Daily Archives: July 4, 2011

Another Random Moment


Okay, I’m folding clothes and cleaning house because it’s been far too long. I shouldn’t even be on here, but I had to do this post. I’m watching this new Disney show, So Random, which is a complete It’s All That rip-off. (Yeah, I watch not only cartoons, but some of the regular shows on Disney and Nick too.) ┬áSo, I’m watching this show and they have a musical performance at the end, this kid, Greyson Chance. He’s playing the piano. The music that comes out of his fingers, the voice, lyrics and sentiment that come out of his mouth blow me away.

I rewind the song two times to listen again. Then got to Youtube to find the video to share on my FB page. The song has been out since October 2010. So I google the kid to find out if he’s one of these Disney phenom, though he’s far more talented than any of the kids I’ve seen them skyrocket to stardom of late (Amanda Cosgrove or Selena Gomez anyone?). Well, he’s no Disney act. This kid is the real deal. His performance of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi┬áthat was posted on Youtube was his vehicle to stardom. Watch this and you’ll see why.

(Did you watch the faces of some of the girls in the audience behind him? There was the dawning recognition that they were being graced by the performance of someone who will one day be famous.)

I just had to share because this kid is a super star.