Daily Archives: July 5, 2011

Goddess Braid Updo (Video Tutorial)


So, a couple of days ago, after coming across this post about making a DIY Goddess braid, I decided I wanted to try a Goddess braid style using extensions to make a long braid with my own hair. I also decided I wanted to make it a Youtube video. The problems? One, this was a style I’d never tried previously, so I was figuring it out as I filmed. Two, I had several stops and starts because, unbeknownst to me, my camera was running out of memory and shutting off on me mid-taping. This was the best video, but it still ended prematurely. I hope you guys are tolerant and forgive me!

These are the results for two different styles that should have been at the end of the video tutorial!

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(Note: You could use more of your own hair and/or extension hair to make a thicker braid, if you’d like a bolder Goddess braid. I may be giving that a try too!)


Simple, Chunky Four Twist TnC


I was planning on doing a henna over the Fourth of July Weekend, but really needed to wash my hair after hot yoga on Friday. So, I co-washed with HE HH and washed my scalp with DevaCurl No Poo (again, noticed less shedding since I’ve been avoiding getting conditioner on my scalp). I didn’t DC or make the kimmaytube leave-in as I’ll do/use those when I henna on Monday, most likely. After letting my hair air dry for about 15-30 minutes, I divided it into four sections and applied about a 1/2 tsp of DevaCare One Conditioner to each section and made four chunky twists. I secured the back two twists together at the roots with a Goody Comfort Flex barrette to prevent an obvious part. Next, I applied a few squirts of DevaCurl Set It Free to the bottom half of each twist, sealed the ends with JBCO and set the twists on pink flexis. I tied my hair down with a hairnet and hit the sack.

On Saturday morning, around 10:30 or so, after taking my shower, I released the twists with a little JBCO. My roots were dry, but my ends were still very slightly damp. So, I broke up my roots a little, but left the ends undisturbed. I had these really chunky curls. I wrapped a piece of floral trim around my head 3 times forming a headband that I tied at my nape. These are the results. I really like how chunky and thick my hair looks (seriously, sometimes less is really more! Now if only I could get my inner PJ to believe that *inner PJ chanting*, “Qhemet Cocoa Ghee, Qhemet Cocoa Ghee.”).

(The back could stand to be blended a little better, but I didn’t want to disturb the curls. I’ll have to make the twists and flexis go in the same direction next time so that I can blend a middle section curl. And do you see that stray strand of almost straight hair? I have a few of those. I swear, one day I’m just going to cut them>:(. Since I don’t wear my hair straight that often and, even if I did, these hairs are under the rest of my hair, I don’t think it would be noticeable at all. What do you think?) 

I definitely think I’ll be doing this simple routine again, with the exception of adding a DC into the mix. I think the DevaCare gives me a drier, chunkier set than the kimmaytube, which leaves my fine hair a little weighed down because of the oils. However, I’m not foreswearing the kimmaytube leave-in, not in the least! I think I’ll just alternate it with the DevaCare One depending on whether I want a shiny, “smaller” set or a drier, more voluminous one.