope you guys are tolerant and forgive me!

These are the results for two different styles that should have been at the end of the video tutorial!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Note: You could use more of your own hair and/or extension hair to make a thicker braid, if you’d like a bolder Goddess braid. I may be giving that a try too!)


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